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The Year of the Cat - is that a problem????    

Jan 01, 2006 .............. top of the morning all and a happy 2006 to you all - needless to say a toast was made in his honour.  A is painfully obvious we have a dreary start to the page as usual - hopefully a little more colour will be added as time progresses.  Jan 04 .... The New Year was brought in with its usual vigour and parties and this year the place to be was Sir John Davington's - once they stopped serving at the licensed establishments that you had spent the previous hours.  Guests of honour this year included Lichie & a surprised Tommy ....... Good ol' Mr Hally had a great night at The Paddocks and follows this with the excellent 'Head Over Heels' next Saturday.  Bí ann gan teip  ......  Haven't checked the links yet so don't take any notice if they're a bit askew at the moment ....Jan 05 .. Links should be ok now - including the guestbook one, Lichie, so you won't get too lonely .....Jan 07 .... Jeez lads, ye were going mad last night - Johnny Gilley, John Davs, Lichie, Smond, Marie and loadsa more, all with one guitar between 'em - I mean this is a Friday not a Wednesday .....  Some new (old) links to your left hand side ..... just in case you have forgotten !!!!!! .... Pity we hadn't a camera tonight ... stocaí, stocaí ..... as for the rest of 'em - whydoncha, whydoncha, ... take a look at yourself (or your pic !!!!) .. G'night .....Jan 17 .... If you're reading this today, then the new machine has managed to down and upload the WebPages containing 45 folders, over 60 megs and near 3,000 files.  I must now begin the process of whittling that down as I'm only supposed to have 10 megs . ssshhhhhh, don't tell anyone ......Jan 18 .... Should be back to normal now - at least as normal as the Bowler on his return from Latvia, him and his nekkid massage .........Jan 19 ... Brief reminder about Tom the fireman's celebration of the big five-0 tomorrow night (Friday) - expect plenty of hose on show ........... Next Friday (27th) see the television premiere of James Hayes' latest production, The Battle of the River Plate, on BBC2 at 9pm.  It being a Friday, the day we usually socialise with our good buddies and partake of a little drinkypoo or two, all are advised to set the videos.  You can find out more and even download your own poster here - the very eagle eyed may spot the harbour in it, isn't that right Jim & Jim? ....... Jan 20/1 ...Should have said James & Jim, shouldn't I? .....  How come nobody told me about the fancy dress ?????  Had to go home and change - still didn't work - in any case a good night at the Paddocks for Tom's celebration of him being born in January 1956 ......  DJ Karl was spinning the Cdiscs ..... Anyway enough of the bollicksology, just make sure to watch Timewatch on Friday, Jan27th @ 9 pm .... Veering sideways for a small while - do you know if you right click on the River Plate link above and have a look at the very top of the page????  ........ Do I apologise now, or will you wait 'til I see ya, James ? -  ..........    Loadsa talk tonight in the pub about what is the new background all about ..... Well, that's a small fib as there was only one slight query ..... raised by myself ...... anyway, if anyone knows what the background actually is there is a half a gallon of your favourite beer / stout ( notice I didn't say drink) waiting for you behind the bar ..... 5.15 Saturday evening, nuff said - Sale Sharks and all that - should just about clear my granddaughter Kayleigh Harriet's birthday party .... and last, but not least, seriously folks the Talking Clock heads into hospital on Sunday to prepare for the Monday Op -  Thinking about ya roigggghhhhhtttttt !!!!!... Jan 21 ... Still probs with some links, should (or may not) be fixed now ....... Jan 23 ... We'd like to wish a certain lady a bon voyage as she heads off for Amerikay on a little shopping spree .... expect an increase in the amount of azzzz azzzzh emanating for the landlord as the nights progress .... Jan 25 ..  Wishing a bon voyage to all the young and not so young ladies who head off for the U S of A tomorrow for a week of credit card violations never seen before.  One particular group member celebrates a milestone fortieth birthday during the trip, but fear not, Hank, I'll tell nobody.  Alas they'll miss Timewatch this Friday on BBC2 @ 9pm, but I'm sure Mick will tape it for them!!! ....... Jan 26 .. Good to hear that the Talking Clock's op went well - fingers crossed everything will be ok ........ Jan 27 .... Don't forget Timewatch tonight (Fri)  - BBC have a preview here, this link will probably be gone after today ...... Jan 31 ...  All the tourists are enjoying themselves having annihilated the credit cards and attending the Cadillac Winter Garden Theatre presentation of Mama Mia, the well known tale of Bucks Fizz in the early days - isn't that right, Olga? .........  Well done to James Hayes on an excellent show last Friday, very worthwhile - I even took a raincheck on my usual Friday habit so I could watch it!! ..... Feb 03 ... Yes, I know it's the Chinese Year of the Dog - do I look Chinese to you ???? ..... Feb 06 .... All back safe & sound from the states - imagine going all the way over there to spend the weekend in the sack very ill - sure you could do that at home, couldn't ya Olg ???  I see, according to the Pirates website, that my ol' buddy Mick Hanly is due soon in the Paddocks.  Others due include Mary Coughlan, Don Baker and Bob the Donkey (or is it Dog the Bonkey)........ I believe Slobodan is seeking me here and seeking me there - never fear, girl, won't leave ya down.. Feb 08 ... News only reached us today of the sad passing of Don Ross.  Based in Cobh for a while with Furmanite, Don was a very regular and hearty contributor to all the Ticknoscar nights, always managing to cajole his fellow workers to contribute in no small way to the coffers.  May he rest in peace.    Feb 15 .... Don't forget to check out the one and only Horslips on RTE tonight.  If you've missed it get a rerun at - well worth a visit...  Feb 16 ... Lollipop Day is almost upon us again.  At a recent meeting of the Executive Committee a decision was taken to run an event next week as a fundraiser.  I can't remember what we said we'll do but I'm sure 'twill come back to me.  Watch this space....  Feb 17 ... Warmest congratulations to Marcus, son of the landlord, & Clair Taft on the announcement of their engagement.  There is no truth in the rumour that the proposal took place near the 'Shed' end at Stamford Bridge.  Expect more details on the forthcoming Lollipop Day as another meeting of the Executive Branch is due later toady and is expected to confirm next weeks event...  Feb 19 ... Ah yes, Desperate Housewives - it has come to light that a certain respected gentleman of the community is an avid fan of this television series.  Seemingly his wife heads off to dancing class and then he puts his feet up to get his weekly intake of television waffle.  Needless to say, and in keeping with the website's privacy policy, I refuse to name him to prevent embarrassment & ridicule but as a member of the Three Tonners (and it's not me or John Davs) he should know better.  And as for Jo Honna, well .... ah forget it.   Not forgetting the Bacardi in Lichie's, though..  Feb 20 ...  This weekend is sees the Annual Lollipop Day and the occasion will be marked by the meticulously planned 'TicknAuction'.  The Master of the gavel, and Desperate Housewife voyeur, Sir Norman Bowler will preside over the proceedings and viewing of the auction lots will be open to the public from 18.00 to 20.00 on the evening of the event, subject to planning.  