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Dec 23 .... Well done to all during Ticksgiving which, this year, raised over 2000 yoyos and nearly 100 gifts.  Well done everyone, well done.  Bumped into Richie Mac last week,  home for a wee visit before going back to Dubai - a bit like Mickley Bickley who's feeling the cold a bit but enjoying real drink again.  Watch out Melbourne - Hammy's on the way ....... This time three years ago Billy Mac proposed to Susan at a Rory Gallagher bash - they announce a babbie's on the way, heartiest congrats to both.      Dec 15 .... Managed to put up a pic or two from Ticksgiving - another generous evening, fair bowls to you all.  Final figures not up yet but 90 pressies collect for V de P and I'm sure they'll make a difference for some kids this Christmas.  As per usual, the NightOwls were givin' it all and rumour had it that the spent many minutes the previous night at rehearsal.  Dec 11 .... Last reminders biys & gurls - tomorrow night Ticksgiving with CABAS raffle ( does this mean the reappearance of the Cleavage crew??) ...Dec 09 .... Huds has his tickets for Cliff & The Shadows nest year - so if anyone is looking for some give him a shout as he'll probably miss that one too!!!  Olga's looking for Chris Brown tickets if you have any of them, Johnny.  I hear Lichie was missing over the weekend after thinking Thursday was Friday, an easy mistake to make I'm sure .... Ticksgiving this Friday folks with the NightOwls showband and CABAS raffle.  Don't forget to bring your toys .....   Dec 08 ..... Don't forget your CABAS Christmas cards now available from the bar.  All proceeds to CABAS.  Dec 07 ..... Alas, Alabama Dave won't make the festivities this time and has had to cancel.  I'm sure Mrs C will welcome him back with open arms on his rerturn provided he doesn't insult Maggie!!!   For Sale; three (3) ready-to-roast-on-a-spit pigs.  No reasonable offer refused, contact Sir Norman Bowler .... Nov 25 ... Friday December 12th biys & gurls - that's the date for this year's Ticksgiving.  As always, a wrapped gift will spare you abuse while a raffle for CABAS will also be held.  The NightOwls showband will, once again, provide the excellent music for the evening and, I note, the poster says a 'surprise act' will also perform.  More on this soon.  Speaking of celebrations, I hear Sir Norm has had an exorcism performed on 'Teach na bPucai' - or was it the beginning of some new cult performing some debasive and corrupt ceremony?  Maybe Alabama Dave will be able to extract some information on his visit this week.  Nov 25 ... Hovercraft Productions are at it again - 'Keep the Homefires Burning' made its debut last night and gets a second run tomorrow (Wednesday) @ 9 pm.  All funds raised are for Cobh Hospital.  Pub drama returns, biys & gurls.  Sorry about the delay Skall, only opened the mail now!  Alabama Dave due any day - you just missed the drama, Dave.  Anyone have any luck with pic of the month?   Nov 10 ... The boy Hayes dropped a note last week with details of 'My Family at War', his most recent production for BBC.  Alas the series, there was four shows, comes to a finish tomorrow night on BBC1.  Nice one, again, James.     Nov 09 .....  Doesn't time fly when you're having fun!!  Pic of the month (bi-monthly now!!) comes via de hurler, alas it's all greek to me but I'm sure some of ye out there will put names to the faces -  and no, that's not Hammy & Geary doin' the wran on Stephen's Day!!! Thanks, again, to da hurler for the pic.  Young Pat McKenna turned up at the Weds session recently and proved that playing Flemish tunes for the past few years has not dampened his enthusiasm nor his gusto at playing the box - I also believe he is still capable of admonishing the barman over his refusal to get 'one for the road' at ungodly hours.  Speaking of people away, spare a though for Mickley Bickley who is jut surviving near 40º temperatures in some middle eastern region - and here we are in the depths of a depression and shyte weather to boot.  To celebrate the US of A's new pres, Mr Al O Bama himself, aka Alabama Dave begins his own victory tour with another visit to our fair shores at the start of December  - I'll make a point of being in your company this time Dave, must read my eMails more often!!  And speaking of eMails, I must acknowledge those received form Ticknock Way in North Carolina - glad to see a successful vote!  Mentioing Ticknock Way reminds me of a nice gig soon in Sirius with the wonderful Cathy Davey.  Lewis Hamilton - there, I mentioned him.  Did Lichie get back safely after Octöberfest??  And, finally, did someone mention Ticksgiving????  Sep 20 ....  What's the story about the dolphin that arrived with his balls missing?..  Sep 18 ....  I hear Manfred's bro is back in town again.  