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Jan 01, 2007
.  Greetings and a Happy & Prosperous 2007 to one and all.  The start of another one and the commencement of the eighth year of the webpage - only two more before retirement.  Many congratulations to Gordon & Aoife who got engaged just before Christmas (September!) and to Mark & Clare who also got engaged just before Christmas (2005!) - sorry for being so late but my memory may have been influenced by matters out of my control.  And Terence & Karen also - congrats to all ......... Jan 09...  Due to a severe bout of depression and a complete lack of motivation the page has remained even more boring than usual.  I have, however, purloined some pictures from Olga to keep the pic of the week going - must have a chat with Micka to get some more oldies.  Will do something with the background as well - white is so virginal, don't ya think?  Must see if I can find any more cleavage ...... Jan 11 ... No cleavage but found a streak instead ...... Jan 12 ... The First Annual barman's Quiz took place late last night, this time based on old TV programmes.  Clear winner on the night was Mr Martin Dowell who showed his prowess, and his age, by putting many of his more illustrious peers to shame - going so far as to name Tony Randall and Jack Klugman and even remembering Honor Blackman before Diana Rigg!  Meanwhile plans are afoot for early March (Friday 2nd probably) when those handsome, virile and erotic men, The Three Tonners, make their long awaited debut public performance to coincide with their CD launch.  Tickets go on sale on Feb 29th at 8a.m. available from Ticketmaster and usual outlets.  Stay tuned for more news as we get it ....... Jan 18 .... Nickers and twist come to mind, but sure 'tis only a craic like.   Someone remind me to get pics from Micka as I keep forgettin' em and the pic page is lagging behind.  Hey Marcus drop us a line thro' the 'Contact' link as I can't remember your email addy.  Possibility of drink may have clouded my memory a bit.  Change that possibility to probability!


Pic of the fortnight

   Jan 20..... The festive season is still upon us as a member of the bar staff has now taken possession of a brand new British Racing Green Mini Cooper (did I ever tell you the story about how they actually got to use the Green?) .... and not only that but a certain lady (who happens to be to be the most senior female member of the bar staff) celebrates her birthday this Monday - all together now 'Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You' .... hmmmm there was something else as well but I can't remember what it was ...  One thing I do remember is that I want ye to mark down Friday March 2nd in your diary / MS Outlook / filofax / Nokia forty seven G or whatever.............. Just mark it down, mark it as busy or sumptin' - the reason being that we are doing a fundraiser for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund.  Following on from our successful TicnAuction last year we have decided to move away from the bleedin' obvious and try something completely different - how unlike us !!!! Suffice to say a great time will be had by all and so on and so forth - theme is black & white, dress is black & white, pictures are black & white and music will certainly not be black & white but will be geared towards the more refined type of listener.  Informed sources have told me that line up for the night will consist of more aarrrriyaaas than you can handle ......... Oh yeah - nearly forgot about another birthday next week, a big 5 Oh will be celebrated (in Lanzarote) by Marcella's sister .......... Finally, all ye gourmets out there should remember Kin, who used to have his takeaway at Kennedy pier some years ago - good news is he's back in town located over Ray Keating's - nyum nyum nyum.. Jan 21..... Sirius continue to provide excellent programs - some music gigs to look out for include David Kitt, Preston Reed and fiddler Zoë Conway while local playwrite (sic) David McCall does two nights at the end of March - is that the David McCall, one wonders?.... Jan 24. .... Egos continue to grow larger by the minute as the stage prepares for the world debut of The Three Tonners.  Internal wranglings of program difficulties, who commences the show, who performs the finale and where are they going to get shirts that will fit them have meant that rehearsals have had to be deferred on more than one occasion so far to placate the obese trio.  Poster is available here.... Jan 25. ... For those of you not in the pub on Friday James Hayes' latest piece for the 'Timewatch' series is on BBC2 at 9 - link.  The show is all about some Italian brickie, Hadrian, who built a big mother of a wall about 2,000 years ago - an' it's still standin' like.  They don't make 'em like that anymore!...... Jan 28. ... Frances had a little get together on Friday to celebrate the ol' birthday (tomorrow) before flying off with Olga who celebrates her birthday in June with a bash in the Paddocks - look forward to that, it'll break up the year a bit like.  Tickets are now available online for the Three Tonners - available from the Tickmaster site here.  Seating plan has also been drawn up - the link is on the Tickmaster site.  Book early, folks, and avoid disappointment.  There was something else as well - oh yeah continued recovery to Lichie, feeling a bit under the weather at the mo'.  I believe the illness is not too severe - seemingly it's a common occurrence with Waterford people as the lack of blaas available in the rebel county severely affects their metabolism causing severe drowsiness, disorientation and mental fatigue.  Best wishes for a full recovery ......... Jan 29. ........... Despite her Eurovision Song Contest success in 1964 with ‘Non ho l'età’  Gigliola Cinquetti will not be a special guest with the Three Tonners.  OK Sir Norman?  ... Jan 30. ........  To get all you highbrow people acquainted with our forthcoming tour Sirius are presenting a wonderful evening this Saturday @ 8pm featuring Ensemble Avalon - an exciting new chamber group comprising some of Ireland's finest young performing artists - supported by the Music Network Performance and Touring Award featuring; Ioana-Petcu Colan on violin, Gerald Peregrine on cello and Michael McHale on  piano.... Feb 03 . ........  The first committee meeting of the March spectacular occurred last night where the many items on the agenda were discussed, artistes interviewed, plan layout discussed, programme planned and so on and so forth.  Alas, due to the memory section of the brain being swamped by Arthur Guinneff I'm afraid I'll have to wait and see the minutes before I can elaborate.. Feb 09 ......  