2 thoughts on “We’re back”

  1. Ahoy there from the Sven of Stavanger with de bang off roll-mop herring and an oul’ doll in every port.Things have been a bit quiet on the website there fellers and me and de boys from Stavanger we’re thinking what the hell is up there.
    So good to see there’s still some langball who can string two words together.
    Me and de boys are reckoning it’s time for a visit as the last time we were in Cobh we were bating the women off – jeez lads,do ye spend all your time in the pub or what ?
    Anywaysh,it’s off to sea for a week or two and I’ll leave you with a favouritre song of ours sung by sung the Steerswoman of The Troth at Trothmoot.
    She’s not much of a looker but boy can she put away the Rekorderlig
    Sven the Fisherman – he hasn’t gone away you know !

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