Greetings Dave and hope to catch up with ya.  Davs and the lady Captain head off early tomorrow to Jose's in Alvor and the Por de Sol.  This time they're bringing the offspring with 'em, in the shape of Finnybogs!!  After last weeks escapades in the Town Hall, a new political Party is about to start up on the island.  With the demise, thankfully, of the PDs (surely the most spineless party ever to darken the doors of the Dail) the Great Island has managed to lead the way with the formation of the OHUP.  The local Cumann meets every Tuesday evening at 23.30 and all enquiries can be directed towards Bobby.... Sep 03 ....  Cheers Marcus - pics are now up.  carefully chosen, I'd say - too many sober people evident!!! Sep 02 ...  Marcus has promised me some piccies of the Tennis Club bash - fire 'em on lad.  I could do with  pic of the month, like!  Have finally put up the karting results - here.  How are tings in Bulgaria these days?   Aug 31 ...  Must get around to putting up the kart excuses - once I get over the shock of seeing the Town Crier being abused!!! Aug 27 ...  Danny Mac took the honours last night at the Donkey GP.  Four hundredths of a second separated second placed Frank Moynihan & Terence Murphy, who was very hippy with his podium place.  Full results and pics to follow.  Hey Smondie, hows it goin'?   Aug 26 ...  The 3rd Annual Donkey GP takes place later this evening and with no clear favourite emerging it looks like a close battle for top honours is on the cards.  With last year’s victor, Alan McDonagh McDwyer, unable to start the cute money is on young Jonny Dennis to claim his first Donkey win.  Previous winner, Tommy McGoey, can’t be discounted provided he doesn’t get the kart with the ‘wobbly wheel’ while young Nikki should be there or thereabouts at the end.  Danny Mac has been consistent over the years and will be there at the finish and late entry Richie O Rourke can never be discounted.  Little is known about newcomers Arjen & Robin and both may be capable of springing a surprise.  Paul & Barbara should continue their battle to try for a top three placing.  The midfield battle will see the rest of us scrap for the minor placings while the award for the person who finishes behind the second last person could go to any one of those.  Results to follow!  STOP PRESS; ROR is confined to his hospital bed and the young German places a late entry in an effort to take a podium place. Aug 16 ... Entries are now closed for the Donkey GP.  We are pleased to announce an oversubscribed entry for the event and the seeding will be posted here during the week - preference given to those who put their deposit where their mouth is!!!!  Aug 14 ... Entries are now open for the 3rd Annual Donkey GP.  Details here.  Aug 13 ... Alas I missed all of the weekend festivities, wedding & pigroast - as the man said, due to prior engagements.  Glad to hear all had a mighty craic and best wishes to Mark & Clare or, as Lichie would say, Mr & Mrs Carlos ..... however we did manage to spring a wee surprise on young Ali who is also taking her wedding vows next week and, may I say, it was a pleasure to be part of it.  A nice little gotcha for a nice little young wan!!!  Ask her about the lipstick letter when she was sixteen!!!  Aug 06 ... Mrs C was in a terrible state yesterday with Cork Airport after breaking down and young Mikey stuck in Scotland - rumour has it that a certain air traffic controller sorted the whole problem out.  On a completely different subject I have been, reliably, informed that I made changes to the page over the weekend - this was due to an over indulgence of alcohol (which is rather unlike me!).  Admittedly, there was no libellous or scurrilous remarks (so I'm told), and the bit I did omit will be reinserted next week when all the current festivities die down.  And, on top of all that it's regatta weekend (isn't it?)  Aug 04 .. Between birthdays and weddings - Young Mottie reached the Hawaii 5 - 0 club over the weekend while the even younger Emma Davs will always be able to boast of being twenty years younger than him.  Good to see Mark Carlos home to tie the knot next Thursday to Claire.  Wishing ye nothing but happy times, folks.  The 'afters' continue with a roast piggy on Friday in the Tennis Club - chef supreme Sir Norman Bowler QC on the grill! Aug 02 .. What's this I hear about an experienced hill walker who was unable to walk day 2 of the event, while Nikki soldiered on for all 3 days !!!  Now leave me get me flute ready.   ....  .....  Jul 27 ... Brilliant gig in Sirius tonight with Small Town Talk - Hank Wedel, Declan Sinnott, Martin Leahy and the excellent Eleanor Healy gave a totally acoustic set which had great harmonies and featured songs by Noel Brazil, Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, George Harrison, Billy Fury and a host of others.  