Listening to the radio yesterday at lunchtime, Bette Midler - Wind Beneath my Wings - feicin scary smiley happy weepy mode (not forgetting Buckley shakey leggy!) ..... Feb 10......  As can be seen from the Tickmaster site all tickets for the Three Tonners (as opposed to the Thee Toners) are sold out - rumour has it that some may be available on eBay and Buy&Sell over the coming days but we are endeavouring to put a stop to this venture.  And on a totally different subject - orange lights, green lights, heat sensors, gushing water - WTF?  Yes folks, it had to happen - see here ............... Feb 11 ......... I don't believe it - we have a bid already on eBay for the (non existent) ticket(s) .  Madness, don't ya just love it .......... Feb 12 .....  The bidding is slowly rising folks, now standing at 16 yoyos.  Bidding on this item finishes on Tuesday February 20th at 12.15 pm GMT.  This is a once off not to be repeated once in a lifetime offer to bid on a non existent item - however the money raised for the non existent ticket will go directly to the Oesophageal Cancer Fund - no charges, no fees, no nuttin' whatever price is paid goes to OCF.  Now get bidding!!!!  I've put a link on the side so you can enter your bid!!!!!!! .......... Feb 17 .....  Humongous plans seem to be in place for Friday March 2nd - and why wouldn't they be, says you - bottom line being a stupendous show by the world renowned Three Tonners, guests, special guests, surprise guests and very, very special guests ... ah you'll have to be there - idn't dat right Alan????....  In the meantime - Smondy, house, party,  vino, Carlsberg, birthday, yabba, yabba ......... Feb 18 ......  Spotted this in BuyandSell - some people will stop at nothing!!!  Managed to get home safely from Smond's soiree this morning, wonder if everyone can say the same!! And a happy birthday to the darling girl from Clare - cool birthday cake, choo choo.  Two days left for bidding on the Tonners tickets - finishes about 12.15 GMT on Tuesday - will there be a late flurry????.... Feb 21 ... We hear Mully & Aoife have become proud parents of a baby child - congrats to all - think I'll open a bottle of Step Rd to celebrate!  The eBay ticket failed to drum up further bids and a late entry by ContinuityMeFein was thwarted by computer gremlins.  I must contact the winning bidder and send him his photograph!!!... Feb 26 ... A second Tonner ticket has appeared on eBay!!!!  After suffering a tirade of abuse from the landlord, I have managed to purloin such a ticket for Friday - bidding ends Thursday so get cracking here..... Lollipo day is this weekend folks - make sure to pop a few bob in the bucket if you come across any collections.  A bucket will be in the Donks and on Friday night we will help you offload some few bob.  Don't forget it's black & white dress code for the evening - no exceptions..... Feb 28 ... Firewall problems were the cause of not being able to update.  A second ticket has become available on eBay - link on the side folks.  Plans are at a very advanced stage (we might have a meeting tomorrow night!!) for Friday's spectacular - bring money as it's all for OCF, a little lolly goes a long way.. Feb 28 later ..  Testing one shoe, one shoe .... Have had some difficulty in the last few days with a virus on the machine.  Unfortunately I couldn't update the page to tell you all that the Ebay site has another ticket in the offing - at the moment the bidding stands at 99cent and finishes on Thursday at 20.00 GMT - go on chance it !!!!!!  .. Mar 01 ... Lollipop Day comin' your way - see details below for lolli' screensaver, background and ringtone all for 1 yoyo and 50 cents.  All proceeds go to the Lollipop Foundation... Mar 02 .... OK - the second bidding didn't go as planned due to late advertising on my behalf and the onset of a bast*rd virus which screwed my PC for a couple of days.  Anyway the end result is the lucky bidder will have in his possession (very soon) a once off jpeg (not available anywhere else universally) - you lucky lucky bast*rd.  In the meantime welcome to Lollipop Day, which happens to be a very special day for anyone who frequents the Donk.  We won't go into details but we do insist on a very deep dig of your pockets and would prefer if you left the premises tonight rather penniless having contributed mercilessly to the Lollipop box.  The only thing we guarantee is that the bobs go to OCF and from OCF they go to research oesophageal cancer through the Lollipop Foundation - we do, as usual, depend on your acclaimed generousity and, in return, we might even amuse you for twenty minutes or so.  Performance start at 9 sharp - dress is, preferably, formal but if not then do make an effort to turn up in black & white - please be seated before commencement....  Mar 03 (very early!) .... Jeezus H - another blitz - fair feckin juice to all - a good night or wha'!!!!  Should be a few pics in the link - langerload more to follow .........  Mar 03 (at a more respectable time!).... A slight problem with the pics, well not the pics but I forgot to put the link to the pics - one tends to do that with a drink /adrenalin mix!!!  Anyways they should be available through the pictures link on the sidebar above.  Highlights of last night (beside the obvious) had to be Largo al Factotum and a brilliant version of Duetto Buffo di due Gatti, though mind you I took particular pleasure from The Flight of the Bumblebee!!!!  A very very well done to Sir Norman Bowler QC for doing way more than what was expected and to each and all of you who made the night the spectacular occasion that it was - Dogster would have been beaming!!!..  Mar 04 .... many more pics to follow in the coming days.  A full review of the night's occasion will feature here soon..  Mar 05 ..... Initial figures in show Friday night's extravaganza has pulled in about 1500 yoyos.  Well done everyone, well done.  More pics, (courtesy Huds) are now available for your perusal ....  Mar 07 ..... I've managed to get my hands on the Ticknock Tribune which, this week, carries a review of last Friday's event.  Link on the sidebar.  In my excitement over the weekend I meant to congratulate Mr Halley on the opening of his new B & B.  Wishing you all the best on this exciting venture - rumour has it that complimentary wine is available as well has free morning medical services!!!!!...  Mar 10 .. 'tis rarely you'd go into the Donk a week or so after an event and find the place still wafflin' (or smellin')  about it ..... I think 'Follow that' was mentioned once or twice' ..... Anyway it don't probably matter as we were as full as a whale anyway ..... 'cept Billy Idle, he was headin' off to hang out with a fifty year old .... G'night ........................ and an aside it looks like Gareth MacHale is 9th and the ol' man, Austin, is 12th after day one of the Rally Mexico - now roll on Scotland, idn't dat right Olga ...... Preston Reed, Sirius, Sat night .......  Mar 11 ..  This week's lesson is never show intimate pictures of yourself at the bar while having a jar or two with 'friends' ..... I'll apologise the next time I see ya ... Preston Reed tonight at Sirius, another good one guaranteed .... Hey Carol, are ya back yet???  The final blast of pics from the Tonners evening have now gone up. .......  Mar 14 ..  The weekend may see the long awaited return of the Weapon of Mass Destruction herself.  Have the Bud chilled and plentiful.  has Ken the Brit managed to trawl up four engerlish Nobel prize winners yet??? Forget to mention the girls in green, last seen flaunting themselves on the back of de paper last Saturday .........  Mar 15 ..  A reminder that well known troubadour and 'Fairytale' exponent Padgeen de Barra celebrates a momentous occasion this Saturday night in Rushbrooke Hotel.  Alas, I am unable to attend, but I'm sure I'll be well represented and copious amounts will be had to celebrate the real Paddy's Day.  Some further pics have come to hand via the cameras of Meehal O Buachalla and associates of Olga.  The pics page for links.  Enjoy the weekend biys an' gurls.  Jeez, didn't Ireland get off to a grand start in the Cricket World Cup tonight - only the third draw in CWC history - thought they had it towards the end - the packed TV room was ecstatic at the result - we really put the shyte up the Zimbabweans, didn't we.  paint and drying come to mind .......  Mar 19 .. Sir Norm passed on a pic to me from his engagement do and, lo & behold, there's the birthday boy himself celebrating the occasion.  Very sorry to have missed the evening, Padgeen - I'll be there for the next big one!!  On a more sombre note condolences to Lichie & family on the sudden death of his mum - R.I.P.....  Mar 26 .. Thursday & Friday evening next sees a bit of drama at Sirius.  :ocal playwrights Kenneth Hickey and young David McCall present new pieces of work.  Alas I've little info on Kenneth Hickey's piece but good ol' Scal's piece is titled 'Butchers' - which I believe is loosely based on the life & times of the Silent Clock himself - not to be missed.  A small bit of further info here ........  Mar 31 .. A good night for the WMD - crutches an' all, she still managed to present herself in a dignified manner(ish) - great to see ya back(!).  Terrible night for Irish sports - Munster overwhelmed, the World Cup cricketers give a 48 run win to Engerland - ah well.  More importantly please note the following - Brazilians (not the nationality, the other one!), the scented candle, the red leather bra, Tiocfaidh Al Lah, the blondie one and so on.  Most importantly the new extension in the Donkey officially opens tomorrow - located in the upstairs part of the premises, it includes snooker room, bar, lounge, changing area, Wednesday (& Friday) rehearsal room and salon - exclusive pictures here.  A big change from the place we know and love so well but with a new owner imminent one must expect some change.....  Apr 02 .. Much talk last week about the use of artificial hair colourants - so many using them these days it's hard to tell the real from the unreal, you know, the 'I can't believe it's not butter' syndrome ....... Healthy audiences were the norm on both nights in Sirius last Thursday & Friday - thoroughly enjoyed Scal's offering.  Sham ham biy, sham ham.  Excellent programme of events due in Sirius - Sharon Shannon, Declan O Rourke, Mary Coughlan, John Spillane and Steve Wickham's band are just a few of the musical treats on the way while the opening of 'Death & Desire on Thursday next is an adult event requiring formal / evening wear - sounds quite interesting.  A Pig Roast in the Paddocks on the 5th May (complete with the Nightowls) is another date for your diary.  Full info on the Sirius website.   Speaking of diary dates the 'Cork Rocks for Rory' gigs are on the second weekend in June, this time at The Triskel.  Line up so far includes groups from Italy, Ireland, Germany and Japan....  Apr 05 .. tONIGHT WAS RATHER A STRANGE NIGHT - I have just realised my caps lock was on .... as I was saying to(last)night was rather a strange night - very akin to Christmas Eve, y'know pub is closed tomorrow type thingy ... Mind you it's just as well, seeing that Lichie was in 8mm mode tonight ..... I missed Dave & the missus again - mmmmmmmmmmmm lucky you or lucky me ............... ye missed a good craic tonight - some wan from You Ess Ay was celebrating her birthday (maybe fortieth could've been eightyfifth (depends on how many episodes of Nip/Tuck you've seen  (anyways 'twas the best gay bar she ever visited ...  ...... If all goes well they might be a video clip somewhere in the vaults ...  Hey Mikey - welcome home, biy, nice haircut .... Yeah, anyway - if all goes well, I should have a video clip of some of the shenanigans tonight but I am now toddling off to the scratchy and hope I can remember some of this - hasta mañana -  anyways there was a fine bunch of American weemen visited the premises tonight - alas 'twas gay Night tonight so many versions of YMCA were heard - that didn't stop the hordes of fudgepackers give their all in an impromptu version of Happy Birthday followed by another impromptu version of 'Goodbye' (borrowed from 'The Three Tonners' evening)....... Anyway, enough of that twaddle - we have received a lovely letter from the Lollipop Day organisers thanking us (you) for the efforts on Friday 2nd -  alas the technology has overcome my tiny remaining piece of (<insert word here>) ... now what was I saying - oh yeah ..... The American girls .......  Apr 06 .... Got a nice note from The Lollipop Day organisers thanking all for the efforts on March 2nd - link is on top of the page.  Well done, everyone, well done...  Apr 07 .... An interesting little pic of the week this week from Micka's archive - a few faces I can't put names to, I'm sure you'll be able to help out.  And while I think of it, a good band in the Paddocks tomorrow night as 'The Boys from the county hell', the Pogues tribute band, take to the stage..  Apr 09 ... While some gorged themselves on the choccy eggs over the Easter, the annual wine run is taking place at the mo' - T & O Meade Wine Distributors & Importers Ltd are, at this moment, scouring (and scourging) the local vineyards of north Western France to locate some stupendous wines to fill their trailer!  Keep watching to find details of the bi monthly Wine Watchers Club!  Sorry I missed Dave the Lecherer, again - wonder did gayle manage to get that cowboy shirt.  