Please note that payment is strictly by Cash, Banker's Draft or Guinness draught.  All donations to the event will be graciously, and quickly, accepted.  First item goes under the hammer at 9.30 pm (ish) ......  Feb 22 ..Items we have so far include a signed Cobh Pirates jersey , a fine bottle of Aberlour 10 year old single malt Scotch Whisky,  various CDs and vinyl LPs, a pair of Robbie Williams tickets, mens and women's lingerie, absolution from your sins, and so on.  Unfortunately I'm away 'til Friday so if you want to get any bargains you'll have to be there on Friday night.  If you can't make it no doubt you'll come across some lollipops over the coming days and we know you'll support the Oesophageal Cancer Fund .. ....  Feb 25 (early)... OK biys & gurls - I'm sure ye all do this to wreck my head - We had, (in our wildest, warped, optimistic, imaginative visions), hoped that we could hit about 500 yoyos for the auction tonight.  At 9 o clock we had dropped the figure to about 300, come 10 o clock we had  fantasised at 150.  We, again, had hugely underestimated the patrons of the premises - thirteen hundred +.  I just cannot find any word or words that can pay homage or tribute to ye who gave that amount of money for a load of shyte that couldn't be given away on eBay !!!!  Without a doubt, the rollicking, ranting, cajoling, coercive and conductive (words that I don't even know their meaning!)  of Sir Norman Bowler played a HUGE part of the night's enjoyment and success.  There were people there who bought mirrors, drink, DVDs, CDs, tableware, tupperware, underwear, cassettes (?) and LPs (?) for stupid money ...... and then boasted about it !!!!  As John Spillane would say 'Well Done, everyone, well done' -  I have pics of the night - should be up tomorrow ... TO THE HURLER - relax - all is not lost yet !!!!! The players of Pirates have decided that they have first option on bidding on the shirt - and seeing that they're way bigger f**kers than us we have agreed to their request.  It is, hopefully, unlikely your bid will reach the selling price but if you're still willing to part with a few more Oz dollars we might put something together for ya - drop me a line through the 'Contact' link on the left hand side of the page and I'll sort you out.  Got the message on  the Guestbook page - we'll take care of ya .....  Feb 25 (later)... Have the pics from last night up now - just clock the Pictures link on the left.  And while I remember it do not tell Megs and Thomas that their mammy is after auctioning off their favourite trampoline - 'twil break their poor hearts, such a cruel woman !!!!!  Good to hear the Talking Clock is recovering well - and has not lost any of his acerbic wit !!!.......  Mar 03 ...  Thank crunchie day, again - and not a moment too soon.  I'll be a bit late tonight Lichie so pace yourself.   Rumour has it that Tommy is falling away to nuttin and lookin' a picture of health  Hey hurler, wha's the G.I.N. - enlighten us (me!).  Manfred's Countryside walk is coming up soon - walkers seeking sponsorship....  Mar 04 ....  OK hurler - we don't know what's wrong with the GIN web page - I think I checked it from my links page and it seemed ok ... good debut by Tally this week for Ireland V Sweden, any 19 year old that doesn't look out of place playing against a World Cup qualifying Swedish team is good enough for me - the best of luck to him in future internationals and, of course, with his future career with Manchester City and others ....... speaking of sport we won't mention Munster tonight and we certainly won't mention Dunvant .... But we will mention Ramblers beating Cork City 2-1 ....... and we'll also mention Gareth McHale holding 7th overall in the World Rally Championship's Rally Mexico after Day 1 ...  Personally I must mention that my granddaughter, Holly Katie, celebrated her second birthday yesterday which also nicely coincided with the birth of my newest grandson, Odhran Tadhg McLaughlin, who weighed in yesterday morning at a strapping 7 pound 4 and a half ounces - so there!!!! .  Mar 05 .. .....  Mick Bardsley was showing me a few tricks on how to fiddle around with a few photographs - so I've done a bit of messing and come up with a little montage to keep ye amused.  Once you open it you should be able to keep it as your desktop pic by right clicking it and 'set as background' - not ideal, I now, but it'll be better than the one Bucks has !!!  The piece is here (if you're brave enough!!!) - Don't take it toooooo serious,  I know there's a bit of red eye and so forth but it's just a taster until I get more lessons on how to properly use the programme!!! ..... Speaking of Mexico, young Gareth McHale is now sixth heading into the final day ..... Mar 11 .. ..  OK I'll get rid of the obvious first by stating MacHale finished sixth in Mexico - best result, bar none, by an Irishman in a World Rally Championship event ........ We must mention the tour tomorrow -  a busload of people heading off to Lismore, Lisgould or wherever to watch a rugby match - and prevent Lichie from coming out on a Friday night - pacing oneself or wha'?  And as for Johannah - Huds,  go 'way willya?  The GP season also starts this weekend in Bahrain, RallyIreland and, more importantly, Ramblers start their league campaign against Kilkenny - oh the excitement !!!!!  Oh and well done to the bold Johnny for using the desktop background as part of his presentation ........ Mar 13 .. .. I believe Egypt beckons for a well known auctioneer who's heading there to celebrate Paddy's Day - he wonders if he'll be able to pick up the rugby match on Saturday !!!  Heading off to West Cork myself - looking forward to meeting Mrs Shanley again - wonder if she's still talking to us???? ... Mar 21 .. I see the Bowler has ensconced himself in some taverna like establishment in Egypt, must have a look for the link he left in the guestbook.  Meanwhile Tommy and myself revisited Shanley's in Clonakilty - where the boys from the Donkey are still welcome despite previous shennanigans - mighty music there on both nights with a line up including Senator Brian Crowley, a rocker at heart, and guitarist Bill Shanley.  A belated well done to all who partook on Manfred's Walkee last Sunday... Mar 22 ... A reminder of the annual Fool's Day Quiz which takes place on Thursday week, April 6th in aid of Chernobyl Children's Project, more on this soon.  Also this Saturday evening on TG4 keep an eye out for Ardán at approx 10 pm which is a special on Horslips including 6 or 7 live pieces - not to be missed.. Mar 23 ...Oooooooooopppppppppppppppppsssssss.  Slight mix up in dates folks - Thursday 6th of April sees a fundraising Table Quiz in aid of CABAS to be held in Rochestown Park under the auspices of Douglas Lions Club (I think - if I'm wrong I'm sure Olga will leave me know fairly promptly!).  If you're free that night get your butt up there.  Date for the Fool's Day Quiz will be announced as soon as Planning Permission is granted.  Amazing the things people will do to avoid watching England getting beat at Twickenham by the green men - one of our friends from the 'mainland' decided to spend Paddy's weekend in Thurles (!), a hotbed of rugby if there ever was one!  A wild weekend, spent in luxurious surroundings, was had including watching the said match, in the sole company of the barman.... Mar 27 ...  Olga has reminded me of the CABAS Table Quiz on Thursday week at Rochestown Park Hotel.   8 o clock kick off - don't worry, I'll remind ye again .... Mar 31 .. Lansdowne Road prepares for a sea of red for tomorrow's Munster game ...... meanwhile Lichie has gathered together the brains of Cobh to compete in the CABAS quiz next Thursday!!!! .. Apr 08 .... I believe a busload travelled to Olga's quiz on Thurs and contributed to a mighty night that raised about 8K for CABAS.  