The Donkey closes its doors ……

Alas, it is with deep regret we must announce that the Donkey will not be open for business today.  We are confident that this is a temporary measure and have attached full details below.  We apologise to all our very supportive clients for this inconvenience.

As usual, for the Friday before Easter, no alcoholic sales are allowed in this country unless you want to shnake into a club, train station, or other such den of iniquity, to feed your thirst.

However the good news is the doors will be back open tomorrow, Saturday, and we’ll lash into a long weekend of craic, caint and maybe even a bit of ceol.

Have a good Easter, folks.

’tis the season to be jolly

To all our friends at home and abroad, to those who will be here, to those who won’t be here, to those who can’t be here, to those who couldn’t be bothered being here and especially to those with brand new tatas may you all have a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful, healthy  & prosperous 2017.

Some clips from Olga – A bit of the Band …..    … and a wee bit more.