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January 03, 2009 ...... Well a Happy New Year to one and all and hope the festivities were kind to ye, whether in Lissaniskey or Lanzarote.  Dingle might have its Wren Day, Cork has its spiced beef but, as our pic of the month for January shows that the Blaas just bate the head off the poor Crunch while feasting on his misery - and all for only a tenner!   Huds started the year by getting a new tyre, Peter got a new flat screen telly and Crazy Man Michael got a websiteJanuary 09, 2009 ...... The Craze has three songs up now - well done Mick, nice stuff. The vintage bug has bitten Tommy and he's now devoting all his spare time to the rebuilding of the P444.  January 11, 2009 ...... I'm in the process of moving server at the moment so things may be askew for a few days - the esatclear pages will be no more and everything should be accessible from theroaringdonkey.com (I hope!!).  January 25, 2009 ...... Not quite ready yet to upload the stuff to new server, so I'll leave it is at the mo'.  We bid a fond farewell to Liam Mac (aka Jerry Springer, aka The Baker) who went to meet his maker over the weekend.  Commiserations to Jackie & family. January 26, 2009 ...... Have a listen to Mick Regan's 'Hard Days in Blessed Town' - I can relate to a bit of that, the drinkin' not the shootin'!!  Link is here.   January 29, 2009 ...... Happy 50th Dogster - now that would have been one heck of a party ...... January 30, 2009 ...... Good to see that Lichie has woken up!!  Was chatting with one of the directors of the Society of Cheeses last night and he is quite adamant that a constitution will have to be drawn up to ensure members of the Society behave in a civil and orderly manner during meetings - I believe rule No. 1 is to be 'No sangiges and no gannets'!  Various meetings last night including the Mothers of Seven (as opposed to the Mother of Sven) and the Cork County Board met in Scourge's Corner.  And then there was the landlady wishing one and all a Happy New Year!!! ... Feb 02, 2009 ...... Apologies for this month's pic - not suitable for children! .. February 08, 2009 ...... The guestbook is turning into an 'Ode to the Society of Cheeses' grotto of sorts - there's even a recital by 100 fags-a-day Grunerløkkas Rose, or is it Øystein Wingaard Wolf?  Not too sure, but I'm sure Sven will enlighten me!!!  Good ol' Craze has another new song or two up on his page and even the Donk gets a mention in 'Saucers over Ringaskiddy' - as if a few spacers in the Donks was something new!!!!  Nice one, Craze.  February 12, 2009 ...... The Society of Cheeses continues on its way to world domination ..... News has it of a special guest at the next meeting.  I'd like to congratulate myself on becoming a proud gran'parent again - this time to a boy and girl (yes, twins) born to Éadaoin at about three o clock this afternoon.  Crosshaven Folk Club have begun sessions in the Moonduster and have a website here February 13, 2009 ...... Must head down later and put on the kettle for Manfred's bro.  February 26, 2009 ...... Good to see you got home safely, Dave - the Guinness infection should heal soon.  In the meantime, invest in a stick shift!!  And keep an eye out for the March Pic of the Month.  The lollipop crews will be out in force this weekend - the
Oesophageal Cancer Fund hold their annual collection, so please dig deep for this.  February 28, 2009 ...... Forgot to mention Timewatch is back on BBC 2 tonight (well, since last Sat, actually) and keep an eye out for good ol' James H's name coming up regularly in the credits.  Poor ol' fella was stuck on the QE2's final voyage for tonight's programme.  March 03..... To further enhance your cultural education the Donkey now has succumbed to peer pressure and now has a MySpace page.  To further enlighten and amuse you there will be a track of the week to massage you ears while you peruse the page.  This weeks track is a nice little one from The Wrights (featuring guitarist Mr Milan Miller) - have a look and listen, if you get a chance.  The website is here March 06...... A fond farewell to Aideen who, this Sunday, is heading off to Argentina for 6 months or so.  Best of luck and have great time.  Heard there's loads of Donkeys over there!!! March 13...... Well biys 'n' gurls it's the first Paddy's weekend I've spent in Cobh since 1979 as I've been involved in the West Cork Rally for some time!!  I figure it's about time I celebrated the festive period at home and I'm sure Phil and the gang in Shanley's in Clonakilty will forgive our absence this weekend - by our, I mean Tommy, JD & ROR.  However the Cobh contingent will be represented, competitively, by well known banjo player, singer & raconteur J J Frahill who fills the navigator seat for offspring Jason in car No. J8 over the weekend.  