Those that were still able managed to make Smond's first fiftieth birthday party in the Pirates where the pig was massacred.  The same venue sees former Horslips guitarist in action next Saturday night - definitely not to be missed....... Apr 12 ...... Good to see the Pirates page updated again, this time with some pics from the Donks including a posing barman!!!!  Muchos congrulationes to young Smond who reaches the big 5 0 this Friday - and all the pubs closed too!!!  On a more sombre note, the Dogster's second anniversary takes place next Tuesday - there will be a Mass in the Naval Base at 8pm, launch at 7.30 and you're more than welcome to attend...... Apr 14 ... Oh Yeah, the guestbook - nothing to do with me - no real problem, just keep on clicking on 'yes' or 'no' or 'view certificate' or whatever the feic you want to click on - it does no harm - unlike the comment from Sir Norman who would dare suggest I was spotted power walking on the Tay Road.  By car - probably.  Walking - possibly.  Power walking - go way and feic off !!!!! I was just gearing up for Johnny Fean's gig on Saturday night... .....Good to see newhousebuyer DJ Spoons back on the island again, though disappointed to hear that he doesn't receive TG4 in the .ru domain ...............  Having been confined to quarters recently and missing the NightOwls most recent revival I can honestly say that last week's gig, by all accounts, was, if possible, better than all previous ones - now if that don't bate Banagher ....................  Oh Yeah, nearly forgot - due to some religious festival the pubs are closed on today, Friday, but will resurrect themselves again on Saturday, aren't we lucky ????  Then on Sunday we pass around chocolate eggs - this religion crack is great,  in't it - the next thing we'll be doing is pouring cold water on the heads of two week old babies (provided they're not born outside of wedlock).  And so ends this week's rant ...... stay tuned for more waffle ..................... And roll on Johnny Fean ........... I'm only guessing but the gig should look something like this;  King Of The Fairies, Black Magic Woman, Fantasia, Power & The Glory, You Really Got Me, Johnny's Wedding, Shakin' All Over, Trouble with a capital T, Rakish Paddy/Silver Spear, Dingle Regatta, Crossroads, Further On Up The Road, Honkytonk Woman, Keep On Running,  Matrons Apron/High Reel, St. Anne's, Rambling On My Mind, Sword Of Light, Dearg Doom, Trouble.... Apr 17 .... Johnny Fean was impressive on Saturday night - more or less stuck to the programme above but Trouble and Ramblin' on my mind were outstanding.

Apr 18 .... Today we remember our dear friend Doggie - two years on and the loss is still hard to accept.  There's a launch from the pier at 7.30 for a mass at 8 in Haulbowline - all welcome.  Apr 19 .... It's never hard to relate heartfelt stories of departed friends and last night was no exception......

Apr 21
.....  My application to the editorial section of the Times never got beyond the typesetter, thankfully, and sometimes I find myself looking for words to amuse the likes of yourself.  A lot of the time, I drag it from the counter of the bar, more often I drag it from unsolicited quotes from the bar staff and their clientele, sometimes I drag it from the musicians who play on the premises (not too often, though!) - and more often than not I just invent the shaggin' thing (it being formed in my mind after a langer load of Guinness), - sometimes I look back over the last pieces that were uploaded, (to refresh the space 'tween my ears)  - then I really get depressed !!!!!  Sometimes I'm as clear as a video in Jim Barry's surgery (perish the thought!!).  Anyway, before I get too glum, a huge sporting weekend ahead - the British Touring Car Championship in Mondello, the Grand Prix, the rugby match, the London derby and the show jumping in Watergrasshill - pheeeeeewww!!!!  And you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own armchair for all of these ('cept Watergrasshill!).  And, just to finish off, the all new decoration, re-painting, restructuring and re-shelving of the off licence on Toppa de hill would have nuttin to do with the trailer load of plonk on a trailer from France - would it ???  Apr 26 .....  After the excitement of the Munster match the quest for tickets and beds begins in earnest .... The Donk was well represented by Mully & Queallers on telly in the Q/F and last Sunday 'twas the turn of Ted & Catherine Mc - the book is now open on who'll make the final ....  Apr 27 ... In the highly unlikely event of Olga not having told ye, a raffle, in aid of CABAS, is being held with the prize being a trip for two (with tickets, flights and transfers included) to the rugby final on May 20th. Tickets are 20 yoyos and available from Olga and other usual outlets. ...  May 01 .... Another month gone.  Fair dues to Pirates on deservedly capturing the Munster Junior Cup with a very late penalty against Cork Con.  There's a full report here if that's what tickles your fancy.  I hear Lichie was still celebrating his 51st at Musgrave Park yesterday ........  May 09 ..... Did a bit of a Bowler tonight (this morning!) and came home sans key to the front door - luckily my wife's mobile was still working and the poor dear was able to facilitate me by leaving me in ..... A bon voyage to young Finnybogs & Paula who head off on a Mediterranean cruise today - I believe the seasick tablets are plentiful as Finnybogs has never travelled further than Haulbowline, - we're expecting to catch up with them in Barçelona next Monday, if I live that long! .....    Anyway, roll on Emilio, Paddy the Farmers,  Bei Pepe's and Circuit de Catalunya and I'll see ye next week (ish).......  May 22 .... Am trying to get back to normal - had a busy week so if you bear with me I'll update in the next few days and even include a few pics of a couple of sporting occasions that occurred recently.  I'll probably not mention the 16 early morning texts, though....  May 23 .. Had full intentions of updating the page tonight but went for a pint instead.  Must pass on our best wishes and heartiest congratulations to Sinead Kiely (nee O Donnell) on giving birth to twin girls today - I won't mention their healthy weight but suffice to say they're quite capable of sinking a pint or two with the like of me or you!!  Congrats to both parents and may they bring nothing but years of happiness (wishful thinking, I know!).  Walked into the bar tonight and it looked like an episode of ER with Francois la Peche on crutches havin' busted his leg and the, now, silent clock writing notes and giggling at the Peche's misfortune.  I tried to get a few pics together tonight of Barca, the CABAS draw and the trip to the 'closed encounter' but didn't manage it - however I will over the coming days...  May 25 ..... James Hayes has another little programme on BBC next Monday night at 7 o clock entitled 'Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail', Hammond being the amusing little fellow on Top Gear, not the annoying big knowitall bollix.  Have managed to start putting a few pictures up - starting with the match last weekend, just click on the pictures link on the left..  Hopefully I'll get around to putting more up over the weekend, but don't hold your breadth - thanks to Olga for supplying the Munster and CABAS pics...  May 30 ..  Missed Thomas' Communion party last Saturday where, I am led to believe, copious amounts of love potion No. 9 were had by a well known couple .......  Have further updated the picture links - have one or two more to go up, including a certain young lady with her Tupperware box and ham sandwiches!!!  .....June 03 .....  Good to see young Mikey back again.  Have put a few more pics up, including the Tupperware one, 'specially for Nikki.....June 11  ... Plenty of musical happenings over the weekend - the Cobh Maritime Song Festival played to healthy audiences all weekend including lunchtime today in the Donk.  The Cork Rocks for Rory gigs were supported by a thinner than usual crew who, nevertheless, were treated to another magical night including a mighty set from German band Brute Force and Ignorance who had in their line up one excellent bassist.   Lichie heads to Lanzarote to try and get a Guinness free week's break.  And Motty brings a bird into the house while Olga drooling over Robbie Williams ....June 15  ... Not sure if Freddie White is in the Paddocks or not next week as it looks to be cancelled - pity about that.  Young Tony, or Jayo as he's more widely known, begins the long trip home today after four years in Cobh - though I'd say he'll find the 40,000,000 million habitants of his hometown Beijing a bit more of a handful than the Cobhies.  Safe home Jayo.  I've added a few more pics for the music bits - might even get one of the cranky plumber soon and the talking clock doing Silent Night!!! ..June 28  .. Congrats to young Mikey who dressed up in the gown last week to receive the parchment from Dundee Uni, the landlord and lady looking resplendent also, I'm sure.  Plenty of music around at the mo' - young Bob Dylan played the Marquee in Cork over the weekend while the just as young Roger Waters plays there tomorrow night - managed to justabout get a ticket for that one, thanks be to Danny.  And J90 play your local rugby club over the weekend in the middle of a full music weekend .June 30  ... Were you at Roger Waters last night? No words needed - what a gig - personally, at this moment, can't remember a better one .................   Rumour has it that a Donkey Karting Grand Prix will take place on Tuesday Aug 22nd - part of our nodrinknodrive campaign - is this the night Tommy will wreak his revenge for his Catalunyan annihilation at the hands of the BFF or will Paul & the Barb make full use of their experience on the Blanes track and wreak havoc on the 'tarmac experts'? .  and on a totally unrelated subject, Queva takes over the Meade household and Brazil are still going to win .... July 03 ... Forgot to mention the impromptu bbq last Friday when Corey came with the meat, Johnny Huds with the onions and chef Noel the expertise - 'twas like the loaves and the fishes without the fish ........ July 05 ...  Finny bogs tell me that a total of Euro4341.05 was recently raised over Lollipop Day(s).  A mighty well done to all and especially to the clientele who raised over a quarter of the total amount.  Further details at end of page... July 10 .... A couple of surprises the other night when Tommy turned up in the Paddocks with Lichie only to be followed by the slightly inebriated person.  Motty turned up clean shaven.  The same venue sees an eight piece Pogues cover band on Sat 22nd - sounds interesting ...... July 15 03.35 ... Mmmm ... Mighty session again tonight by the Night Owls ... All the comments I've said about them over the years have left me with no words to describe them tonight, though dogs and bollox do come to mind ..... at the suggestion of our esteemed landlord we have decided to run a 'pic(k) of the week' - this can be viewed by clicking on the pictures link on the left and then clicking on the 'pic of the week' link - if that doesn't work it's because I fell asleep and blah blah blah feic off .....  Oh yeah, I must put the pic up and so on and so forth ..... Oh yeah, again, - there was a couple of zombies in last week from the 'visiting' yankee ship - seemingly they heard that there was 'weppons uf meas destruckshun' planted in the Donk - 'cept Carol was at home that night ....... July 18 .... The pic of the week seems to have gotten off to a flying start - will be interesting to see if I can haul something out of the archives ....... July 22 ... Young Corey had a little spread last evening to raise some funds for a charitable stroll he'll be soon undertaking, alas I was unable to be present.  However I did manage to update the pic of the week ....... July 23 03.59 ..... Jeez - misbehavin again tonight biys - a mighty band in the Paddocks earlier - Pogues tribute band, in all fairness they managed to capture the early spirit of Shane and de boys - they have a website (I've been there, saw it, downloaded the MP3s but can't remember the exact address - sumptin' like Pogues tribute .com - as soon as I remember I'll put the right link up) - their official title is 'The Bhoys from Hell', and well worth a visit from any Pogues (or wannabee Pogues) fan !!!! ... Very sorry to miss the BBQ yesterday but am even more sorrier to miss the embarrassing scoring attempt made on Mundy last Wednesday night by a certain person , but shall remain nameless - though she is from abroad.  Alas I was in the capital that night and missed a brilliant gig in Sirius but managed to get the second night on Thursday night and, guess what, that was f***in brill too - mundy dot ie for all the sca ..... Speakin' of sca - has the Scall a cunning plan on the move? - Seeing that it's late on a Sunday mornin' (04.18 now, like) I had better take my leave.  .... July 23 ...Oops!!... July 26 ... As part of the Sad Towns of Ireland Tour, Hovercraft Productions proudly present Cecil B O Flaherty (The Performing Poet) .  More details here.  Tuesday Aug 08 to Thursday Aug 10 @ 9 o clock - in aid of The Barretstown Project... July 29 .. The west is awake this weekend as young Billy Mc and entourage descend upon Bantry to spend a wee bit of R & R before taking the vows.  Alas couldn't make it as I'm going to the dogs, though some would say I've been there for a while.  And, believe it or not, the pic of the week has been updated again - three weeks in a row (mind you, I can't see this level of dedication lasting).  Seeing that Lichie was getting a bit agitated waiting for it I've put one that should interest him!!!!.... .. Aug 01 .... EXCLUSIVE .. Cecil B O Flaherty will be launching his book, 'A Broken Pier on the Wavy Sea', and will be available, live and in person, to sign copies after the performances next week.  Definitely not to be missed!   .. Aug 05 .. Pic of the week updated.  Don't forget the best of pub drama during the week.  And a hello to Dave Dagley, sorry I missed you, again... Aug 08 .... Three days ago we lost a brilliant, friendly, lovable, unrelenting, strong,  heart wrenching, adorable person.  Rest easy and goodnight, Roseann - from the most stubborn asshole you ever met - XXX... .. Aug 10 .... The final performance tonight of Cecil B O Flaherty's poems provided a great night's entertainment.  Having witnessed the opening night (albeit a tad inebriated), bought the programme, heckled the actors and contributed to the cause I found tonight's version well tightened up and, with a far more appreciative and interactive participation from the onlookers, to be well improved from the opening night. (I would like to apologise for the use of the above words, but it being my first theatre review I thought it would look the part if I used some nice words like entertainment, appreciative and interactive - unfamiliar as they may be) .... Aug 11 .....  On a more serious(!) note fair bowls to Scall, Tony, Cormy and the two young ones for concocting and donating their time to three very enjoyable nights .... The real bad news is that I had a camera with me tonight and the pics should be up over the weekend (get your bribes in quick afore it's too late).... Two good comments overheard tonight - says Barry to La Peche "do they sell smoked salmon in tins?" ....... The other one goes back a week or so - says Micka to Edmond "Mundy, meet Smondy - Smondy this is Mundy" .....  