And a belated happy birthday to Ms Kidney - as usual, I won't embarrass you by telling anybody your age but we all look forward to your fiftieth in ten years time... Apr 10 ... Gradam Ceol, last night, TG4 - mighty.  Better than the U-19 last gasp try & conversion.  Int dat rite, Smond?  Anyway onto more importint tings -  The Roaring Donkey Grand Prix will, again, take place this August 23rd - entries are open to last year's contestants (on receipt of full entry fee) until May 31st - fully paid up entries received after that date will be allowed by lottery - full details here - in the meantime, though, Sunday May 20th has been put aside for any bunch of willing pilots eager to familiarise themselves with the undulating corners of the Watergrasshill Circuit ..... Howzitgoin' Reg? ... and finally, -  Quote of the night - "When we have babies, they'll be small" -  I had full intentions of developing this east & west statement a bit further, a lot further but then I said yearah I'll finish me house special szechwan, with fried rice, instead.. Apr 13 .... Michael Hanly was always good for a story - another one here - good man Andy, Jeez Sir Norm might be looking for his address !!!!...... Apr 14 .... A lot of head scratchin' done for last week's pic of the week.  Most of ye got most of 'em - the one that was proving difficult (and I'm open to correction on this) is, allegedly, a young Martin Burns, a Freddie White fan and current spouse of the CEO of the Cobh & Harbour Chamber of Commerce.  This week's pic will need no such guessing.... Apr 18 .... Hard to believe it's three years - once people pass on, a part of them leaves, but a part lives on in the souls of those they touched... Apr 19 .. Any truth in the rumour that a new series of 'Last of the Summer Wine' is being filmed at Beamish's Point? .... Apr 20 .. Thank crunchie ..... Apr 21 .. Seemingly May 27th is a more acceptable date for the 'practice run' - deposit required etc etc .... speaking of pizzas a new website is in place for the yummiest pizzas in Cob haitch try here for all details - easily the best website addy bar none  .... Jeez I feel a Catalunya Grand Prix coming on - and Lichie's birthday too ....... hey, Richie Mac a feed in Paddy the Farmers would be alright now, wouldn't it???  And as for the small babies - Beckie, I promise I won't mention your name ...... Apr 23 .. The Mighty's bash was anther long night / morning with one particular tonner managing to last it until well into the daylight hours - commendations, again, please.  To celebrate the occasion this week's pic brings to mind a rather more colourful, less greyer and slimmer days.  More colourful pictures of the bash will appear on a website near you, soon.   Another birthday approaches this week when the Blaah man is a year older......... Apr 27 .. OK - I've left the last week lag a bit.  Last Wednesday night provided another mighty traditional night - a bunch of exmarrines added to the occasion - Micka described them as Yanks with a sense of humour !!!!!!  During the week Sir Norman Bowler's mum decided to go and meet her maker as did Leslie Casey's sister, Rachel.  R.I.P........ Apr 30 ....  Heading off for  a few days so don't expect an update until 10th/11th or so.  We'll sort out this karting duel then...... May 01 ... Next time you see Barry, make sure to ask him to relate the story of Horan's Hotel and the bunch of bananas ............... hasta miércoles ....... May 13 .. jeez - I turn me back for two minutes and miss more of the banana story, the pig roast (with a mighty performance from the NightOwls), Smond's op and the continuation of the banana story.  News from the karting track in barca is that Tommy is coming back with new excuses - can't say anymore cos he told me he'd kill me on his return !!! Two pics of the week to enthral ye.  Nice gig in the Heritage centre last Thursday with John Spillane - surprised Mick Bucks wasn't there, must've been packing for Russia!  Mary Coughlan in Sirius on Friday next - methinks the venue will suit her loads.  Details in the coming days on the annual trip to Cork Rocks for Rory and another trip to Watergrasshill... May 17 .. Had hoped to do Watergrasshill on Sunday 27th but they don't do the timing on Sundays!!  Anyone game for a Monday or Tuesday evening instead???  Anyone get a kiss from Olga lately??  Don't forget Mary Coughlan in Sirius tonight (well Friday evening).  Anybody know a venue in Galway direction who would lend a stage for a night or two in mid July to a fine bunch of musicians from North Carolina - excellent rates available.  Leave us know if you think of anyone.  Anybody have the official times from the karting track in Blanes?.. May 19 ... This is being typed during the very early hours of Sat morning so it may change over the next day or so ...... Tuesday 29th of May is looking like the next agreeable date for the karting outing -  subject to confirmation from Kartworld - I should have this later on today, or maybe even earlier depending on what time I get up - in the meantime the fashion police were out in force tonight, innocent members at the bar were physically groped in an effort to ascertain the quality of their garments - alas my 42W 29L 4.99 yoyo Tesco denims failed to meet the required standard and I, yet again, was left to fend for myself though, I must say, the buttons on the sleeve of the shirt did attract a bit of notice, miniscule an' all that it was .... Moving away from such trivialities may I earnestly request that all refrain from wishing Smond 'all the best' by smacking him on his recently operated back - 'ouch' comes to mind ....May 23 ...  Kartworld cannot be arranged in time so I'm going to leave it until after the june weekend - around Tuesday June 12th if that's ok with everyone.  That'll give us time to get over the Maritime Song Fest & the 40th birthday party of Fran Whitty.  And the Cork Rocks for Rory weekend follows .... What do ye think of the CLK 200 Kompressor????..May 24 ... Saturday night in Sirius sees ex Waterboy's Steve Wickham's band No Crows promising a varied programme - well worth a visit me feels .....May 26 ... I was right ! No Crows were damn fine, a great night - needless to say, headed up top o' the hill afterwards - I've discovered the full story about the CLK 200 Kompressor - it turns out that it formerly belonged to an (allegedly) ex-publican / multi party politician / CoC President / taxi driver - then Mrs. C decided to mix it with the big boys one night in the Dunnes Stores carpark in Douglas and got the doughnuts all wrong and put the Merc on its roof (allegedly) - but the good news is it's due back from the panel beaters on Monday.  