Best wishes to both and, like all other competitors in the WCR, I'm sure they'll miss my smiling face, helpful attitude, wealth of experience (!), enthusiasm and smell of stale (or relatively fresh!) beer.  Tommy is is UKland - or, at least, he thinks he is.  He landed this evening and the first thing he did was ring me to tell me he was lost - this despite I had given him the SatNav which, like any reasonable SatNav would, tells him, in very simple words, how to get from A to B.  Anyways, I think he has it sorted as I didn't hear anything for some time now.  FLEET FOXES - awright Huds - don't forget that name !!!  And, finally, rumours abound about the landlord & landlady becoming GRANDPARENTS.  Being a well-seasoned grampaw meself, I would like to offer humongous congratulations to the grandparents and, of course, the parents.  An experience to be cherished - enjoy.  Lá le Phadraig ..... There is only two things worse than leaving the Donks on Paddy's Eve and going to a house party - both of them relate to the real nurse.  I must have demolished seventeen walls on the way home last night/this morning.  Red wine and champagne are the new Wkds, seemingly ........  It seemed like a good idea at the time!!!  I have to carry a Hazard Warning sign with me today ... Hail glorious St Patrick!!!! 11 days after Lá le Phadraig ..... Humblest apologies Huds ... I quite agree that the webpage has fallen into hugedisrepair on a very large scale - there was a time when no-one would notice, there was a time when I used to care !!!!!!  Anyway, to synopsize the last ten days, or so, a quick resume follows;  me - grandfather, again, to a likkle girl Siún Harriet, this follows on from the recent additions of twins David Hugh & Lucy Éadaoin.  On top o' that - Lichie was missin' tonight, rumour had it that his voice was lost and he couldn't bear havin' a pint tonight in silence.   D'ya ever try Dromoland Castle?   I heard 'twas kinda alright, like - or so the Bowler says....  And on a different subject completely - to Insignia or not to Insignia, that is the question.  Ah well on topof all that the F1 GP starts this weekend - vroom vroom, diffusers, Virgin Brawn, KERS, now there's a conversation - bates non paid snipers, anyday.......  Better late than never, just, this minute, manage to book me tickets to James Taylor in the Marquee.  Having witnessed Neil Young, Paul Simon & Roger Waters, amongst others, up there I reckon I'm on to a good thing.   12 days after Lá le Phadraig ..... Can someone send me the above, in English ?? Anyway  .. Mar 29 ... What time is it?  Apr 17 ... The above was written some time back but not uploaded, for some reason.  Possibly drink related!  Anyways, I promised Da Hurler I'd update the page for him, 'cos he's running out of Stonefish and needs a fix!  Well since the last genuine (!) update the following may, or may not, have happened - Mrs Carlos is definitely preggers, not that Mrs Carlos, the other Mrs Carlos!  Humongous congratulations, again, to Marc & Claire and, I'm sure grandparenthood will be second nature to the barstaff!!  Speaking of the barstaff it was good to see the right preparations went into the Munster/Ospreys match, a quick overnight to Faithlegg - on Good Friday when the nations hostelries were closed for business - ensured Munster powered their way to a 43 - 9 rout.  The barman is left relishing a meeting with the Pretty Polly clagged BO'D in the semi at Páirc Uí Chrócaigh!!! Aideen is flyin' in Argentina - last heard she was backpacking on a 52 seater with 189 other passengers - nice one Aid - drop us a line, like - don't be shy!!  And hello to good ol' Tommy Murray - hope all is well in
Baden-Württemberg, which, I'm lead to believe, is a half a mile outside Ballymore on the Marlogue side via the Valley Road.  The Huds has, finally, listened to Fleet Foxes but wasn't that impressed!  Speaking of music, Kieran Goss, Freddie White, classical guitarist Agustin Maruri (I collected him in the bus station in Cork many moons ago for his first gig in Cobh!!), so there!) are all due in Sirius soon as are Small Town Talk (Hank Wedel, Declan Sinnott, Martin Leahy & Eleanor Healy)  - nice gigs or nice gigs!!!  Small Town Talk were brill the last time, all acoustic too!  Had the pleasure of Reg's company tonight, not a particularly comfortable time for him, though.  Cheers, Reg.  And to finish, biys an' gurls, can I ask ye to spare a minute for the Dogster - it's hard to believe that it'll be five years tomorrow, on the 18th.  I had a James Taylor CD on today and anytime I hear Sweet Baby James all I can see is Davs playing it - New Year's Eve 1999 with Finnybogs, Jane, Connie, Doggie an' meself, all of us in awe at the great bearded one's rendition of this particular song (slight exaggeration there Davs!)  That's only one of my special memories of him - I'm sure you have yours.  New Year's Eve was always a good night in Doggie's - many a night I can't remember!! 

