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The tenth pic of 2012.  

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Jan 01, 2012. - Here we go again .....  Jan 05 .... Don't forget the Lady Captain is celebrating a wee birthday on Fri 6th in Ballynoe.  See ye there.  Jan 20 .... Another little birthday this week - the landlady sets off on Ethiad over the weekend for a little trip to celebrate hers - modesty and decency prevents me from telling her age but send me an email and I'll tell ye !!!  Happy Birthday Ma'am.  Jan 21 .... Mick Regan returns home for a gig in the Comm next Saturday night, the 28th.  One of the popular 'An audience with' evenings Mick has a set of his own self penned songs with some Cohen,  Dylan, Tim Hardin & Randy Newman for a good mix of music for the evening.  Jan 30 ... A belated Happy Birthday Dogster, you're gettin' old, biy.  Feb 05 .. Contrary to previous reports no trip to Abu Dhabi has yet been undertaken.  The end of the month should take care of that, though.   Between Abu Dhabi and abbadabba we don't know where we are.  Have a great pic but ye'll have to wait for my return.  Feb 18 ...  Had a couple with the Gallon Man the other night.  Jayze, 'twas hard going trying to keep up with him - Westport is being good to him!  Nearly time for Lollipop Day again -  lollipop sales this year will be Friday 24th & Saturday 25th March at Garveys Super Valu and also Aldis (Aldis have come onboard nationwide & are allowing lollipops to be sold at ALL their branches in Ireland).   The fund raiser in the Donkey will be Friday 9th March. It is a "Ticknock Fine Art & Craft Auction".  More details soon.  Mar 1 ... Good gig in Sirius tonight featuring the mighty Chrity Leahy, Ger Wolfe, Caoimhin Vallely & Seamie O Dowd.  Plenty of songs and tunes there, folks.  And Freddie White is back there in April.  Mar 02 ... Nice little gig last night.  Seamie O Dowd didn't make it but we had a very special guest in the form of Caoimhín Ó Fearghail, the TG4 Gradam Young Musician winner and a fine piper and flute player he is.  This was followed by the one and seeing that the landlord and lady are in Abu Dhabi what better time than to catch up with Marcus, home 'on holidays'.  Mar 04 ...  We proudly announce The Ticknock Fine Arts, Crafts, Dining & Leisure Auction - Including:

- Munster Artist painter's original work - being hailed as the new Picasso of our time;
- 100% silk tie - person auctioning the tie actually saw the silk worms processing the material!!;
- Burmese lacquerware - 12 months to make/craft one piece;

A FRENCH & ITALIAN "FINE DINING EXPERIENCE" up to 4 people: your own French Cuisine or Italian Food trained Chef will prepare your meal in your own home, recommend what wine to serve and you will have a waiter or two to serve your meal. The Chef will discuss the meal with you beforehand and tell you what ingredients to purchase.

- 1 hours Guitar tuition by an expert musician;
- 1 hours Ukulele tuition (by Cobh's most notorious ukulele player & Hawaiian musical expert!);
and add in the usual CDs, Records, books, mousetraps, gift vouchers, vino, DVDs and so on.

All this and more takes place next Friday night, the 9th, where Sir Norman Bowler QC will rule the gavel for the night.  Monies raised will go to the Oesophageal Cancer Fund so please support in any way you can.