Glad I was there!   While Splash Gordon is in Lanza Sir Norm is spotted with the boat in tow - not content with the 4WD, the cruiser is a must.  At laJul 26 ... At last count it looks like the offline people have raised a wee bit more money than the cybergeeks.  I'm sure Nikk won't mind and she'll be quite happy to reach the grand figure.  After tonight's escapade Claire is wondering if I'll manage August 11th or 12th, Finnybogs about the 50th and the thespian must be wonderin' what kind of 'cultural person' his ol' man was introducing him to! And 'twas good to see the QC back after his stressing week in the High Court.  Well I'm headin' off now to do a bit of timekeeping for a lot of dear gentlemen partaking in a vintage rally - tuning up for the Donkey GP maybe ....  Jul 25 ... Only 60 yoyos to go and Nikki has reached her goal.  She sets off on her trek today.  The online contributions have just sneaked ahead of the off line donations so your few bob will do its little bit for cyber domination!!!    Jul 22 ... Good to see Nikki's target is almost reached and one or two site regulars contributing - it only takes a minute or two to register so get the finger out, only a few days left.  Jul 19 ....  It's all systems go for this year's Donkey Grand Prix.  Now in its third year, it is rumoured that a perpetual trophy is to make an appearance this year.  previous winners Alan McDwyer & Tom McGoey are felt to be a bit over the hill now and can expect some strong competition from some young whippersnappers.  On a more sedate note, young Nikki Carlos is undertaking a wee stroll of 70 kms or so next weekend in aid of the Cork Cancer Research Centre.  Having set a fundraising target of 1,000 yoyos Nik has set up a wee website so that you can safely contribute some few bob to assist her reach her target.  So get clicking here and make sure she reaches, or preferably exceed,  the target.  Jul 05 ... (early)   Dunno how the weather is in Perth or Garryvoe but it's fairly pissing here in Cobh - 'twas so bad I had to walk home on me own - got fed up of waitin' for the Calvary moped man.  Anyways  - still no sign of Padgeen's guitar - another pic here and a link above - seriously, folks, this means a lot to him - keep an eye out in your local pawn shop or (even worse) those late night ram raids.   A lot of people having some difficulty recognising this month's pic - don't spoil it by tellin' 'em in the guestbook!   A very recent pic taken by yours truly - so it ain't a history lesson.  Jul 01 ...  Heard that some rat has robbed the Bar's acoustic & case from his porch.  The guitar is the one in the pic here - needless to say he'd be very grateful for its return.  On a lighter note enjoy the pic of the month for July - a wee bit different, this one!  Neil Young was the dog's bo**ix last night - talking about an energetic show.  One of the best ever at the Marquee - brilliant versions of Words, Unknown Legend, All along the Watchtower, A Day in the Life, Needle and the damage Done and so on.  I believe there's some truth in the rumour that he didn't perform Keep on rockin' in the free World as he heard the Nightowls do a better version!  James Hayes is in the process of raising a few bob across the water by cycling from Land's End to John O' Groats (or maybe not!) - anyway you can donate a couple of bob here -   all donations greatly appreciated.   Jun 24 ... Good to see the Bowler back on the island having spent some time in Vienna drinking cheap porter & wine.  And Mormons beware - Finnybogs is on the loose. Salt Lake City has never seen the likes of her.   Jun 23 ... EC managed to run off a steady blast of blues classics last Friday night - personal highlights were Little Wing & Hoochie Coochie man (or Poochie as de paper called it!) and a rousing version of Mojo Working (alas without Mottie!) for the encore.  Site review here.  Wonder was Dolly as impressive.  The bus managed to make it back to the Donks where we proceeded to spill drink all over the place and stay out half (all?) the night visiting friends and neighbours! The Bucks just managed to miss having been fogbound in Rostellan - or was he hallucinating without Remy?  Methinks, the latter.  Greetings, in any case, Mickley. Roll on Neil Young & Paul Simon.    Jun 20 ... Heading out the door now to catch Cory's bus to the Marquee.  Looking forward to this one - wonder if there's any truth in the rumour that Mottie is going to join 'em for the encore??  Jun 19 ...  Just a reminder that there's a fundraiser in the Paddocks on Saturday night for Marymount Hospice - crossdressers welcome!!! Jun 18 ...  Got some pics of Tir na nOg from Louise - see here ...Jun 17 ... Jeez Sean, do Del Amitri have that effect on ya? Anyways 'twas a bit nippy at 5.30 this morning out in Blarney, wasn't it?  