And there they were, flashing their cleavage (not the real cleavage crew!) (as if we were interested!), texting their fellas, losing their drink when all they really wanted to do was scrutinise some BFAs.  Ha !!! .May 29 ... Nice to see the car back !!!  Busy weekend ahead - the Cobh maritime Song Festival kicks off while Fran Kicks off her fortieth in the Pirates on Friday night with music by the NightOwls - need I say more? ....Jun 02 ... Somehow managed to put up pics from Fran's party - at least 'twas bright when I got home this time ... Night Owls were on fire, again, last night.  Oh yeah, 'twasn't on in the Pirates.  Bus going to the Gallagher gig next week and karting on Tuesday weme fine songs all afternoon with French, English & Irish songsters taking over the backroom for a mighty session - put a few pics up, if anyone is interesyed.  As an added bonus the term' Hot food served all day' was being bandied about - no pavement pizza here, though!  Greetings to Mickley Bickley, currently serving his times in the salt mines....Jun 07 ... Unable to get the required numbers for the bus tomorrow night so no bus running to Cork.  Hope the karting doesn't go the same way.  has Finnybogs returned from St Petersburg yet, or have they hung on to her ... meanwhile Olga invades Langzarote to chill a bit before she's 40 ......Jun 08 ... I am very disappointed, even saddened, to announce that I was unable to get enough numbers to get the bus to the 'Cork Rocks for Rory' gig. .... Jun 10 .... Looking good for the karting on Tuesday evening - one or two scores to be settled - wonder if the Pipe will turn up ??? ... Jun 13 ...  Well the Pipe turned up as did fourteen other brave souls - we won't mention the victors, just yet, but will mention one particular corner (heretofore known as  the second last corner before entering the straight) but now affectionately known as Ivan's Corner - Aideen also went so far off at the same corner she had to get a lift back from Glanmire to rejoin the track (that won't go down well in Plassey, will it?).  Anyways young Nikki put her experience with the Mini Cooper to good use to claim a good fourth, Shane O Brien took a cosy third while DannyMac raced into second.  Young Jonny Dennis took an easy victory - effortlessly cruising around the track in a determined and precise manner to, fairly, annihilate the opposition.  To top it all,  he had the decency, and the courage, to dedicate his win to two of his elder peers !!!!  Roll on the real Donkey GP - provisionally set for Aug 25th.  Men & boys come to mind !!!! - "When the flag drops, the bullsh*t stops" (courtesy Dick O Brien)  ....... Jun 25 ...  The holiday couple return from turkey land and the party animals head for the BBQ in Alan's - will we ever learn?  Left in time to witness the dawn chorus - live!  Must have been the Polish beer, or whatever it was..... Jun 28 .. Party weekend ahead as Olga celebrates her 'only ten years to go until I'm 50' birthday and JD celebrates his 'is it 10 years since I celebrated my 50th' party - both on the same night!!!!  Now that should be interesting!!!!... . June 30 .. With the day that's in it I've decided to change the background for one day and one day only.  So enjoy it ......  On a totally different subject some more nice music on the way to Sirius including Andy Irvine, Luan Parle & all the way from NC young pat & Kay Crouch who arrive in a fortnight or so... . July 03 .. OK - some of you spotted the deliberate (!) error in this week's pic of the week - might as well leave it there now.  I've mislaid the background but I'm sure 'twill turn up - OK Olg.  One or two interesting pics from last weekend's celebrations available soon - stay tuned.. . July 08 .. Good night at Madness the other night - a motley crew from Cobh (inc the landlord and his lovely wife) travelled up to go 'one step beyond' - pity the bar was blown away (literally) before we got there .... The younger crowd, needless to say, were heading for oxegen at that stage complete with Pirate boots ..... and I can't mention the foxy one from Ballymore or was it the redhead from Belvelly .... Olga's bash was what was expected - it didn't finish yet!!!  howz tings in Lanza ???????  The  runt in the punt (remind me !!!)  ....... ..... Hey PC, have ye left NC yet ??? ..... One other thing biys & gurls, the bold Owen Hally has a drama presentation starting in Ballincollig soon - try the link here ...........  ..... Oh yeah, the pics should be up now from the fortieth .... . July 10 ... If you've nothing else to be doing why not take a trip out to Fota House before July 22nd and see a nice little photographic exhibition entitled 'Ghosts of the Faithful Departed'.  As the title depicts it's another tale of emigration though not, thankfully, another famine inspired yoke (yolk?) but a more recent record of the great exodus during the last five decades or so, especially the 50's & 60's.  Obviously I'm biased but, even allowing for that, it's well worth a look.  Check here for details of the exhibit and some pics.  Details also on the Fota House website, obviously.   .......  Seemingly PC has left NC and were due in the country today or tomorrow - heading up west & north west before descending to the depths & debauchery of the Great Island - next week could be dangerous!!!!  For any sober music lovers they're doing a gig next week (Thurs 19th) in Sirius - don't leave me embarrass you by not being there!!! ..........  For any non-sober music lovers, you'll know where they'll be but while you'll cherish it you may not remember it  (believe me I've been there loadsa times)!  Oh yeah - I'm still looking for the old webpage background, so Hally will have to do ye in the meantime - well it was The Three Tonners night!  And speaking of the same Lollipop weekend - Finnybogs managed to raise just over 3000yoyos,  of which just about half was raised by yourselves on  the night of the Three Tonners.  Don't ever forget the lollipop.  What's the Facebook thing, Marc St Clare?. . July 11 (very early)..  Strange things happen when you update this effin website - The Madness entourage, last week, included a couple (trio?), [well, only two of'em kept standing!] of unadulterated drunken fisherman - ahh, I tell a lie, they weren't fishermen!!!  Anyways, I was just heading off to the sack (as I'm two bottles of wine over my limit) and checking the Donkey e-mail I get a lovely mail from Doug (I think he was one of the fellas still standing at half eleven last Friday night!!) and, definitely, now a Madness fan!  Anyways, suffice to say, we made an impression on the trio, Madness asides, I hope.  Doug, I'll get back to yeMany, many thanks 01.22.57  Just got a text from good ol' Johnny H advising me of the slide blues playing skills of Michael Messer.  