Coimadagaí i bhfur chroí.

Apr 22 ... I was going to alter the above, but howcudya!  The words are bollix but the pics are worth it!  Remember the aftershave on a Thursday night?  Hey, de hurler, it's the winery in Margaret River I'm, talkin' about -  not the fish!  Get a bit o' culture, biy- the next time you start floppin'' the 'Pure Blonde' make sure you try the local brew first!!!   Mind you, I quite agree with you on the pic of the month - at least he ain't wearin' a Charvet shirt a screwin' a Times columnist!!  Belarus - JC is a comin'.  TomTom is here, though - or at least they were tonight, spyless for a while!  May 08 ... Missed ya tonight by two seconds, Lichie.  I hope you've recovered after your confirmation, and what a grand day it was!!  Tommy heads to Barca tomorrow, a 6-2 win over Real Madrid,  a Champions League Final and the Grand Prix on Sunday make this the place to be this weekend.  With all these victories, we'll say nuttin' about last weekend.  de hurler has takin' over the running of the guestbook as even I don't know who's goin' in there now - shur I'm still only a blow-in - once it doesn't get too intimate 't will be ok.  Music wise some verrrry tasty gigs coming up in Sirius - Kieran Goss, Freddie White, Small Town Talk with Deccie Sinnott & Hank Wedel, North Cregg, Tír na nÓg recording a live album there in August and classical guitarist Agustin Maruri soon as well - credit where credit is due folks.  The place has been deserving a live album for years and there is few better than Leo & Sonny to do the biz.  Beats downloading to your iPod while you're having a leak, doesn't it Huds???  Aside from the music, there is some very impressive exhibitions due - keep a special eye out for the exhibit opening on the 30th May - bí ann gan teip!!  Oh and I was promised a May photo from an un-named person but I'm still waiting ..... May 29 ..  Heard you're gettin' bored, Marcus.  Your frustration is beginning to show!!  The Lovely was out tonight (last night, Thurs) - he was bitchin' about yourself so I said I'd better do sumptin' to ease your tension.  Jeez, he was maggoty goin' home, even worse than me like.  You'll be glad to know that all got back from Lanza safe and sound, or so I've been told!  June 10th is marked down for a very special birthday bash in the Donk - a 60th this time, don't tell anyone, though.  I keep forgetting to mention Crosshaven Folk Festival happening on July 17th to 19th - looks good - Corey might have the bodhran out, again.  BTW Agustin Maruri in Sirius on Friday, tonight!!!  Freddie White has put a band together for Kinsale on Monday night next, solo gig in Sirius soon.  Anyways, Stevie has finished his exams - once passed he's a Master of Financial Economics or something like that, hope he doesn't forget the laptop this time.  The Munster match must've upset him.  A fair crew headed down to Wexford last weekend, for Soanies stag - most of 'em came back to tell the tale, kinda.  to be continued ...  June 10 ..  Dinny McRat is celebrating the big 6 0 tonight - expect many a fine song from the man himself.  Add to this young Freddie White in Sirius tomorrow night and we have the makings of some mighty fine music to look forward to on both nights.  The first Crosshaven Folk Festival takes place in mid July and features the likes of Freddie, Mick Hanly, Lee Valley String Band, Noel Shine & Mary Greene, Ger Wolfe, Hank Wedel, Johnny Nyhan to mention a few!   I bet you wish you were home for that Aideen, instead of being stuck in Argentina!!   June 26 ..... I'm a day late, but the news that filtered through yesterday just motivated me, again, to update the page and keep you avid readers in tune with what's happenin', like.   It's not often such news demands an immediate update but the marriage of young Gordie and Melanie took place in Fermoy yesterday and I'm sure a mighty day was had by all - God knows there was enough practice & training held over the last few weeks!  Congrats to both and may ye have a long, prosperous and happy life together.  Still in the wedding mode JC & Louise took the brave step also last Monday and the music at this gig was one to be especially savoured - almost as colourful as the chief witness' dickybow!  Again, best wishes to John & Louise and mighty thanks for a good un!  Just a few nights earlier, noted bodhran player Mary Piggott celebrated an wee birthday out in Ballymore -  some mighty tunes were evident and rumour has it that a certain Wednesday night stalwart has no recollection of how he got home (and, believe me, that's a first!!!).  