Shur 'twas all for the crack - can't wait for the pic (here) .  And isn't it a terrible pity that a man and his beloved can't go out for a meal without someone adjusting his dear wife's jugs?  Some people have no scruples at all at all.  Roll on EC this Friday - looking forward to that, aren't we?  And a big hello to Marta and her friend Belén  who have fond memories of the Donk when staying in Cobh with a group of students ten years ago!!! Jun 11 ... I'd say Smond is in the money after last Sunday's game in the Park.  Meant to thrown in a reminder about the 'Cork Rocks for Rory' gigs last weekend and the Lisa Hannigan one at Sirius.  Luka Bloom, Juliet Turner & Declan Sinnott & band on the way there.  And the Marquee gigs start next week - music all over the place, biy.  The 3rd Annual Donkey Grand Prix takes lpace on Tuesday, Aug 26th at a karting track near you.  Mark it in your diary now. BJun 01 ... Back in the land of the living again.  Saw a mighty gig last night with Patrick Street as part of the Maritime Festival. The Fest continues today with a blast of songs in the Donk from lunchtime and Martin Hayes & Denis Cahill playing Rushbrooke Church.  Pic of the month is 'specially for all our friends in the BBC.  Have to keep 'em happy in case they start a rival site - idn't dat rite, Marcus!!!!  Kendebrit is now an honorary Irish citizen, now commonly referred to as the Fake Tan.  Yeah, hurler - he still raises a laugh, despite the lack of drugs and alcohol - he actually started the show with an advertising campaign for Cobh - he seems to like the place.   May 13 ... Greetings to one and all in Qatar - nice to see you dropping in and hope the Ramada was to your liking!  Enjoy the drought!!!!  No brandies there, biy.   We wish good luck to Kendebrit who applies for his Irish passport this week - still don't change anything, though.  Got a promise of some chester cake (or donkey's gunge as we Norries would lovingly call it) from the nurse and Marian last weekend but am still waiting patiently for it!  The Davs went on the set dancing tour last Saturday - now that would have been interesting!   May 06 ... Our friends in NC 28645, just off Bill Tuttle Road, relate the good wishes of Lindsay Scarborough to all in the Donks for giving her a memorable visit recently - that is if hill climbing with the Huds can be counted as memorable!!  Got a doctor's note today from Lichie excusing him from an early departure on Friday evening.  Too many blaas, one suspects.    May 05 ... Almost back to normal now, a few pics up if it tickles your fancy.  Been waiting to use this pic of the month for a while.  Lichie prepared for the big liner by going home early on Friday night.  Apr 22 ... P.S.  Just in case ye don't know the Huds is selling an all new 08 Volvo V70 at a bargain price - no reasonable offer refused.  Contact the man  NOW. Apr 21 ... It's that time of year, again, so see ye after the Spanish GP.  Be careful out there.  And a congrats to Megs, a black belt now - not to be messed with.      Apr 18 ... Take a while out today to remember The Dogster, four years on - 'Let the world be better for you; And at last when you die, let this be your cry: Carry on, my soul! Carry on!'   Apr 17 ... Had the pleasure(!) of dining with the Society of Cheeses on Monday last - some fine Gloucester cheese with red onion relish seemed to be a hit with the masses while the Macadamia nuts also tickled a palate or two!  The chilli chocolate managed to burn the same palate or two while the kangaroo jerky just did not impress the discerning aficionados!  Ah well, back to the bacon fries, I suppose!     Apr 07 ... Jeez we just get over Karen & Terence's marvellous wedding and then it's off to the Confirmation party!!! 'twas fairly cold at the Munster match - thankfully, the Premier tickets were well worth the extra few bob to include hot toddies, blankets, hot teddys, table service & smoked salmon!!!   Mar 31 ....  Well, John Spillane did a mighty gig in Sirius and next Friday will be sure to be just as good, albeit not music wise - Jim Wilson has a lecture covering his recent exploits in the Antarctic on board the Marco Polo, tickets from Sirius.  Jim was in fine form last Saturday night in Fota with the rest of the NightOwls who, again, had a rocking good night for Terence & Karen's wedding.  Due to the appearance in Cobh of two well known traditional musicians, this week sees two sessions in the bar - the usual one on Wednesday night and a 'private' session tomorrow (Tuesday) night.  Not to be missed, but keep it under your 'hat' as it's invitation only!!!   Mar 27 ....  John Spillane takes to the stage in Sirius on Friday night - always enjoy John, so I do!  