Monthly archives: September, 2015

Blues Weekend

Cobh Blues Festival kicks off this Friday and continues over the weekend.  The Donkey will have a bit of music on Saturday night with the Hitmen – hopefully the Sniper won’t be there. Full details on the Festival here.

Screwin’ around

“Jeez Holly we’re going have to put up theses snacks somewhere so the punters can buy ’em” “Good idea, Dad.  There’s a display board comes with them.  Just hang ’em up on that.” “Naw gurl, they won’t see ’em there.  We’ll have to display ’em so they they’re facing the punters and they’ll get hungry …

Some piccies

I’m not sure if these were put up or not.  In any case, they might be worth looking at again.  A few from the first of the final nights of the long goodbye.  This was the weekend of May 22nd/24th.  Enjoy. Click here.

This weekend

A sporting weekend on the way. A bit of footie tonight with the Ireland Gibraltar match. Tomorrow afternoon it’s Ireland and England in the Rugby and a bit of music after that. And then there’s the GAA.