Stay where you are, Doug - you are not reading this at the same time that I am writing this..... (oops third bottle ( .... July 11 (very late)..  Will explain Doug's bit as soon as I see Micka .... Got a text today which read 'Fri 13th Cobh.  From the ruins of a house, the family will be dragged, through smoke with fire behind them.  Bullets will be fired and people will be shot.  Furniture will be removed and burned on the street.  A re-enactment of an eviction circa 1910 will take place on Bishop's Street, Cobh on Friday 13th @ 12 noon to launch A Celtic Journey'.  You have been warned!....  Jul 14 .... Bad news from NC as TallPaul has a huge problem with the passport office - see here for the full story.... Not looking very good at the moment - so sorry to hear about this TP & Kristie - we complain here that 10 days is too long to renew our passport!!!  ..  Jul 15 .. 24 hours is a long time, where passports are concerned - if you've taken time to read Paul's link you'll see that the couple have made it to Ireland and, hopefully, should make the island of Cobh by Tuesday, or so.  Looking forward to meeting up .... As you may have noticed over the last few weeks, I'm running fairly thin on pics of the week -  to all of you who have promised me some 'beauties', now might be the time to deliver.  This week's beauty was discovered by the mighty and the timing is fairly apt, don't you think?  See them live and in concert next Thursday evening!  ..  Jul 18.. Suffice tosay them biys 'n' gurls from North Carolina & beyond have arrived safe and sound.  Managed to present a fine array of music tonight (sorry, last night, Tuesday) - the gig in Sirius on Thursday is definitely one to look forward to ..... I have pics but I ain't goin' doin' anything mad like that now 'cept for this

In the meantime, whilst all this was happening, an executive decision was taken to run transport to 'A Celtic Journey' on Thursday week next, July 26th.  This journey will leave the Donk @ 18.30 SHARPish so that we make the curtain rise in plenty of time @ 20.30 - See posters in the Donk or ask Sir Norm for further details.  ..  Jul 20 .. Such a smashing gig in Sirius last night - a fully acoustic night that will be cherished for a long time, made all the more special as Paul & Kristie were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary - and the after gig session wasn't too bad either with a few 'guest' appearances!!!  Had to put up one or two pics until I get them all together.

The night before, Wednesday, saw the usual session become an eclectic mix with a vast array of instruments and voices to appease any muso head.  Methinks this could be some weekend!!!!!   ..  Jul 23 .. And it was!!! Since arriving, The Nashville Six delighted and entertained many over the last six days or so with a refreshing blast of songs and tunes delivered effortlessly.  Wasn't it bloody marvellous to hear 'em again?  John Davs broke his own record for singing the first line of thirty seven consecutive songs and the addition of the electric bass added to the occasion.  We'll have to learn off the moves for 'The Boat Song' - Jeez, we drank enough to be quite adept at it!!!  A little bird tells me that TP may be back sooner rather than later - fingers crossed.  And Peehead eventually got the quarter pounder - not a touch on Lumberjack's, though.  One or two pics to go up in the gallery - maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday ...... The bus to the 'Celtic Journey' is deferred to Tuesday next.  One or two places left.  Forgot to mention 'Pic o' the Fortnight' - now name all of them!!!   ..  Jul 25 .. Not too much luck with names for the pic of the week.  Entry forms for the Donkey Grand Prix available soon.  Any buzz on the Cobh Blues Festival??  Andy Irvine in Sirius next Friday night - keep an eye out for the support band.  Not sure if tickets are still available... ..  Jul 26 .. Jeez the place is fierce quiet since the boys 'n' gals went back to North Carolina & Nashville.  Good to meet young Mickley Bickley last weekend before he headed back to the holiday resort in the Siberian salt mines.  Did Lichie get back from the stag yet???  And a good idea comes out of the guestbook, at long last - now why didn't I think of that?... ..  Jul 28 .. 'Shut up and Pick, me hole!' - must be quote of the year, so far.  Andy Irvine played a good gig last night in Sirius - great support band, the Wise Family from Australia.  Forthcoming gigs include Luan Parle, North Cregg & Freddie White opens the Cobh Blues Festival in the Heritage Centre in September.  The Ballincollig bus leaves the Donk on Tuesday at half six.  Bi ann gan teip. ..  Jul 30 ... A very happy 50th to young Corry - just when you thought you had got away with it - I'd imagine vintage crackers & cheese were in abundance tonight ..... News from North Carolina is that Mogs has been eaten alive by the mosquitoes - one wonders which came off the worst!!.  Jul 31 .. A motley crew left the Donks this evening in Jimmy Halligan's bus and headed for the satellite town of Ballincollig to cast our critical eye on Owen Hally's 'A Celtic Journey'.  After a little bout of wetting the whistle in The White Horse Inn we managed to get there in time for 'curtains up' and were treated to a fine evening's entertainment by cast & crew.  Credit to producer, director and general bollix Mr Owen Hally who deserves a bit more support for this no small undertaking.  A very enjoyable evening and should not be missed.  Even Huds changed his pant before going!!!!  ..  Aug 08 ... Apologies for lack of service - normal transmission will return soon(ish) ....   Aug 09 .. The pic of the fortnight is up - albeit a wee bit late.  Met Owen Lloyd last week for a second or so - sorry I didn't get a chance to have a chat with ya - then again you mightn't be gone back yet so there may be hope yet.  if you're gone I'll catch you the next time.  The Celtic Journey finishes its run in Ballincollig next Sunday - make sure you get to see it and help Hally get a good night's sleep!  Luan Parle is in Sirius on Saturday night, the brilliant North Cregg next Thursday and Freddie White plays the Heritage Centre in September to kick off the Cobh Blues Festival (which will also see Rob Strong and a Rory cover band whose name I can't remember).  Rumour has it that Duke Special may also play Sirius - he's defo one worth seeing.  Pee Head & Kay Bob head back to the day jobs in the coming week - small consolation is that it's hitting a sweltering 38 degrees over there - wonder how did Mogs survive?  