And special greetings to all in NC, glad to see you keep abreast of things in the barony of Ticknock - ah yes, the good ol' days when there was real festivals and you could pick and pluck away with Fast Eddie - a big hello to PeeHead, Kay Bob, the mighty Mr Shuffler, Tom & Penny, TP & Kristie, Milan & Melanie, Mike Reno Harrell and Goknowswhoelse - 2004 was yonks ago, ........ Finally, Scotland beware - Lichie is on the way - you have been warned!!!! ..... Definitely finally, the Donkey Grand Prix takes place on Monday week next, the 21st, bobs in by Sunday or else you don't go - and be prepared for a non stop 35 minute race - not for any liver lillied little chickenshit wusses ... and definitely definitely finally, anyone see Olga on telly the other night - should Grainne Seoige be worried???  I keep forgetting Frankie Burke, until he comes home - welcome home, again, biy .... Aug 12 ..... A big happy 21st to Ootie - sorry I'll miss the celebrations.  I've attempted to do something different with Pic of the week this week.  It may not work - if it doesn't I can't fix it until tomorrow.  Pics are up from the events during the week. .... Aug 13 .. Well the pic of the week worked, but I would advise broadband as it's over 4MB.  ... Don't forget the Donkey Grand Prix on Monday week - have the deposit in for tonight.  Clerk of the Course is Tommy.  Next Friday night there is a fundraiser in Pirates for Marymount Hospice - music is by Us2, the U2 cover band, and CC is 7 yoyos.  Your support would be more than welcome.... Aug 16 ..... The Monday night 'Happy Hour' received a warm welcome when the landlord was offering Jack Daniels for the princely sum of Euro2.82 and Father Tom prepares for the exorcism.  Looks like a full house for next Monday's Grand Prix, cunning plans and all that!!!!! And Nev is back. .. Aug 17 .. We must say a bon voyage to Billy Mc & Susan who are emigrating on Saturday to the land of wedlock - best wishes for a long and happy life ...... Don't forget to support the fundraiser for Marymount Hospice on Friday night in the Paddocks. ...Aug 19 .. Nice crowd last night for the Marymount fundraiser. Got there late, but not too late - well done to all involved, including the cleavage crew.  Artist in residence, Hank McCarthy, begun his weekly 'paint-in' session yesterday attempting to portray Broc - as Bobby said 'how do ya paint a cabbage?'.  Pic of the week is update again, I surpass myself.  This week's pic is from the O Rourke archive .....  Sinead O Donnell has a solo exhibition coming up in Shanagarry at the start of Sep - more details soon.  And a quick warning of a forthcoming superb gig in Sirius next month featuring Peter Mulvey - this superb guitarist is undertaking a wee tour of the country and plays Cobh City before heading back to the states.  More on that soon, but tickets are available from Sirius now. ...Aug 24 ..  Have managed to put the pics from the GP up.  Some fierce racing on the night - Tommy managed to lap everyone to take a deserved win from Danny Mac while young Shane O Brien (the little bollix) pipped yours truly at the chequered flag to take third, by 0.04 of a second, after I had managed to hold a top three position from the start.  Chef Bowler had a feast prepared on our return to cap a mighty night.  Looks like an annual event ...... Mind you, the level of excuses afterwards were fairly patethic - mention must go to young Aideen who put on a mighty display, Barbara (who must have been practicing since Barca), Gordie who managed a top six position and Bertie claiming a top ten position despite two time consuming spins.  We won't mention the Pipe - alright, we will - he was bleedin' brutal and was sentenced to watch the Rose of Tralee for his efforts.. Aug 25 .. Full report on the karting night now available here ...... Aug 26 ....  Yeah, I know - Aug 26 and all that ..... While I think about it put 08th December in your diary - that's the night of Ticksgiving, so make sure your office Christmas party doesn't clash .... Seeing that there's a tag team tournament in Pirates later today,  please make sure that the ol' pig is ok .....  Rock on the big big five Oh oh ......... The cleavage crew have manage to raise just under 1100 yoyos from the night in Pirates last week - well done everyone, well done ............ Freddie White is in Sirius next Thursday - the same night sees a night at the dogs in aid of the Finbarr Dorgan Trust .... Aug 29 .. .. Normality slowly returns.  My thanks to all who made last Saturday night the super night it was - the pig was mighty, the Night Owls were amazing and the crowd up there were fairly on the ball as well.  Sunday saw a continuation of the night before and a second helping of pig was eagerly scoffed .Will put pics up soon, though I have managed to update the 'pic of the week'... Sep 03 .. ..  After last week's stage presence, Tommy heads for Plymouth for a few days R & R while Lichie goes to the Old Rue.   Freddie White was on form last Thursday in Sirius - along with some old favourites he has now added some Radiohead, Lizzy and Nils Lofgren to the show.  Next Weds week, the 13th, sees he excellent Peter Mulvey play - check for some download - another one not to be missed.  If in the Shanagarry area over the coming fortnight, drop in to Stephen Pearce's gallery to see a fine exhibition by Sinead Kiely - a lovely setting for some lovely photographs by Sinead.  Good to see DJ Spoons at home for a while. And the Cidona worked...... Sep 08 .. ..  One month already ... Huds was complaining tonight that not enough regular updates were being recorded on the website  ... Reply was two words, two syllables, second word was off, first word rhymed with buck - do ya get my drift ?????  NEWSFLASH ... I've just seen the news and note that the well known BFF, Mary Harney, has resigned her position as leader of the PDs with immediate effect ...... Needless to say the other BFF, Generalstabsoffizier Micky McDowell, has described your wan as the 'as the most outstanding employment minister in Western Europe' (seeing that we are the country in Western Europe, that wouldn't be to feicin hard for her, would it?).  Anyway, back to more mundane matters ... I was surprised to see the landlord and lady present tonight as the landlord had stated, earlier in the week, that he was looking forward to flying out today to a more sunny climate.  Alas, no one had bothered to look at the tickets and note that the flight don't leave 'til Sunday ..... Mr & Mrs McMurtry have returned from their Italian sojourn and, in all fairness to Billy & Susan, they didn't change a bit .... Karting anyone ??? howzabout next Thursday ???.. Sep 09 .. .. Jayz, there they were all packed and ready to go ..... what's the chance of a new set of wheels when they return??? The artist formally known as Patrick completed no. 3 of 8 yesterday - rumour has it that next week's poser is Barry with Precision .... Sep 13 .. .. Don't forget Peter Mulvey at Sirius tonight - a rare chance to see an excellent guitarist in the locale ..... Sep 15 .. ..  Another mighty fine gig in Sirius saw Peter Mulvey deliver a display of damn good guitar playing - I know I'm biased, but credit where credit's due and Sirius continue to attract some bloddy good musicians to Cobh, and long may it last ..... Some of the crew went karting in Watergrasshill last night - one particular 'driver' thought he was going golfing in Water Rock House but we'll say no more 'bout that - mind you, the same driver finished in third (I think) - modesty prevents me from saying who actually won the event AND had the fastest lap(s) but Tommy was second!!!..... Speaking to young Mikey who relates all good news from the holiday resort where the landlord and lady are currently sojourning - glad to hear the weather is good, we expect a colourful return!!!!...  