Apr 17 ... It's hard to realise that it's almost 8 years since Doggie passed on the 18th.  never gone from our thoughts.  Apr 25 ... The pic should be there now.  Nobody noticed!  May 2 ... Commiserations to PeeHead, we're thinking of ya..... May 3 ...  A Happy Birthday to Micka, and Happy Holidays to The Sniper.  May 26 ...  Now that was a fine gig in Sirius last week with John Spillane and another good one coming soon with Mick Hanley.  Johnny Gille will be at that one too!  May 28 ... Tanganyika - Tanga-pheccin-ica.  in all fairness, like.  There ya are, mindin' your own business like, when one fella starts talkin about Tanganyika, or Tanzania to you and me, when another fella pipes up "shur me ol' fella built the railway line there in '49", well you can't follow that, like.  A few seconds before we were talking about the Dirty Secrets and then that happens - a conversation killer if ever there was one!  And then there was Cory's sister, all the way from Brosna - I know where the next Donkey bus tour is going !!!  A lot of 60 year olds around lately.  Your man came back from Spain recently to celebrate his and another celebrates his in the next few days.  I won't embarrass him by saying who it is but I'll give ya a clue - Tony O Malley!  Oh and are we all set for the Maritime College?  May 30 ...  Mr Skall has passed on details about the play on Fri & Sat lunchtime in Sirius.  Anything not suitable for children is always worth checking out !!!  Jun 05 ...  How are things in the Dominican Republic these days?  Jun 06 ...  As mentioned in the guestbook the Roaring Donkey Cultural Society are undertaking a field trip across the water for another educational outing.  Places are limited and further info available from Gavin or Sir Norman.  This takes place on Friday 15th and the boat departs at 14.00 and returns when it's dark. No notebooks needed as detailed notes will be provided.  Oh and congratulations to Professor Daithi O Daglaoich on becoming a grandfather, again.  We will toast a glass in your honour.  Jun 12 ...  Good to see all is well with Nora Elizabeth.  UT looks forward to her graduation.  Only a few days left for the official Historical & Cultural Society's outing.  Hope the seasickness doesn't get the better of us!  Jun 24 ...  Last Friday week SNB & Gavin organised a wonderful and interesting outing for the Cultural Society.  Despite a relatively poor turnout the half dozen members that braved the elements had a very enjoyable afternoon and evening.  A visit to the Maritime College in Ringaskiddy commenced proceedings and our guides, Neasa & Gavin, got the tour off to a highly informative experience and one which outshone all previous cultural activities.  Indeed, the bridge simulation (where we sailed up Sydney Harbour in all kinds of weather) managed to make on or two feek a bit sea-sick despite us never leaving dry land!!!  Onwards to the Naval Base and this was a bit of an eye opener as we were given tours of the diver's facility and the compression chamber, sat in on a 'briefing' of patrols during a high security state visit and picked up a few pointers on how the 'gunners' are trained to shoot them big guns that are on the ships.  In all fairness, I think we were all taken aback at this part of the tour.  To finish it off, we were given a wee tour of Doggie's ship - icing on the cake, as you'd say yourself.  We rounded off this part of the outing with copious amounts of tax free Guinness and a langer load of sandwiches.  Our thanks to Gavin and the staff in Haulbowline and the Maritime College for a very entertaining and educational afternoon.  We never quite made it back to Top o' the Hill but did manage to make the Cobh Blues Club tribute to Rory Gallagher where Denis gave a sober song or two to finish off a superb outing.  Well done SNB, you'll be hard pushed to beat that!!!  Jul 05 ....  Last weekend's Island Jam wasn't blessed with the weather or fine crowds but did mange to supply some great music over the two days in an excellent venue.  Hopefully we can look forward to more, with a bigger audience, in 2013.  This years Donkey Grand Prix preparations are at an advanced stage and full details expected in the next week or so (rumours of a classic stage on the grounds of Blarney Castle are unfounded)- watch this space, as they say!  The Pizzaman has returned from Alicante for Leah's wedding on Saturday - a lot of catching up to be so with copious amounts of the black stuff to be consumed.    Jul 06 ...  and best wishes to Gavin Mc who takes his nuptial vows today.  May you have a long, prosperous & happy life.  Jul 25 ...  News just reaching us is that a visit from Mr Milan Miller is taking a break from 'Saving up for a Cadillac' and, with the lovely Melanie, plans a return visit to Cobh in October of this year.  Needless to say his guitar is coming with him and, hopefully, will have the 'Spike Island' song recorded before he reaches here.  Bring 'em on!   Aug 11 ...  Seeing that Milan is on his way, what better way to honour the occasion than to have a look, and listen, to the No 1 bluegrass hit at the moment which happens to be written by Milan.

