One thought on “Ticksgiving”

  1. Well howdy there diddlyiddlybiddly Irish folk.
    Me and Thelma were shootin’ the breeze over a breakfast of a plate of lard and some grits this morning when we got to wonderin’ how the hell you goddam leprechauns are gittin’ on there now you ain’t got much more than a bucket to spit in.
    Sheez n’all you can’t be much better off than some of those poor black fellers our po-lice officers like to use as shootin’ practice.
    So me and Thelma got to thinkin’ about that there Ticksgiving and hell before you could so howdy to a bobcat on the porch we decided to holler out to all those folk who might want to bring a small pray-sunt on Friday.
    Every goddam’ little biddy thing counts there y’all so remember the little ornery critters who ain’t got a shit in a shoebox and give a nice big,wrapped-up gift to make their Christmas a big fandangle Texas yehaa !

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