Previous to that again, there was birthday celebrations for Flight Lieutenant Dinny McGrath who, unbelievably, celebrated his 30th (X 2) birthday. Fierce tunes and songs were to be heard on the night which was topped off by a 'specially commissioned ginormous guitar shaped cake (prepared by honorary cakemaker Maura).  I'm not finished yet, lads - Billy Mc & Susan presented us with a new baby girl, well done to both - we've been following your progress since ye announced ye're engagement one Donkey outing at a Rory Gallagher remembrance gig yonks ago!  Fair dues to ye - it took ye long enough!!!   I was going to say something about the recent elections but I couldn't be feicin' bothered - jeez lads we're due a revolution against these gobshites, like.  JD was telling me that the Crazy has a CD put down with all his own stuff on it.  I intend forcing some of these on Micka so we can purchase same - the Huds will be looking to download 'em on via WiFi, no doubt!  Oh yeah, Wacko and the blondie one from Charlie's Angels ceased to be (though I must admit the first time I saw Nathan East play live was with Mr Jackson up in Pairc Ui Chaoimh!).  Needless to say pictures of all tha above events will be available soon as the likes of Huds and John Davs have promised me they'll forward same - at this moment I've no pics of Wacko or he blondie one with the teeth, but I'm sure Charlie has!  Oiche mhaith!   Just spotted the entry, Dave - how do you want us to behave?  Will they be present for gay night?  Will we get Tommy to sport his multicoloured bow?  Will Micka have to buy a tub of cream to make Irish Whiskies (highly unlikely!!) - mind you, he hasn't made one since 1843 but I think he still has a bit o cream left over since then.  They might be lucky and be offered a wine tasting experience!  Anyway, tell 'em we look forward to making their acquaintance, and yours again, obviously. June 27 ..... The big 40 hit Gordon last night and another fine night was had by all - even Owen turned up!!!  Plenty of songs tonight , the cellar was dipped into as well.  I told Angie I wouldn't mention her so I won't!   Censorship is about to hit the Guestbook - I have decided I'm the only one who is allowed to insult, degrade and abuse readers, users, watchers, voyeurs, contributors and other dickheads!  I'm afraid the time has come to clean up the guestbook!  Bad enough the Chinese are at it!!!  Oh yeah - we were treated to the fineries of the cellar again - sweetness biys, sweetness .....   Roll on Boyzone ...... July 11 .. .  Jeez, so much has happened since then - first of all, I lasted a song and a half before I put the earplugs in, then I saw 'em doin' a Queen medley and, I'm afraid, that did it for me.  ...... A few nights later, though, we were honoured to be present at the James Taylor gig, now that was special.  Throw in Steve Gadd, keyboard player Larry Goldings, bassist Jimmy Johnson and that was a fairly good evening's music - 'twas so good even Davs didn't attack the bus driver ... Good to see the Bucks around tonight - and showing no adverse signs for gorging himself on pork and bacon for the last few days!  Mind you, if he had wanted to hide himself, all he had to do was wrap a bit of tinfoil around him - even the heat seeking helicopters wouldn't spot him.  The Lichie returned from somewhere north of England, where Ev was collecting a well deserved scroll - his youngfella was announcing his engagement.  Must be the weather as my own lad has just announced his & Jennine's.  Congrats to all.     July 23 .. Finnybogs told me to tell ye that there is a website bow for the Cobh Camera Club - have a look here.   Speakin' of pictures, I'm still waiting on Hud's ones of JC's wedding to be developed!  And he's inherited 2 tickets for U2 this Sat, so it'll be after that before I get 'em.   Is the sniper gone to Canada - and is it just a coincidence that some Canadian musicians intend turning up next Wednesday??  Carzy Mick's CD should be in the Donk anyday as soon as I rob a few from JD.  Don't forget to buy yours.  North Cregg are in the Sirius tomorrow night - looking forward to that one - even Lichie's going to this one!  Dave from Alabama spent some R & R here last week - I think he went back on the lecture trail for a rest!  Aug 19 .. Good gig this Friday & Saturday in Sirius - none other than Tír na nÓg, who will also be recording the gigs for a possible future album - speaking of Sirius there's some mighty upcoming gigs and a look at their website is well worth it.  Belated 90th birthday greetings to Dee & to Fin - some haven't regained full health yet!!!  Looks like Manfred's bro is preparing for Ticksgiving.  