Just a reminder to say that Sinead Kiely's first solo exhibit finishes this weekend in Stephen Pearce's place in Shanagarry - rumour has it that more than a third of the pieces had sold by last Sunday so you better get down there by Sunday before they's all gone .... a big happy 30th to Joanne Buckley - Jeez, that's scary as Jo was a classmate of my eldest daughter when they was going to skool together ......................... Jeez us ............. Did I mention Finnybogs karting, or Aimee, or Johnny Huds, Alan, Bert agus a mhac, Paul & Barbs, and the other three??? ..... You can call it what you want ............ Sep 17 .. ..  A weekend of parties with Buck's daughter, Joanne's, on Friday and the traditional Oktoberfest in Glenmore last night - I have one or two pics from that night to go up during the week - for a change, 'twas bright and me gettin' home this morning ........... Sep 19 .. ..  The Oktoberfest pics should here by now.  I know they were some taken in the house of Bucks on Friday but we will have to wait and see if they're presentable !!!!.  Good to see the landlord and lady back after the break ....... Sep 23 .. Good ol' H & H was on top form last night, looking for intimate holiday details from the landlady....  Any truth in the rumour of a drop in sales of firemen's uniforms in Anne Summers shops???  This week's pic of the week features a rather disinterested Bowler and a few ol' rockers ..... Heading to Damian Dempsey gig tonight in Sirius and on Friday Oct 25th The Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition (support Kevin & Ger Gill Band) make an appearance at the same venue - not to be missed either..  Going off for a week tomorrow so see ye next week, probably just in time for the Tick Twinning gentlemen's tour!!!!!      later...    Damian Dempsey gave one of the finest gigs I ever witnessed at Sirius - powerful and vibrant with an excellent backing band and lively audience.......... Oct 01 .. ..  Back to normal, kinda.  Maybe tomorrow... Oct 02 ... .. Pirates site is now looking spanking new and regularly updated.  Catch all the news at ...  Oct 03 .. .. Had a great experience last week.  On hols and went to a place called Mullens in Lagos (Portugal not South Africa!), run by a couple of Scots.  Went up to the bar and noticed a Guinness tap, so says I to the barman " What's the Guinness like?".  "It is a black a beer", says he.  "Jaysus, I know that like, but what does it taste like?".  "Don't know", says he, but I decided to try it anyway.  The wife says to him "Do you do cocktails?" only to be met with a scowl worse than asking Micka for a hot whiskey on a summer's day.  "I won't bother with a cocktail, so" says she, "gis a Baileys instead".  "No problem" says your man and off he goes to get the Baileys.  Alas, less than a toothful remains in the bottle, so he goes to remonstrate with the chef (cum owner) - the chef then comes from the kitchen to berate his bro, sitting at the bar, for not getting Baileys that morning while stocking the bar.  The bro promptly tells him where to go as chef hadn't texted him to remind him of the Baileys.  Meanwhile, said barman presents dear wife with the less than toothful remains of the bottle, graciously offering it on the house, but it evaporates before it can be drunk!  He quickly runs down the road, to another bar, and promptly returns with a fresh bottle and proudly pours a generous drop into the glass and we get three euros change from a tenner, not bad says you.  We ask him for a table for grub and he plonks a 'reserved' sign nearby.  He passes us a photocopy of a handwritten menu and advises us that the sirloin is off the menu as all the Brits have eaten what they had in the kitchen.  However they did have a 'fillet straight from the bullring' or their speciality 'beef Mozambique'.  We called another round of Guinness & Baileys and upon paying found out they had run out of change (!!!), but we could throw the drinks on the food bill - no prob says I.  Sat down for the meal and having finished the starters, over comes on of the bros saying "The chef has told me that he has only two stringy bits of fillet left and he wouldn't give them to anyone - would you like to order something else?".  Now as it turns out, I had intended to order a stone roast sea bass instead of the fillet so changing actually suited me.  Any way to make a long story even more boring, we had a delicious meal (chef even came to our table to ensure all was ok), a nice house wine and finished with a double espresso - no room for the dessert.  Went to pay for it only to be charged a ridiculous twenty nine Euros for the grub and another twenty for all the drink.  Took out the ol' credit card and, guess what, they don't take credit cards!  We went back later on in the night as it stays open as a bar 'til 4 a.m. and the place was hoppin' with good music in the background (anytime I hear Tom Waits in future, I'll think of that place!).  One of the best nights we had and if you're ever in the neighbourhood make sure to drop in for a 'different' night out (or maybe not that different!!)...  Oct 04 .. Seeing that I've bored half of ye with some of my exploits last week ye can return the compliment on the forthcoming TickTwinning tour, provisionally set for Nov 11th.  No confirmation of the venue yet from Lichie, but I'm sure it will be up to his usual standards, whatever they may be.  Sir John Davington was the poser last Friday, Barry suggested two sheets to ensure all his portly frame was captured.  We wait with bated breadth for Spoons' Drive Time CD.  The new guestbook is up and running, or it should be, so da hurler and Lichie should have something to amuse themselves with now... .  Oct 05 .. Alas, the Rory Gallagher Christmas bash, set for Saturday Dec 9th, has been cancelled this year.  However, Ticksgiving on Friday 8th is still going ahead.  Matt Lumson returns to Sirius on Saturday night - having recently supported Mundy in the same venue....  Oct 08 .. Missed Eileen's do on Friday - a belated happy birthday - suffice to say we won't mention what birthday it was but she's ten years younger than me ...I'm running out of pics of the week, so if anyone has anything they can 'lend' to me please do so.  Meanwhile the Baz leaves Pfizer's as Mrs C makes the sambos and sausages .....  Oct 11 .. Triskel in Cork have a Rory Gallagher exhibition running for the next few weeks - not to be missed.  Neither is The 4 of Us who play the Heritage Centre in November - this gig run by Sirius and tickets available now ..... Got a text today from Finnybogs, who's on a peace mission in Vietnam at the mo.  Last heard of she was riding an elephant and gettin' her body bitten all over - too scary for me.  Hello Liam - any good coups lately???  Speaking of those abroad, Cory was doin' a bit of baking on the Great Wall recently.  Still waiting for the official announcement from Lichie ref the TickTwinning tour .........  Oct 12 .. .. News from the front is not all good - not content with crossing the bridge on the river Kwai or crouching with tigers our war correspondent in Vietnam has suffered a sprained ankle having fallen off the elephant, I kid you not. 'Nuff said.  Speaking of Crouch, rumour has it that the North Carolinars may be back in the country next July or so.  Now, that's something to look forward to...  Oct 15 ..  OK Joods - it's up now, at long last.  Story of the week relates to a certain, well known and loved bass player who suffered his first fracture onstage after years of injury free appearances.  