A bit o’ banjer pickin’

News has reached us that them folks from Nordcarlina have reached our shores and are currently being led astray by a ukulele donned troubadour and his sidekick in far off Dingle, Slea Head & other such Wild Atlantic Ways.   Arriving in Cobh on Monday (ish), they’ll be joined by the Nashvillians so we can expect plenty of pickin’ and strummin’ and singin’.  Bring it on, I say.

On Thursday, they all head to Sirius for an intimate little gig – see ya there.

KayBob & Peehead

Screwin’ around

"Jeez Holly we're going have to put up theses snacks somewhere so the punters can buy 'em"
"Good idea, Dad.  There's a display board comes with them.  Just hang 'em up on that."
"Naw gurl, they won't see 'em there.  We'll have to display 'em so they they're facing the punters and they'll get hungry and then buy them".
"Good idea, Dad.  Get a bit of sellotape or a bit of Blutak and we'll stick 'em on to the shelf".
"Naw, gurl. I'll get some 1/16" screws just to make sure they won't fall down!".
"Eh, yeah Dad".
Welcome to the Donkey internet, Tiggy ;).