Thanks to KayBob for passing on the info about Milan's song.  Even better news is that the song (as recorded by Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out) has been nominated in the Song of the Year category of the 2012 International Bluegrass Music Awards  which happens in September.  KayBob tells me that it got its first public airing at a gig in Sirius in 2010 with Patrick, Kay & Milan so, needless to say, we'll be rooting for the win.  You can get a list of the other nominees here07 Sep - A belated congrats to Aoife & Gordon, another son-in-law for SNB!  And a big congrats to Marcus & Claire on the birth of their daughter, another delight for the doting grandparents the landlord and landlady!!  And last but not least, a very big happy 80th to Admiral Oldaker - may you have a joyous and memorable day.  If you're looking for something to do tonight the Gavin Owens Benefit Night in the GAA is as good an occasion as any that needs your support.  See here for further details.  'The Spian' and 'Socks with Sandals' might even turn up!  Sep 14 - All set for Bertie's Birthday!!  Sep 24 - The first in a series of lectures by visiting Professors takes place this evening (early) with the topic of Temperance being presented by Commodore Oldaker.  As seating is limited, early attendance is advised.  Sep 27 - OK - I'll try to get this in all one go.  First of all we would like to express our sincere thanks to Commodore Lawerence Oldaker for accepting the honour of delivering the inaugural speech at the University of Ticknock's newly opened Aula Baximus (for proof see here).  The speech really set the standard for future events of the same ilk and as a result of the success of the event it has been decided by the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, four Pro-Vice-Chancellors, the Chairs of the four Faculty Boards, the Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies, the Registrar, the Deputy Registrar and the Director of Finance & Financial Strategy that it should become a regular (i.e. once off) event in the Aula Bax. So, after copious amounts of alcohol being taken on board recently a decision has been taken that the first award of the modern day UT, henceforth referred to as the DipSHIT (Diploma of Serious Hounding of Innocent Tourists) be awarded to the person who can give a 3 to 4 minute speech the most boring speech related to that orator him(her)self - the nominee list is endless.  Oct 20 - Alas, it is with great sorrow that we must notify you of the passing of Jimmy Moroney.  The Talking Clock will chime no more.  Pint, Mickeen.  RIP.  Oct 24 - Well Milan & Melanie have arrived safely at Dublin Airport and are, as we speak, are on their way to Cobh where they'll be joining the usual Wednesday night session for some tunes and songs.  Nov 04 ... and not alone did they join that session but also had one on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - now that's what I call a holiday.  I put a picture or two up here, if you want a sconce at them.  Must say it was great to have them both over again and look forward to 2013 when they'll be back again.  One announcement I completely overlooked was the recent announcement at UT on Sep 27 regarding the title now bestowed on Professor Blackadder.  As there was drink involved I'll have to get on to Prof Daithi to remind me of what it was.  On a totally unrelated subject there's a nice gig in Sirius on Friday week, the 16th, featuring Declan Sinnott.  A tasty guitarist, this gig also features his new backing singer Vickie Keating, herself no stranger to the Donk or to Sirius.  Tickets available now.  Nov 22 ... A mighty fine gig it was with Declan & Vickie.  As sweet a voice as ever, her harmony vocals were a pure joy to listen to and hey did a great eclectic set of songs with some fine guitar playing thrown in.  Another good gig is promised this Friday with the return of Mick Regan who shares the bill with Ben Hurley & Vincent O Rourke.   Nov 29 .... It's almost upon us, folks.  Once a year this great occasion comes amongst us where celebration, peace to all men, the bearing of gifts and all other associated bolloxology occurs.  Yes, boys and girls, it's Ticksgiving time.  Or, at least, it's nearly Ticksgiving.  Mark your diary - Fri Dec 14th - for another marvellous occasion which sees the reformation of the Nightowls, a possible appearance from Santa himself and the usual jibberish from Lichie.  As always, entry is by wrapped gift for boy / girl.  Bí ann gan teip!  Dec 15th ...... Ah yes - another profitable night for a local charity with sackful of toys and a few bob raised too.  Take a bow Lichie on successfully organising the 18th Ticksgiving.  The Professor returned and gave his usual rendition of 'Sweet Home Alabama', with the promise that he'll learn the words for next year!!!    The Bucks returned from dry dock and is nearly back to full health and Sir Norman Claus turned up with a sac of balls and snakes.  The crossdressers were out en masse.  Angie had a new hairdo and somebody won a hamper, too.  The band sported a new line up and Barry, Martin, Jamie and Brian being joined by Smond, The East Cork Ukulele One, Roseanne Cash, The Wolki twins and a rousing version of Fairytale by the one and only Padgeen Barry.  A mighty night, fair dues, like.  Dec 23rd ..... Happy Christmas, folks.  Dec 27th ..... I trust the festivities were enjoyed by all, not forgetting those who have left us but never far from our thoughts.  Good riddance to 2012.







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