Seemingly, no drink was involved as a fine hefty speaker took a wee tumble and fell on said bass player's little toe causing insufferable pain - no permanent damage is expected.  See pic of the week for Oct 14 for exclusive photo.......  Oct 22 .. . Warmest congratulations to Fernando on completing two in a row ..... And even warmer congratulations to Manfred who is nearly seventy and who held a little soiree on Friday to mark the occasion.  Good to see Finnybogs just making it back in time (for the last round!!), plastered ankle an' all.  Friday night next sees the Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition (link here) play Sirius -  a further treat on the night is the support act, Kevin & Ger Gill - no strangers to the Donk themselves.  The 4 of Us are due a fortnight after that with tickets available from Sirius or the Heritage Centre for that one.  A brief reminder that Ticktwinning takes place soon - Lichie is taking the money ..........  Oct 25 .... Am finally after going broadband at home and treated myself to a new PC into the bargain - so effin' what you might say!  Well there may be a slight problem as when I go to upload this there is a possibility that all may be lost - however if you're reading this you will know all is fine and dandy.  So here goes and all digits are crossed.  Oh and by the way, don't forget some real, genuine bluegrass this Friday evening at Sirius - if they make it down from Galway in one piece !!!!.....  Oct 28 .. First of all a big well done to Sirius for supplying another great night of music, this time with the Annapolis Bluegrass Coalition from Maryland ( and also the Kevin & Geraldine Gill band from Cork, like) - where would you get it!!!!!  Between now and Christmas there is Paul Tiernan (here), Mary McPartlan (see what BBC says here), Roesy (here), The 4 of Us (here) and the now annual sell out with local songsters Trio.  Now if that ain't catering for all tastes than you can KMBFA.  Unconfirmed reports last night makes mention of two virgins making the Ticktwinning Tour - who are the two, though?  Fairly busy last night what with the annual fishing competition for Doggie's trophy, not sure who was victorious here but I'm sure someone has a pic somewhere.  Part 2 of the Allister wedding was also evident.  Speaking of weddings, rumour has it that handbags on Red Square is the new thing now - isn't that right Micka????  More music as the jazz fest is in Cork (they can have it!) - if you are heading up try to get to Waxy's in Marlboro Street all weekend at 5pm for a great young band called The Deans and the Dan Clan in the Met on Sunday at 1 pm.  Oh and, by the way, Nigel Kennedy cancelled the Everyman gig as he has busted his arm - all together now .............. awwwww (serious, like).... Mind you the Paddocks has good live music over the weekend in the form of Loudest Whisper tonight and The Wilful on Sunday - bates jazz anyday...  more ..... The pic of the week is an exclusive picture taken in Vietnam just before our beloved Finnybogs had a terrible and unfortunate accident - apologies for the gruesome detail but it just goes to show that riding an elephant is a serious business and should only be undertaken by experienced and competent persons!!!!!!!.....  Oct 30  .. Headed for the Pirates tonight to see The Wilful -  very enjoyable with them playing everything from Greenday to Kaiser Chiefs to Dusty Springfield.  Good ol' Tony is settling back in China and has bought a pub, the name of which I can't remember but it'll come back to me.  have got some pics that I must put up during the week of his last night in the Donk ...!!!!!.....  Nov 02  .. Good to see that the webpage word continues to be spread - this time it's on The 4 of Us' website where a certain 'Eoin Hally' promises to buy a pint for anyone who will be at the gig on Saturday.  There may be only a few tickets left, but surely this promise will only entice the masses to a sellout.  Reports on the current tour are massive, so expect Saturday's gig to be a stormer.  Speaking of tours - the Ticktwinning Cultural tour is nearly upon us, don't fear the reaper!!! ......... Hey Jackie Carlos - Carmel Owens says hello, like.  TallPaul has a lovely little clip on YouTube here with a nice version of a Lyle Lovett ditty - it grows on you !!!.!!!.  Nov 04  .. Roight biys, for a starter The 4 of Us are going to play a gig and a half tonight - O K ?  As for last night - we'll try and start from the beginning.  But before we do a big welcome back to Anne Marie Davs who has spent the last 6 months or so in Vietnam, or was it Surinam or Kahzikstan - 'twas sumptin ending with am (or was it Thailand?)...... and leaving our shores is young DJ Spoons who's also heading back to sumptin' ending with 'am next Wednesday - or maybe it's just Russia.  Anyway only a few places left for next week's cultural tour - Lichie has all the info, or so he thinks  Changing the subject, again, seemingly
Chlamydia is the most popular sexually transmitted infection - you may wonder why this subject is broached - simple reason being a poster has been placed in the gents advising of same (bring back the condom machine, I say).  Any more witty tales about the 2hp glider????  Johnny Gilley, jeez for a while there I thought he was going to sing ......  Anyway with the new PC I have found a way of reducing the size of video clips - this is, obviously, of huge interest to the sole person who is interested in watching the said clip/s - yearahh that's a job for tomorrow or the day after .... and as for the goujas ......... Oh yeah - I promised I wouldn't mention the boots ......  Nov 08  .. As some of ye have obviously gathered the pic of the week is a video - it's just over 1MB so it shouldn't take long to download - alas quality is surrendered for quantity, such is experimentation.  Anyhows, The 4 of Us were quite good last Saturday - nice change of venue also.  Clon gears up for the Donk's Historical & Cultural outing - yip-feicin-ee......  Nov 09  .. me sees there's a band called 'Loaded' in the Paddocks tomorrow (Friday) night - I know there's a comment there somewhere, but I just can't seem to get it out.....  Nov 11  ... There's a fairly good chance that no update will be evident over the coming days (what's new says you!) - so we won't mention Johndav's birthday, the Bowler's wedding in engerland, de wan hoo haz a ting about de covee peepel (phuker - just flashyourtits!), and c'mon Padgeen - 'twill be greattttt   ....  Didn't we have a luvely time the day(s) we went to ............ later .... sorry about the pic of the week this week but I've a bus to catch for the prima-tour evacuation .......  Nov 13 earlyish ...... . Home safe & sound - had to leave the virgin on his own in the Donk - was a batin' doggie biy.  For the first time in 27 years a camera was allowed on the tour - needless to say this website has managed to get hold of this material and exclusive photographs of the said tour will be available online from tonight, or maybe Wednesday night - depends on the form, like. ...... I have managed to put one up - the presentation of the 'Man of the match' Award - a new initiative to award the most illustrious participant of the weekend.  Sometime soon, I'll getaround to explaining all this, but suffice to say the award was well merited - pic is in the Pictures link ...  And what about Gerard Detan (pronounced Jherrard Deu Dtan) .... now there's a good one .......  Nov 15..... .... Normality begins to return, just about.  Have managed to upload the pictorial highlights of the weekend - please enjoy at your leisure.  Ran out of pics for 'Pic of the Week' last Saturday - hence Keef.  