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The tenth pic of 2012.  

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Jan 01, 2013. - The day before he died I went to see him - I was grown and he was almost gone. So we just closed our eyes and dreamed us up a kitchen and sang one more verse to that old song 'Come on, Jack, that son-of-a-bitch is comin'  .........  Well Happy New Year, biys & gurls.  At least the North Carolinians are a comin' this year.  We have something to look forward to....... Feb 20. - This page is gone to the dogs.  No updates for 6 weeks or so!  A bloody disgrace, I say, a bloody disgrace.  Terrible service, altogether, terrible.  Anyways this weekend is Lollipop day so please contribute.  You can also do it online via the link below.  Thanks.  Is Johnny still in Meheeko?  Mar 04 ... Spare a thought today for 'Dude' Shuffler.  Though he never got as far as the Donk,  Ron's brother was often mentioned by Pat & Kay and tales of his wit & wisdom were fondly reported.  Our commiserations to Ron & family.  RIP, Dude.  Mar 22 .. Well if you're 'Saving up for a Cadillac' or just have some 'Spike Island Blues', here's your opportunity.  Don't mind your knitting, just check it out here.   Apr 17 .... I see there's a meeting of the Alumni on Friday.  Pity I'll be in detox!!! 

Apr 18 ....  Hard to think it's 9 years since the Dogster left us.  Nothing but good memories of a smashing bloke. 
Jun 13, 2013. - That man James Hayes is heading off on a little spin for himself this weekend on his High Nellie.   Starting in Biarritz and going for a wee jaunt over the Pyrenees lasting 700km (about 430 miles, in old money) it wouldn't be my ideal way of going from the Med to the Atlantic.  But, in all fairness to the boy Hayes, his Pyrenees Coast 2 Coast adventure will also raise funds for our favourite charity, the Oesophageal Cancer Fund.  As always, any contribution will be gratefully accepted and you can contribute online here on the mycharity site.   Best of luck, James.

Jun 26, 2013. - The boy Hayes has completed the spin over the Pyrenees ( 700km) and there's still time to contribute to his nominated charity, the Oesophageal Cancer Fund.  As little as 2 Euro will be gratefully accepted and you can contribute online here on the mycharity site.   Nice one, James.  Jul 14, 2013. - A belated happy birthday to Shane Coleman, the 2nd most famous bass player in Cobh!  I'm sure they'll be one or two raised in your honour this evening.  Oct 11 ... Coming to Sirius

Oct 25 ... Well it sure was a might week when the Nashvillians, the Carolinians et al paid a most welcome return to Cobh.  I'll have a few pics soon along with more details of the visit.  Dec 10 .... This Friday, folks, the umpteenth Ticksgiving.  Bring along a wrapped pressie.  Music, raffle, craic and all the usual bolloxology.  Bí ann gan teip!



Lollipop Day - Oesophageal cancer research Ireland






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