Tall Paul has a new CD, Voodoo Doll,  released soon & promises to have piccies from his trip here soon (he only has to trawl thro' about 1100 of 'em & ye think I'm bad!!) - and a big hello to all who are hitting the page from TP's link and wondering what to make of us.  Of course, greetings to Kristie, Milan, Melanie (I suppose you finished Harry Potter!) Bruce & Simone.  Roll on Crunchie Day..   Aug 11 .. The Crunchie Day was as good as usual - now, before I forget it; ANGELA FARRELL, you didn't change a bit - Hi Joods, sorry!!! - Enjoy the US, Shane - Soamsie, did you put your clothes back on yet??? - Luan Parle, ya good thing ya .... Donkey GP oversubscribed before we start at all!!!! Any news from Italy - has the Huds been arrested for molesting yet???  Hey Doug, you might think we're forgetting about ya but we ain't - drink keeps dulling our senses!! Marcus, is the smell of fresh paint gone?.....y..   Aug 15 .. I hear Alabama Dave has arrived safe & sound - might even get to meet him this time.  North Cregg at Sirius on Thursday - after the Stevie Nicks sounding Luan Parle last Saturday this time it's the turn of Christ Leahy and the boys (and girl) with their thumping traditional tunes & songs....    Aug 18 .. . Very briefly, and I hope to elaborate on the following words very soon - North Cregg, Dave Dagley, the Scal and the 60's party, TP's pics, The pic of the fortnight that I have that very few people know about!!!, that reminds me I must put up a new one - and as for fofb !!!!.    Aug 18 ..later - ah yes.  The Creggies were mighty the other night in Sirius - the appearance of original guitarist Johnny Neville adding to the occasion.  After the gig I had the pleasure, at long last, to meet Guestbook Dave who was on his way to Edinburgh via the Donk for another lecture and returns again in October - see ye then!  The Scal, upset at not winning the table quiz, headed for a 60's party in Liverpool intent on remembering Vietnam - wonder if he got past customs with the helmets!  The Huds is back - grinning from ear to ear while Fran studies the derrieres of older men!!!  TallPaul has got some pics up from the visit here, including a fine study of Mogs while bowling.  I've borrowed one as pic of the fortnight and have a beauty for the next one! .    Aug 25 .. Karting mania has taken over the Donks (actually it hasn't, but tabloid press type headlines are what we aim at) ... anyways the second annual Donkey Grand Prix takes place tonight (Sat) - an almost capacity entry will take to the track at 18.00 hours with prize giving and BBQ later on in Gairdin an Tabac .  With some of the more favoured competitors having withdrawn from the event the competition is expected to be very tight with the local 'Road Rage' impresario cum drummer expected to be amongst the high place finishers ...... We shall wait and see, though a surprise or two is expected ......  Anyway, Marcus departs and Mikey returns - ain't it grand to see both (and Aideen, of course, who has just returned from a mini trip of the world!) and Nikki who has just returned from the Mini!!!!!!  And a throaty vroom vroom to the Sext ..... Aug 27 .. Pic of the week is another little wedding shot - how many peoples do you know????  While you're figuring out that easy one, initial (unconfirmed) reports from Watergrasshill show an unexpected winner - full report and pics to follow.  An' what about the Huds - shags of to Italy for a wedding, then to the Stones, on to Donegal and returns home looking for free grub and lashing back the pint and the small ones (pictorial proof available) and as for Finnybogs and the camera ....... and Gordon had a touch of the horn .... Aug 28 .... As you may already know Sir Norman and Lady Bowler celebrate 35 years of marital bliss over the coming weekend - a Slane size stage has been constructed, complete with Portaloos, and a park and ride system is also mooted!.. ... Please note car parking is not available... Aug 29 .... Will get the report & pics up from the Donkey Grand prix sometime tomorrow - just waiting on some of the pics to be developed!!!! ... Aug 30 ... OK - the GP pics are now up with a brief report on the evening's action!  Link on the pictures page or go directly here.   Greetings Dave - glad to hear you made it home safely, if not a wee bit bewildered.  Thanks for the nice words - see ye in October.  Watch out for the new, lens free, arise and throw away your glasses person in the Donk very soon .. Aug 31 .. To coincide with the missus buying a new suite of furniture and to celebrate his winning ways at the Donkey GP last weekend our intrepid winner has decided to award himself a stunning 1997 Reliant Scimitar GTE -  and Jeez, lads, I really wish I won the race that night.  What a weapon - what a yoke - well wear, my man,  well wear - what a beautiful machine.   Tonight I bumped into the dolphin doctor & the Pom - oops, what I meant to say was Clodagh & the Pom, sorry Clodagh & Ed - it takes time, it takes time - anyways, Saturday night the real Electric Picnic takes place in Teach Uí Bowler from early until late - I feel another dawn chorus coming on ....... wonder will the bottle o' wine man be there ??? .. Sep 05 ..  Of course 1997 should read 1977 - as you, obviously know, they weren't making Scimitar GTEs in 1997!  Anyways Sir Norm & Lady Bowler laid on a magnificent spread last Saturday evening to celebrate many years of wedded bliss - various different claims of who was last to leave but I have it, from a reliable source, that the last to leave was the bold Vincent - though Barry claims he was later ...... See a few pics in the pictures link above or here.  I see Lichie has become an expert in construction work and operating an excavator... On a more sombre note we bid a farewell to fellow Norrie Paddy Shortt, one time Ramblers player, M Laundries driver and Cobh butcher for many a year - got my first supply of skirts & kidneys from him when the Cobhie butchers didn't even know what they were!  Put up a good fight for many a year against the dreaded C - rest in peace, biy.. Sep 09 .. Summer, finally.  A couple of hot days at long, long last.  The smell of the bbqs, scantily clad ol' dolls, lobster coloured Paddies, the Rugby World Cup and cold beer - that reminds me, I must go out to Noel's and help 'em finish the draught Bud & Guinness before the Nambian (sic) match and before he heads off with the Davs to Jose's place in Alvor ..... Sep 11 .. Well the good news is we managed to empty the barrels of their contents, bad news is we had to suffer the match - at least they (hopefully) can't be accused of peaking too early.   News from Alvor is that the weather is so-so but Sir Norm has already gained a stone!  ... Sep 12 .... Coming our way soon are blues quintet Swing Street Band who play the Donk on the Friday night of the Blues weekend - imagine them trying to set up in the middle of the France Ireland match!!!.. Sep 27 ....  Jeez, i've been away for a while, haven't I? Missed the Swing Street Band last Sunday (not Friday!) - heard they rocked the joint, like - mind you it might have been better if they did play on the Friday!!    Sunday next at half 5 or so will tell.  Missed Octoberfest also.  Meanwhile the Euro lotto is at 130 zillion or something - wonder how many Bee Emms you'd buy for that?  And if anyone's looking for a demolition expert contact the office at Rose Hill for immediate action!!  The Portuguese Four return all jollied and tanned.  And this weekend sees Seb Loeb, Danni Sordo & Mikko Hirvonen vroom from Little Island.  And I'm sure there was lots more ......  Remind me about the fishing trip .... Oct 08 ..... Severe lack of updates lately, folks - apologies and all that.  I have managed to update the pic of the month with a fine pic of two strapping Baywatch type lifeguards recently spotted in more sunnier shores - ladies, please control your swooning.  The little 'gotcha' on Tommy worked on Friday night - we'll have it organised better for his 70th - unless he goes off on hols again! ...... Oct 15 ... Alabama Dave picked a good weekend to visit and managed to get in a Pirates match, a jar or two with the landlord, Manfred's 'surprise party' and he's not gone yet!!!  These surprise parties are becoming the norm now!  ... Oct 25 ... Glad you enjoyed the stay Dave and the meeting with the 'long lost brother'.  seeing that we couldn't make the session in Nashville with the Nashville Six, half of Cobh were present at a brilliant gig in the Opera House on Tuesday night featuring the one & only John Prine - I'm sure I saw Johnny Gilley wipe a tear from his eye on more than one occasion!  Lichie and H & H then had the cheek to call a pint after closing time.  Confirmation has just reached us of the annual 'Gentlemen's Tour' on Nov 17th, I think.  Rumour has it that a guided tour of the Killarney lakes, a spin on a Jaunting car and Leprechaun hunting are included in this year's itinerary.  I see Tommy's importing a scooter!  And I've put pic of the season up for ya, Maggie!  Thank Crunchie, biys - and a long weekend to boot!... Oct 28 ... Looks like the date may be changed for the tour - too many Scorpios, it seems .....  Had a lovely late night snack presented to myself & the davs - some tasty warmed smoked salmon, Francois' latest delicacy, served on some lovely buttered brown bread.  And mighty fine it was, too ... oh and nice choicr, hurler, nice choice ... Oct 29 ... Anybody missing a nurse uniform & stethoscope?? .. Nov 01 ... Looks like the Gentlemen's Tour may be replaced by a walking tour of Cork's best loved hostelries..... .. Nov 04 ... No sign of the salmon on Friday night!  Any truth in the rumour that Tommy has taken possession of a set of leathers for the big motorbike?  Meantime the Ramblers took another step towards promotion with another win today - just one match left - and Springers beat Wanderers on penalties in the big junior Cup derby.. .. Nov 10 ... Having taken an executive decision in the early hours of the morning some of us have decided to jump on the bandwagon and head to Athlone for the Ramblers game - in enough time to stop and watch the Munster game, of course.  Watch out for the mad leather clad biker with the L plates ...... .. Nov 11 ...  Ramblers can look forward to Premier Division football in the LOI next season.  A huge away support saw them clinch the league with a late goal in Athlone ... Nov 13 .. Mondays are now official cheese tasting day .... respiratory protective equipment advised ...... Nov 14 ... Looks like another party weekend ahead with multiple celebrations evident ...... Must recharge the batteries !!!! ... Nov 15 ... For the first time ever a round of the World Rally Championship starts in Ireland - c'mon Kris Meeke.  On a more sedate note, Hayseed Dixie return to Cork on March 2nd in Cyprus Avenue - do I sense a bus comin' on ......... Nov 21 ... Got a note from Scall last month about a new presentation in Hawlbowline but forgot to mention it - Scall reminded me by text at five past feicin one this morning and again at twenty feicin one minutes past one - so now, biys 'n' gurls Hawlbowline Theatre Group proudly presents The Water Works by David McCall from Thursday to Saturday (inclusive) @ 8 o clock.  Tickets from English's Card Shop, Gibbs Chemist & Cobh Pharmacy.  Boat from the Pier each evening @ 7.30 sharp.  See the poster here... Nov 27 ... with Christmas fast approaching, that can only mean one thing, 'Fairytale of New York' and TICKSGIVING.  Yes biys 'n' gurls, it's the time of year where we manage to get ye to donate a wrapped gift for local charities.  Money raised this year is going to CABAS, the Cork school for Autistic kids.  Music, as always, by the NightOwls - now if that don't guarantee a good night!! .... . Dec 06 ....  Been travellin' so that's why!  Don't forget FRIDAY night is TICKSGIVING night - a lot of planning, effort and other things have gone into this (as usual!). The night after will be spent celebrating(!) my current partner's passing the double quarter century mark - same venue, folks....... . Dec 11 .... A grand total of just under three thousand Euro was raised last Friday night for CABAS.  Again, your generosity knows no bounds and well done to one and all for the excellent contribution.  On top of that almost 100 wrapped toys were donated and have been passed on to the relevant V de P Branch.  Again, pat yourselves on the back - deserved.  The following night saw my present spouse throw a wee celebration and she passes on many thanks for the fine evening.  Coinciding with that, young Gordie decides to propose and throw another wee celebration - here's to a long and happy life.  I hope to put up a few pics of Ticksgiving et al before I finish tonight and will have a link here.  I also hope to change the pic of the fortnight (courtesy of Mottie).  And if you see a fella walking around in his shorts and tee shirts over the weekend complaining of the heat, it's only Mickley Bickley back from Khazakstan or somewhere cold like that!


STOP PRESS;  James Hayes just got this to me in time; goes out Sunday Jan 6th BBC TWO 9pm - you might recognise the presenter, hope he doesn't !


Well that's it for this year folks - alas I'm finishing up early, in my quest for de hurler, and will return about the 10th of January or thereabouts. 

Have a blast over the Christmas and New Year and we'll see you next year.

Hasta dos miles y ocho and howdy to all those near Bill Tuttle Road.



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