Yes biys & gurls, it’s that time of year again.  Believed to be as old as Jesus himself, TicksGiving has provided much needed gifts and spondoolix to deserving causes over many years thanks to the fine contributions by yourselves.  This time around, we are asking you to dig deep, again, as organising has fallen a wee bit behind due to renovations.  So, us being cute hoors like, we’ve set up a wee a/c so you can give us money even though you mightn’t be around for the gig.
Please contribute what you can here – it’s a secure site and, as usual, all monies go to charities and none for ‘administration’,  Thank you.


Download complete ….

The new Roaring Donkey update is now available.

Check out its new features;
Frosted glass on the front doors with groovy, hip Irish lingo,
Extended bar capable of handling 10 more scourges,
Davs was here‘ graffiti carved into the new floor,
New shelving to accommodate more mollya bottles.

Looking good, Tiggie.

Don’t forget Dr Dec tonight.

BTW – new webmaster in situ next week.  After 17 years at the helm, it’s time to hand over the reins.  Watch this space.



Exactly a week ago, most of us heard the terrible news of Annette’s fatal accident.

Disbelief at first, it was quickly confirmed and realisation dawned that never a kind word would pass between us again as they had so many times before.  In the days that followed, many a happy tale was relayed with a common thread of the respect we had for her and, more so, the respect she had for us coupled with the genuine interest she showed in our well being and that of our family and friends.  Such a terrible loss is hard to put into words.

To Micka and the gang we can only offer our deepest sympathies, our heartfelt condolences and our love and our support.

Thank you for taking some time out of your life to make mine a bit better – may you rest in peace, Annette.