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Jan 01, 2011. - Hello, is there anybody in there?  Just nod if you can hear me.  Is there anyone at home?  Come on, now, I hear you're feeling down - well I can ease your pain, get you on your feet again.  Relax - I'll need some information first, just the basic facts.  Can you show me where it hurts?  There is no pain, you are receding - a distant ship, smoke on the horizon.  You are only coming through in waves, your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.  When I was a child I had a fever, my hands felt just like two balloons.  Now I've got that feeling once again, I can't explain you would not understand.  This is not how I am.  I have become comfortably numb.  Welcome to the twelfth year of this Godforsaken page.  Oh, and a happy 2011 to one and all from Ticknock to Ticknock, Preston to Perth, Aberdeen to Alabama, Doha to Soho and Nashville to Knoxville!  The first pic is courtesy of Prof Daithi O Daglaoich and is of two strange people celebrating Christmas before Ticksgiving!!  Jan 16 ... - Discussion on politics should be banned from pubs!!  God be with the days when a bit of friendly banter was the norm, but with the current set of troglodytes in situ in Dáil Eireann it is common for the blood pressure to reach record highs when the subject is touched upon.  Ban it, I say, ban it - before it all ends in tears!!  Lichie made good friends with the son of James the other night, Arthur wasn't good enough for him as he related the story of Finnybogs running an auction!  Hurler, I hope your head is still above water and the weather hasn't been too unkind to ye.  Talk soon biys - must head back to Las Vegas!  Oh and a happy birthday for next Saturday, Missus.  Jan 29 ... Happy Birthday, Dogster.   Jan 30 ... As the Universal Social Charge kicks in we get ready for an election next month and, hopefully, destroy the FFers and the Greens Circus as they collect their 'well earned' pensions and scutter off into oblivion.  Feb 21 ....  I missed loads over the last few weeks -  missed some mighty gigs in Sirius - one with Southern Tenant Folk Union (and I'm a wee bit partial to bluegrass so I'm really pissed I missed that!) and I missed Tir na nOg (FFS like I even sent the CD 'Live at Sirius' to Ticknock West!) and, for the second time, I missed Mick Regan.  More importantly, an old friend of the Donks decided to leave us recently - a stubborn ol' bollix, like myself, he must be congratulated for his taste of motors ('cept for the BM convert, maybe! but the ol' galloping maggot is to be commended), his tobacco, his neighbour and his taste in good meat!  Safe home, Peter, the pleasure was all ours - oh, and tell Pondy we said hello! ....    Feb 27 ....  The good news this morning is that the FF party were rightly annihilated in the election, the bad news is Cobh, again, has no representative in the Dáil.  I've been promised some 'assistance' in filling this page with drivel, so check back soon(ish) and we'll see!!  One more bit of voting to do - just click on and vote for the pic TODAY please.  Otherwise Olga will get ya - if won the money goes to assist in training assistance dogs for kids with autism.  Apr 10 ....  Finnybogs tells me that about 1400yoyos was raised for Lollipop Day - she also passes on her thanks to all those who contributed.  Nice one, again.  I hear Mickley Bickley is back for a while - will he meet up with the professor and his wife who return, once again, next week for no other reason than .... Another visitor recently was the rather quiet & shy BBQ Bill from NZ.  Sir Norman was seen to be furiously writing notes on scraps of paper ....  speakin of whom, very best wishes to Clodagh who took the plunge and was married yesterday.  Apr 18 ....  Hard to believe that the Dogster left seven years today.   Apr 19 ....  Between Google & Yahoo Huds we'll never be stuck for info!  Couple of nice gigs coming up in Sirius including Andy Irvine and Pierce Turner.  Apr 22 .... And what's good about it? ....  May 22 .... Good to see the Professor and his lovely wife back in the Donkey.  SNB regaled Gayle with so many words of wisdom before he went to China, or did he say Chinese?  With the battle cry of 'One pellet, one pigeon' the Christian Party have met strong opposition from the newly formed 'Save the Pigeon one - Cobh says No' group.  Expect some underhand moves here so as not to ruin the Confirmation suits!...  June 19 .... Jeez, lads, the updates are fairly poor recently, in all fairness.  Daithi & Gayle are gone nearly a month and little, or no update.  Sack the webmaster, I say!  Get rid of the bollix!  Have a lovely couple of pics of SNB in China eating Irish takeaways - I'll put them up next week, promise!  As soon as the tan fades from the landlord & lady !!!  July 17 .... G'day folks.  First of all I'd like to say that there's no truth in the rumour that Barry woke up the other morning and wondered who the ol' fella in the mirror was!  There is some truth in the fact that he was rather taken aback in realising that he drinks in a pub full of elderly people not having realised his eyesight was that bad!  Anyways the good news is that all went rather well and the op went rather well.  I haven't seen SNB since before China - I have one or two interesting photos that he sent while eating some rather unsavoury things - what I really want to know is if there are many Irish takeaways over there.  Olga, Motty & co are in the US of A at the mo and are, as I write, heading for NC to meet up with Pat & Kay, Milan & Melanie and other such friendly persons.  Will Nashville & NC ever be the same again?  Be careful folks!  Good to see Marcus back again.  And the heartiest congratulations to Spoons & Joods who, after a brief relationship, have gotten engaged - well done, ye!  Aug 22 .... Grand Prix this Friday - Gentlemen, start your engines !!! Aug 25 .... Commiserations to the Meade family.  Oct 21 ... Hope you got home safe & sound, Dave.  Oct 23 ... Winter must be coming, the fire was lighting twice this week!!!  Nov 25 ...   I must say, folks, that the level of updating on this stage is nothing short of pathetic - not so long ago we were treated to regular, not so sober, updates.  Now all we have is snippets of info whenever the webmaster feels like it.  Not good enough, I say, just not good enough.  Time for industrial action, I daresay.  Not even a report on the Donkey GP - this year providing the first female winner damaging the egos of one or two people (not me, obviously!).  No report on Sir Norm's trade mission to China or Munich, no report on Lichie's admission that he now sleeps with a grandmother (congrats to both (that being Tania & Brendan), the child is probably walking now.  N0 mention of the scourge of Westport!  No mention of Prof O Daglaoich's last visit!!  No memtion of the Meade's enjoying copious amounts of hospitality (and moonshine, allegedly) received near Bill Tuttle Road in NC.  Even de hurler has become disinterested.  A bloody disgrace this page has become!!!  Anyways, enough of that bolloxology and a reminder that the festive season of Ticksgiving is almost upon us.  This year's date is Friday December 9th and admission fee is the usual gift wrapped child's gift.  As always the usual raffles will take place and we ask you to, once again, dig deep for this year's charity Scoil Aislinn (formerly CABAS) of the COPE Foundation.  As always, top class music provided by The Night Owls, back to its original line up with the returning Jim Wilson who came a cropper last year whilst rehearsing for the gig.  Now back to 90% full health he's wielding the axe again for the 57th final reunion gig of the band.  Be there or be square. Dec 10  ... Another good craic of a night at Ticksgiving with a might crowd in attendance, including the Prof who was making his 3rd appearance at the event!  As always The Night Owls put up a mighty set and had the joint heavin'.  Have some pics - hope to get them up next week when I'm back.  Dec 29  ...  It's never nice to say goodbye to someone, it's even harder when it's not their time to go.  Farewell, Micky, it was an honour and a pleasure.

Ann & Mick.






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