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2005 The Year of Culture, biy.

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Jan 01, 2005 ..... Happy new Yearah to all and best wishes for the coming year.  Not the same as previous years, was it? .... though the proper toasts were made in His honour.  
Hard to think that we have five years behind us serving up this drivel with stories of drunken debauchery, tales of wanton lust and worse ......... And seeing that it's the year of Culture have a look here to see how a well known Cork word has made the Collins English Dictionary .... Oh yeah, did I ever tell you about the night Mick & Liz made the headboard and the toeboard meet in Kilkenny....... Jan 08 ..... Today's the days, biys, culture comes to Cork, fireworks, dragons over Patricks Bridge and all live on the telly - the excitement is somethin' fierce .... Alas it clashes with the Pool 4 game at Thomond Park ...... I'll have to do another quiz to keep da hurler happy and so he might then stop sticking pins in the voodoo doll he has .... Jan 15 ... First fundraiser of the year is at Pirates on Sunday week, Jan 30, starting at five o clock.  Tickets go on sale at €5 with all monies raised going to Mary McLoughlin's GOAL fund.  With buddy buddy having committed 20% of the bar's takings it has got off to a good start and you can play your part by contributing also.  More details soon.... And what's wrong with a wobbly knobblie?.... Meanwhile a certain girl's new year resolution goes so far out the window, 'twill ne'er be heard of again - I'll just have one glass of wine, me arse ..... Oh and congratulations to the Salesman of the Century who travels across the pond on Wednesday to rub the noses of the hun in his wallowfication .... Jan 24 .....What's this I hear about the fella gettin' a free haircut without donating for the cause and ending up minus two eyebrows ...roiiiigggghhhhhh .... Don't forget next Sunday when the reformed Mankind and the, once again reformed, Nightowls are set for a rockin' evening at the Pirates club.  Tickets are now available from the Donkey, the Rob Roy, Kelly's and John Gilmore's.  It's a damn good cause and a good evening and even if you cannot make it then the tickets are only a fiver so you are expected to contribute.  All monies go to Mary McLoughlin's GOAL fund...... Jan 31 ......One month down already ........ The Friday tour reached a new venue as the crew attended the late night house of Lichie, a den of iniquity if ever there was one - copious amounts of the devil's liquid were had, so much so yours truly decided to go bushing it on the way home (or so I'm told!) have the bruises and cuts to show for it!! ... Speaking of tripping up, didya hear about a certin female who decided to take a wee bit of exercise on the treadmill on Saturday morning (following a good Friday night) only to find it doing 10 miles an hour while her legs could only manage 8mph .... We say a speedy recovery to the bould John Davs who is recovering after an op today in the Bons, return soon oh honourable large person ...... And a well done to Spenny and crew who managed to raise a mighty €2,000 last night in aid of Dr. Mary McLoughlin's GOAL fund ... Music aplenty in the Pirates including the return of the Crazy who doesn't have seemed to have lost any of his prowess on the tele, good to see you back Mick, you should do so more often ...... Don't forget lolloipop day folks, if you can help out in any way give
Fionnghuala a tinkle ....FEBRUARY 06 ....The Davs returns a bit sick and sore, but it's good to have him back.  Expect him at a venue near you soon ...... Meanwhile MTV's 'Pimp my Ride' comes to Top o' the Hill as a certain Renault heads for the paintshop to undergo a magical transformation - think bling bling, think German, think shithouse pilot, think VFI chairmen and county council chairmen ........Feb 10 .. Updated Oesophageal Cancer site now available here and don't forget Lollipop Day on the 25th & 26th .... Paul Tiernan & Interference play Sirius tomorrow night ......Feb 20 .. The Clarewoman celebrated another year older on Friday while another session begins out the back .... Some nice gigs coming up in Sirius including Mundy, Kieran Halpin and Nollaig Casey & Artyt McGlynn, see their webpage for mor info .... Don't forget next Friday and Saturday is Lollipop Day, if you're not around to help you can also donate thrpugh their website at ........MARCH 05.....Lollipop Day looks to have gone down very well with Finybogs and her army of collectors doing a job well done.... After last weekends rugby soakage this weelend has started on a more sedate affair with a nice little gig by Kieran Halpin in Sirius, good to see him back after a few years absence from Cobh ....... Tonight we brave the elements and head for Ballycotton to partake in another stag night for Le Peche, to be followed, no doubt, with smoked gibberish back in Churchtown South, how bad boys, how bad! ..... Fionnualagh tells us that €4,000 was raised recently during lollipop days.  Well done to all contributors and collectors ........Mar 12...... All set for Finnybogs retirement tonight - between stag nights and retirement parties a hectic schedule is in force at the moment.  Needless to say a mighty night was had by all in Churchtown South last saturday night, especially the naughty boys who purloined the fine bottle of Greg Norman Esates which contributed ripe rich mulberry and spice characters and fine velvety tannins  ........ Bad news of the week must be the impending sale of The Lobby Bar in cork where many a fine night of music was to be had over the last 17 years, what a shame ........ Another quiz on the way folks, this time a mega video table quiz in aid of Manfred's Chernobyl ambulances, your attendance is required.  Quiz will feature music clips, TV clips, music clips, film clips, music clips, a small bit of sport clips and some music clips thrown in for good measure.  Friday April 1st is the date, no it's not a Fool's Day joke.  Alas it clashes with the sold out Mundy gig in Sirius.  Kick off time will be about 9.30 and will consist of 6 rounds and over 100 clips ......Mar 17... And a happy St. Paddy's Day to you too ... It's good to see the customs spread all over the globe as this picture taken in Ticknock (North Carolina) shows - some people have all the luck - snow on Paddy's Day ..... I hear the bold Huds had 3/4 of a gallon last Sunday - a new personal best in the one sitting!!!!  