Then on Saturday, Fota is the place to be (the hotel, not the wildlife part) when Terence & Karen trade vows, or whatever people do when they get married.  The Night Owls supply the sounds and I'm sure Terence will be very hippy!  And as for Huds and the Gardai....... And for your viewing pleasure have a look at Bill Shanley with Ray Davies on Letterman here, worth a look. Mar 13 .... The crew of the near ill-fated Roald Amundsen paid a visit last night for the session and were so overcome by the tunes & songs that they had an impromptu whip-round for the musicheads.  Embarrassed at the thought of accepting money, it was promptly donated to the Irish Lifeboats box!  Keep an eye out for Manfred's twin bro this weekend - he'll be in the company of the Admiral and introducing him to ye yokels - and the nurse, of course!  Will definitely put pics up of Conor's shave on my return.   Mar 10 .... Big shipment of blaaas arrived in Croke Park on Saturday to feed Lichie & the bros.  The Bowler was back in Newcastlewest on Friday for a Rory Gallagher unveiling - I'm sure he'll tell you all about it if you ask him.  I'll get the pics up of the Lollipop Day over the weekend.  And lads, the feeble attempt at our native tongue in the guestbook is pathetic - didn't ye ever watch 'Buntus Cainte'?  If ye did, ye musn't have been paying attention.   Feb 27; Finnybogs tells me that just over two and a half grand was lodged for OCF as a result of the Lollipop Day collection and the contribution from yourselves on Friday.   Passing on her many thanks to all,  not alone for the contribution but also for keeping the awareness of oesophageal cancer to the forefront,  she is delighted with the response from all.  Well done, everyone, well done.    Feb 23; The Lollipop Day effort, while not as spectacular as last year's event, still managed to raise a healthy four figure sum as a result of last night's madness.  The quick whiparound for Conor's shave raised the bulk of the night's cash.  A quick raffle, which saw the nurse being first out of the hat, raised a health figure also.  I'm sure Finnybogs will be quite pleased again with your efforts and will get back to me to thank ye all so give yourselves a pat on the back, again, for contributing so generously.  I believe they're running out of lollipops.  Will have a pic or two up later.  Feb 23;(very early) Wings & prayers come to mind for tonight's effort at raising a couple of bob - short story is a quick raffle raises 300 yoyos and the promise of a fella shaving himself hits 650 or so - I'm not sure which of the happy couple was relieved to see the growth go.  .... I have to mention the wee little story about the TV sponger- poor craytur was highly indignant at having to fork out a hundred and sixty five yoyos for the licence.  And as for the smoked salmon socialist!!!!! ..... Feb 21; Finnybogs has been on to me to let all you people know that the owner of the longest beard in world, Conor O Connell, has flown in from UKland and will be present in the Donks tomorrow night where he will have it all removed to raise funds for OCF - not too sure who's doing the shaving but I'm aware that a sheep shears has been purloined.  She also has a buddy coming down from Dublin who has raided her piggy bank and nabbed 250 yoyos from it - so it's put up to us now, get and raid your piggybanks and coin jars.  Feb 20; Well that didn't last long, did it?  Hell hath no fury like Slobodan Milošević (aka Pocket Rocket) scorned.  I have received promises of 200 yoyos since writing(!) the last piece and with that kickstart an 'Open Mic' night (without the mike) will take place on Friday evening.  No admission fee but if you want to leave it'll cost ya.  So we're on bended knee again asking for generous contributions for the OCF - I'm sure we can rely on ye!!!  Feb 16; It is with great disappointment that, due to the Hollywood Writers Association strike, the Mahon Tribunal case, the double standards of Mary o Rourke and the builder's slowdown(!) we find ourselves in the very precarious situation of missing out on our regular, highly professional, fundraising contribution to Lollipop Day next weekend.  Due to varying circumstances, it now turns out that there is no official plan in place (nothing unusual in that, says you!) to amuse the masses and raise the much needed funds.  In my current inebriated state, I have taken the executive decision that the webpage (currently the 'worst flogging website in the EU) will cease to exist until the figure raised last year will be met, or exceeded, (preferably exceeded) by whatever means necessary.  I am sure there's somebody out there with the required IQ deficiency to assist us in reaching this goal!  Until then ........ Feb 10; Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill have joined the line up for the Maritime Song Fest. Very strong line up this year.  Will it be as good as the line up for Lollipop day on Friday week, though???  Feb 09; Huds - Can you see the idea now ???? - mudderuvjeezus I change the layout of the page to suit ya  and then you - aww forget it ......  anyways headed to the Pirates tonight for a Chernobyle (!) gig and a live band on stage (ish) - well a cover band ish type of thing - but the barman was sound   Feb 07 .... 'n awful lot of cranky people out there - leave the webpage alone for a couple of days and they start gettin' withdrawal symptoms.  Head down to Margaret River, Hurler, try a bottle of Stonefish, play a Wise Family CD and chill, biy.  And as for you, Bolga!!!  Anyways, the publicity shy Nikki & Shakiernan return from the Inka (sic) trail and managed to raise a fine figure for Marymount Hospice - any chance of a pic or two?  Haven't met Jim Wilson yet after his trip - probably still thawing out!  Looking forward to some mighty tales from that one.  Looking forward to Clapton in the Marquee this year (showing my age) , that's the Marquee in Cork, not the real one!  Lichie and Ed decided to try the jemmies last Friday - not a wise idea with an international the following day!  And, lastly, I see we've been mentioned as the 'worst flogging website in the EU' - the accolades just keep on coming! ...... until my next bottle of wine (or three) ......    Jan 25 .... The Lichie fella was spotted dining out in ukland last night - seemingly swallowing mild ale by the half glass and eating a three course in KFC with Parkes ....... Jim Wilson's epic Antarctic journey is drawing to a close - have to admit not really my scene, but his blog has been one good read right down to the coloured wellies.  Well done Jim - by the way didya spot any nightowls when you were there?  On a different level don't forget 'Bloody Omaha' repeated this Sunday evening on BBC2.  And I see Patrick Street are playing the Cobh Maritime Song Festival this year - now that's something to look forward to.  Jan 20 .... Mark down Feb 22nd in your diary as Lollipop Day this year will see another fundraiser for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund.  Following the success of the Three Tonners recital in 2007 the stage makes a return this year in what has been temporarily christened 'the Good Old Daze' until a more suitable name can be created to do justice to the Victorian / Edwardian Music Hall songs & sketches.  Period dress is a must for this year's event so we will expect the men to drag out their old FCA uniforms and the ladies their best attire, parasols and hats - there must be hats.  Those not suitably attired for the occasion will be liable to a severe financial penalty.  Jan 17 .... A bit windy today, aint it?  You may remember, at the end of last year, we mentioned a wee bit on the BBC's Bloody Omaha screened earlier this month.  Well you may be interested in this piece here showing a wee little insight on some tricks of the trade - well worth a look.  BTW the show is repeated on Jan 27th if you missed it first time 'round - well done producer & director.   Jim Wilson's blog on his Antarctic adventure is a brilliant read (with stunning pics) - if you haven't had a look yet try here  Jan 16 ..... The gastronomic section were not amused on Monday as this week's guest chef attempted to retrieve his cheese to howls of derision & laughter from the gathered masses ..... The Rev. Colin Pilkington-Smythe may be missing but that doesn't prevent Pastor Lester from attempting to recruit some new members ....   Jan 15,..... LICHIE RETURNS - after a bout of pleurisy the blaaaaman returns with a vengeance. They seek him here, they seek him there ......  Looks like it's the Commodore for Paddy's weekend with Manfred's bro....  Jan 14, ..... Jim Wilson has given up the music for a while and is currently spending six weeks in and around the Antarctic Peninsula - he is managing to keep a blog of his escapades and you can read all about it here.  Looks to be a fairly stunning trip and also makes interesting reading.  Thanks to Bucks for the info and, more importantly, the reminder! Jan 13, 2008 ....... Apologies for the delay biys 'n' gurls and the boring b&w homepage!  Maybe, as time goes on, I may be motivated to add some colour to it!  A Happy New Year to all, 'specially to all those in far off places ...... Managed to avoid the Donkeyflu that hammered the likes of Micka & Tommy et al and kept them out of action over the festive season.  First item of interest is the acquisition of a Swedish automobile (including leather seats) by one of our regulars - soon to be followed by a horsebox and a change of religion, I'd imagine.


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