Speaking of music, The Lollygaggers play Paddocks on Friday night - expect anything form the Chillis, The Clash, Radiohead and the likes.  Earlier at Sirius you'll be able to catch the excellent Paul Tiernan ........  Nov 18..... jeez - the weightwatchers class was tough going tonight ..........  Nov 25..... Got a late night (early mornin'!), text from Mr Skall notifying me of 'The Dream's Dream' in Hawlbowline next Wednesday evening at 8, the launch at 7.30.  The play has qualified for the All ireland finals to be held in Tyrone next weekend.  With Cecil B O Flaherty also on the bill this will be the final performance for the Hawlbowly-wowly people.  I believe the theme to be 'Celtic Tiger = crock of sh*t' - sounds promising.  If that doesn't rock your boat (!), you can always try the paddocks tonight for the Stylianas - haven't a clue, before you ask but seemingly do a bit of Lizzy, Chillis, Rory and so on.  On a different music level, took possession during the week of two lovely CDs from Ticknock Studios in North Carolina.  'Good ole boys like me' and 'The Lights of Home' are the third and fourth in a series of CDs from the Caldwell County traditional musicians showcase produced by good ol' Peehead Crouch and features himself KayBob and Ron along with a host of local musicians (including Milan Miller) and a vast array of self penned songs and a few covers from the likes of Karla Bonhoff, Hank Williams, Bill Monroe, Willie Nelson, Gillian Welch and even Ian Anderson (yes, that Ian Anderson).  Available from the Strictly, Clean & Decent site (here) or I'm sure PeeHead will have a few with him next summer.  And lastly, and with nothing whatsoever to do with music at all, good to hear that old Johnny Gilley is over the op with no damage whatsoever being inflicted on his dulcet tones.  Rumour has it that he was allowed out early when the hospital staff saw one of his visitors bringing in a guitar for him - doctors immediately signed his release forms, for the benefit of the other patients, before he could get a note out, allegedly.  Good man, Johnny........  Nov 26..... I've put up some pics of Jayo's farewell evening - have been meaning to do it for a while and JC sent the pics to me yonks ago.  Hope all is well in Chen Du......  Nov 28..... Don't forget Wednesday evening in Hawlbowline - 'The Dream's Dream' with special appearance by the wonderful Cecil B O Flaherty, a sad poet.  Launch at 7.30 from pier for an 8 o clock start.  last chance before the All Irelands..  Nov 29..... Two important dates for your diary - the annual Ticksgiving takes place on Friday December 8th - all donations will be more than welcome.  As usual, a wrapped child's gift will suffice while any monies raised will head to The Barretstown Project.  The night after is Broc's birthday in the Paddocks - now that's one to look forward to.... OOPS - just been told that this is a surprise, so don't tell him like.  Not my fault like - 'twas the spouse asked me to mention it.  Happy now, Olg???..  Dec 04..... This Friday don't forget the annual Ticksgiving - monies raised will go to Barretstown while all gifts will go to local children - if you can't make it, please ensure you give the gift into the bar - you've always been mighty generous and trust you can be so this year also.  Music by the Nightowls, as usual reforming 'specially for the night.  And I'm sure the Cleavage Crew will be out in force .......... And a very well done to Scall and the Hawlbowline Theatre group on their fine 3rd place at the All-Ireland One Act finals in Carrickmore, Co Tyrone, over the weekend.  Maith a' fear, Scall, maith a' fear..  Dec 07..... TICKSGIVING - don't forget folks - Friday evening - Night Owls - bring loadsa pressies - one night and one night only - we're depending on your endless generosity .....  Dec 11....... Well Friday night turned out to be another successful little evening - alas I couldn't make it but Lichie tells me that the generosity was at its usual high.  Saturday night saw Broc's do in the Paddocks - a few pictures are up, can't remember taking most of them.  Olga's sent some as well, so I'll put a few more up in the coming days. 

On a more sombre note, we'll remember Michael John Donovan - I suppose it's only fitting that we should do so with some words of his own from 'Falling';

'I was never evil,
I never betrayed another,
I have sinned
Only through innocence.

I am poised now,
Like a bird about to take flight,
Yearning to be touched,
By an invisible sky.'

Little Book of Poems - Michael John Donovan 1998.  RIP.


.....  Dec 13....... Artist and musician Roesy is at Sirius on Friday night with Sabrina Dinan (currently doing some fine gigs with Freddie White & Albert Niland).  A not too bad way for most of us to edge into Christmas......  Dec 15....... Apologies for the eejits on top of the page, but it is the festive season an' all that.  Have put up a few more of Broc's pics.  And I better mention the Pirates Annual Treasure Hunt just after Christmas - Thursday 28th, I think.  Info on the Pirates page ......  Dec 16..... Over two grand was collected last Friday Ticksgiving for Barretstown while approx sixteen hundred euros worth of toys collected for local charities - well done everyone, well done.  I believe a well known local yachtsman and training instructor has some nifty photos of the evening - must try and borrow some. Party season officially begun last night - even the Yermans had one. Big match in the Pirates today, or is there?  Methinks someone told me 'twas off.  Good nights ahead in the Paddocks starting with the Wilful next Saturday night.  Did the Huds tell ya about JJ Cale's video???  Did the Huds tell ya about JJ Cale's video???...  Dec 19..... As promised, pictures of Ticksgiving 2006 are now available for your perusal, general enjoyment to provide the odd flashback.  Camera courtesy of Lichie - pics by various inebriated persons.  Just click on the pictures link and they're in there somewhere.  Hey hurler, didn't ya like me quiz??? - in any case I have another one ready for ya to start the New Year....  Dec 20..... For anyone interested in the real story of the Nativity it's available from here, well worth a listen like.  It's an MP3 download and broadband is advisable like.  Translations available on request....  Dec 25..... Nollaig Shona Dhaoibh, a scabhaitéir go léir...  Dec 26... Found - one cheap digital camera containing numerous private & personal photographs including some of an explicit nature.  All enquiries to the bar, please......  Dec 28.... Treasure Hunt in Pirates today.  More importantly the exchanging of vows between young John Davs daughter Emma and the love of her life, Alfonso Berduque - may they prosper for ever more.  Festivities in the Midleton Park.....  Dec 30.... Until next year, folks, enjoy yourselves and take care - wishing ye all the best for a good 2007.


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I would like to thank all the people of Great Island who so generously contributed to the Lollipop Day sales held in February on behalf of the Oesophageal Cancer Fund. The total amount made was Eur.4341.05 from the Cobh area. I would like to thank everyone who made this happen - Miskella's Super Valu; Keating's Londis; The Roaring Donkey; The River Room; The Video Port; N.C.O's mess and very importantly my friends who came out in force to help sell lollipops and fund-raise. This would not have happened without you.

The Oesophageal Cancer Fund was set up to raise awareness of the symptoms of this very lethal form of cancer. The funds support both the patients and families who become affected by this disease as well as a continued programme of scientific research.

Further information is available on
Fionnghuala Smith
Cobh Co-Ordinator O.C.F.