The Donkey Grand Prix takes place on Friday 28th Aug and it looks like a capacity entry again - even Nik came back from Argentina to compete, while Ivan is cutting short his world tour to be there!  I heard Frank is only wearing jeans with buttons now - no more flies!!!  Ouch!  Sep 07 .. Pure Mule is back, folks.  Jayze, there's some nobbers up in Banagher, that's for sure!!  Party Central!!  Plans now well in hand for Ticksgiving - we've decided to have it when Manfred's bro is here!  The recent Donkey GP saw a fourth winner in 4 years at this prestigious event.  Young Ted O Sullivan, a nephew of the Doctor, made his debut at the event to annihilate the opposition and romp to a 25 second victory.  Less than three seconds covered the next three placings which saw last year's victor among the podium along with Leon McCarthy while fastest lapper Terence finished a fine fourth.  Some good battles for the 'minor' placings this time round - Tommy and myself had a good race long battle, despite yours truly being involved in a horrific first lap incident which resulted in multiple fractures, dislocations and numerous other long term damages, and that was only to the kart!!  Ivan reminded us just why the infamous 'Ivan's Corner' exists while Barbara, again, filled a top 6 placing.  Full report & results here.   Sep 09 ..... No. 9, No. 9, No. 9 ....... The Beatles are back!  Sep 26 ..  Another week of celebration passes ... firstly heartiest congrats to new parents Marc & Claire on the birth of their son & heir - that makes proud granparents of the landlord & lady!!!  Last Sunday Sir Norman staged a 'surprise' anniversary for the Donkey.  It was thirty years ago today, kindof, since The Donk opened its doors to the likes of us and Sir Norm decided that this occasion should be marked in the manner it deserved, so armed with a chocolate cake, candle and chicken wings he contacted everybody, 'cept Johnny Nofriends, to notify them of the festivities which were to occur after the All Ireland.  It nearly worked but the proprietors had to face the masses eventually and took all the accolades with dignity and humility.  Martha was toasted after every song and, indeed, many a fine song was to be heard as the evening progressed.  Pics to follow.   Oct 07 ... Mucho celebrations this week again, folks.  This Saturday at Sirius, young Cobh singer songwriter Sabrina Piggott launches her album, looking forward to that.  There's a clip of Sabrina on youtube here... A big welcome to young Cillian Carlos, future publican and Chelsea centre forward!! The big do this weekend is at the Pirates match on Saturday night when young Barry O Mahony has a do to commemorate the day he was born in 1949 - now this'll be one to remember !!!    Nov 19 ... Jayze - hadn't realised 'twas that long ago since last putting pen to paper.  Apologies for lack of updating but I'm spending a lot of time across the water at the moment so I'm being hindered in my updating skills !!!  Anyways, for the day that's in it we'll keep it a French free zone!   Barry's do was all that was expected and more - great night, loadsa music and I think I ended up at a party later on, must double check that one!  Couple of dates for your diary - Mick Regan plays Sirius on Dec 10th, looking forward to this.  Mick has just released a CD of self penned stuff (available from the Donk or the Tourist office, or from his MySpace site) and, I think, this will be, kinda, the official launch.  Tickets from Sirius.  Horslips are at The Point the Saturday before - I'll be there!!  On the 12th Dec is the annual Ticksgiving evening.  Usual madness applies and a special mention for Dave who's travelling all the ways from Alabama or somewhere to be here for that.  I'll have more on that soon.  Scal's masterpiece 'Butchers' is winging its way to Haulbowline - you may have already caught this onstage at The Donk but you now have a chance to see it on the big stage.   Meanwhile, the Davs and the Lady Captain looks forward to grandparenthood !!!  Nov 25 ... Just in case you happen to be in Cork Airport this morning keep an eye out for some passengers on the Malaga flight - one particular gentleman going playing 'golf' and one particular female person going to visit a 'family member' ... coincidence or wha' !!!!  Dec 04 ... Preparations are well in place for Ticksgiving next Sat, Dec 12th.  Manfred's bro is on the way and the Admiral has already started the ball rolling with his generous donation - many thanks Lawerence & Linda.  The band have finished rehearsals and are ready to rock and the Cleavage Crew are ready to roll, so all that's left is for yourselves to gather up the goodies!   