Timmy the Brit

A stalwart of Cork Folk & Traditional music, Timmy the Brit was one of the founders of the Cork Folk Festival.  Probably more noted for his set dancing, and teaching of same,  a concert,  featuring the cream of Cork folk musicians, to honour Timmy and to celebrate his huge contribution to the living traditional music and dance scene in Cork is being held on Sunday Apr 29th at the Oliver Plunkett.  It’s not the Donkey, like, but it’s an afternoon gig which means you’ll be back well before closing time!!!  Line up below;


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  • Hi
    Sorry to gatecrash this way but I’m hoping you can help me with an enquiry. I’m carrying out research into my family history – the O’Neills who lived in No7 Orelia from the 12880’s up until at least 1945. I have been trying to locate the house on google maps/satellite photos ( I live near Manchester ) and can’t seem to find No.7. It might be that the Donkey has been extended in recent years and has swallowed it up ! I would be most grateful for any info you might have .

    • Hi Steve,
      Indeed the Donkey would have swallowed it up! The Donkey, in its present form, consists of no 6, 7 & 8. I’ll try to find out a bit more for you. On Google, you’ll find that the middle section of the building would have contained no. 7.
      Best Regards,

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