Hard to believe that the website is nearing its 17th year with the first warblings taking place around the end of May, in the year 2000.  Many words have been penned in those intervening years with new friendships formed and older ones strengthened (or lost!).  Some would even say it kept them in touch with Cobh, and in particular, Top o’ the Hill – most of the time with good news, but not always.

Over the last few years the page has quietened a bit, mainly due to work pressures – it’s not easy doing detox 😉  I have sought sub-editors to try and run the page – some had my acerbic wit, but none had a similar drink problem!

So, apologies for the lack of updates and we’ll see what the future brings.

Tomorrow is the 18th of April – it’s been 12 years since the Dogster left us, so this is a gentle reminder to keep one of earth’s finer gentlemen in your thoughts.

By the way, did I mention the pub changed hands last year?