Before that you might like to head to Sirius on Thursday next where Mick Regan has the official launch of his CD - kick off there at 8 o clock - you can listen to some of the tracks on his MySpace site at http://www.myspace.com/dennisregan or on the Donkey MySpace site.  In the meantime I'm heading off to relive my teen years and going to Horslips tomorrow - Lichie's goin' 'cos he was never at a real concert !!!  You can make what you want of the Dec pic - it may be the mighty or may be the donkey!!!  Just heard about the passing of Liam Clancy of the Clancy Brothers - came across him during the first Maritime Song Fest - RIP.  Dec 10 ... Horslips were something else, folks.  Never thought I'd see the day!  Tonight sees Crazy play Sirius.  His new CD contains nothing but self penned songs, a lot of which are written about Cobh.  Gig kicks off about 8.  Saturday night is Ticksgiving.  So get the gladrags out as Christmas, officially, starts then!  As usual, a gift wrapped item for boy or girl is the entry fee.  Dec 13 ... Another year, another Ticksgiving - as always a might fine night with The Night Owls, Shane, The Bars, and a special few pieces from Denis Lane and offspring (will get their names, but it's a bit late now)  and fine musicians they were too.  Lichie hasn't counted the money yet - this year's charity is the Cobh Branch of The Irish Red Cross.  More details soon.  Oíche Mhaith.  A few pics here ... Dec 13 (later) ... Two fine hampers were on the prize list last night for the main winners of the raffle which raised 795 yoyos plus 100 dollars - well done to all and many thanks for making it a mighty night, again.  This years charity is the local Branch of the Irish Red Cross.  Bobby Sull made a nice presentation to Micka in recognition of his service to the customers over the years and I'm sure the gift of the two racing pigeons will be remembered my Micka for many a year.  As usual, the NightOwls played a stormer and the added bonus of the Lanes proved a nice touch.  Padgeen played a rocky version of 'Fairytale of New York' and 'Dirty Old Town' while good ol' Dave Dagley flew in from Alabam' especially for the evening and joined the boys for 'Sweet Home Alabama' - Happy Christmas to you Dave, and I hope Ticksgiving met your expectations !!!  Easy knowing I wasn't drinking last night 'cos I can remember everything, and I mean everything !!!  The ID badges seemed to work - apologies to those I forgot and special apologies to those I upset - very unlike me!  Anyways, a few pictures here. Dec 19 ... Fresh from Grenada - a very happy birthday to Aideen  - rumour has it that's it's the 21st,  but that's only a rumour ... Good to hear that Manfred's bro is recovering well after a wee operation.  Take care, Dave and hope Ticksgiving exceeded your expectations!  I heard the Craze went back after the Sirius gig to 'get a feicin' life'!  And, speaking of music, good ol' Strictly Clean & Decent are back in the studio finishing off a new recording  - obviously for next year's Irish Tour !!!  Dec 23 ... Being a Norrie ( a genuine one, not one of these wannabees) I always loved walkin' thro' Pana and surrounds on Christmas Eve, multi-buzz, like - this year was no exception ('cept 'twas 23rd instead of 24th)  and decided to take a walk down Academy Street onto Emmett Square.  No offence to our city fathers like, but who in the name of jesus is responsible for this destruction of the area, now glorified in two or three levels of some label called TopShit or similar - feic it, was I retching, and I had NO drink last night!!  May your brown envelopes engulf ye with constant diarrhoea for your remaining, imbecilic lives!  Rant over.   Anyway. season of goodwill and so on - nice to see Marcus (and family !!!), Mikey (and Evy) and Aideen home again - have to mention Nikki, even though she never went, but she'll nag me anyway - Ted, put away the shovel and stop digging!   Hey, hurler - you're about a week ahead of us over there, so Happy New Year, biy !!!  Dec 24 ... Oooops, looks like I was at it again last night!  Anyways, seasons greetings to you and hope the festivities are kind to one and all.  And special wishes to the birthday boy, celebrating his 60th tomorrow!  Bet you never thought you'd last this long, Sir Norm!   Dec 24 (2) ... A suitably fine performance was evident tonight to celebrate jesus' 60th birthday - hope the real birthday tomorrow is suitable for a man your age !!!  Happppppy Birthday, Noel.  Pics.   Dec 31 ... Happy New Year, folks - here's to a good 2010.  New page on the 2nd Jan, hopefully.  I'll leave you with one final pic from the night before the Bowler's birthday .....












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