Needless to say one fine evening was to be had last Saturday at the retirement do for young Finnybogs, so much so they had to remove the dancefloor to get rid of us .......Mar 24.... Thursday becomes a Friday, or should I say Friday becomes a Thursday, not alone are the pubs closed tomorrow but the Great Island will be without any electrical power until 5 in the afternoon, the whole island plunged into the stone age, again ....  Good Friday, I can get the Friday bit, not too sure on the Good part ..... anyway a mighty blast of songs tonight out the back with young James Hayes, young Jim Wilson, young Mottie, old John Davs and others belting out a thoroughly enjoyable evening's music for all in the attentive audience .... A quick reminder for next Friday's Table Quiz in aid of the Chernobyl Childrens Project, usual rules apply i.e. max 4 per table, questionmaster's (me) decision is final(ish), there may even be prizes, 9.30 pm kick off, 6 rounds with a total of 302 questions.  This video, yes video, quiz is 75% music, 25% films and 5% sport('specially for Mully) which all adds up to a better evening than you were expecting .... If you can't be there on the night, please contribute in any case, Ta very much .....Mar 26.... Severe shortage of crucification parties this year, wasn't there? ...Mar 28.... Don't forget to keep an eye out for John Spillane on next Friday's Late Late Show as he launches his new album, I know most of ye will be at the quiz but ye can set your videos ....... and a big hello to all the new 'friends' Tommy and myself made on our annual pilgrimage to West Cork for the rally .......Mar 31.... A last minute remindr folks, don't forget the video quiz on Friday night, all proceeds to Chernobyl Children's Project .......APRIL 02 ..... A good night seemed to be had by all at the First Annual Fool's Day Video Quiz in which the clientele managed to raise about 600+ yo yos over the evening ... my thanks go to Mick & Nikky for the bar, Richie O Rourke for the PA sytem, Miguel y Conchita for the scores, Lichie & Manfred, 'the raffle runners', Simon Walsh, rower extrodannaire, and to each and every person who partook in the evening  and to all the prize winners who took away some invaluable 'collector's items' of prizes tonight, the only problem being that all the relevant 'collectors' are no longer interested in the worthless items - well done everyone, well done ..... Roll on Fool's Day 2006 ......Apr 16 ..... A Friday night tour of epic proportions as we venture to all licensed premises like we used to do in our younger days ...... The women, meanwhile, enjoy the best Polish vodka at vibration station ......Apr 18 ...  'There's a song that they sing when they take to the highway, A song that they sing when they take to the sea, A song that they sing of their home in the sky, Maybe you can believe it if it helps you to sleep'... One year on and nothing but the fondest memories of one of nature's gentleman ..... Tonight the Navy unveiled a plaque in honour of Dogster, not an undeserved acclaim you say, but this was a recognition and a thanks from us for the respect, admiration and prideness we felt that was shown by the Irish Naval Service this time last year .. a pride we still feel .... For those of you who can never enter the hallway of the NCO's Mess in Haulbowline a copy of the scroll is available here.  Thanks to JimmyLosty, Fr. Campion, Paddy O Toole and all in the Mess in Haulbowline .......Apr 21/22 ..  A big congratulations to the mighty Clodagh on the birth of her son .....both are flying .....Meanwhile Cahilly, by now, should know the Irish word for 'duster', as I texted him it at 3.45 am this morning .....translation courtesy the boy Gilmore ...... Good weekend ahead as, seemingly, half of the Blaaaaaa county are invading the town as the bould Lichie celebrates another milestone .... check later on for your official invite .... Seculity personnel check in here ...... Apr 23 .... MMMMMmmmmmm I was brought to task tonight about the use of the word 'prideness', seemingly there is no such word in the english language .... well let me tell you that at the early hours of last Tuesday morning prideness was the buzz word and, whether recognised or not, it described the feeling on the night ......  And others ... Apr 24 .... Ah yes, further evidence of an intoxicating update ... Last night turned out to be an unforgettable evening's enjoyment as the half century celebrations of Lichie were well and truly enjoyed by all .... The Night Owls, again, were top notch and ensured the floor was never empty, at least until Lichie took up the guitar .... pics as soon as compus mentus is restored ..... Apr 25 ..... There should be on or two pics here of the Lichies party .....  May 03 ..... Guess whose birthday it is today boys and girls? ...... 5 or 6 years older than Lichie ... and a big happy bithday to Micka ...... And say hello to the new plastic surgeon, Dr. J Davs, who takes up a new position this morning who now joins practice  with our resident gynaecologist, Dr. Lichie, at your cervix, ..... ....Hally scores the butts ... Barry tries the spring rolls but is wary of the extra hot Szechwan  ....  See ye all next week .......  May 22 ...... Plenty of butterflies to be seen on Friday evening as the Anne Summer's girls display their wares.  Johnny Gilley leads the Friday evening session while the screaming yodeller brings along his one stringed guitar.  Forgot to mention the pig roast last week - there, I've mentioned it. Not forgetting Carol and her bitch...  May 30/31 ..... Ah yes, Monday evening in the Donk - had forgotten how good they were - have even forgotten how good tonight's one was .... just to settle the argument 'Death the Leveller' was not written by Seamus Heaney, but by James Shirley - you win Bucks!!! ...... Not forgetting a heartiest congratulations to Finnybogs on passing her computer examination ...... Hello to all our comrades in Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Kilnaskully ....... and just in case any of you missed the fairly obvious link to the Scall's new drama at the top of this page check it out here .....  Jun 01 ..Ah well, with your man heading off to Alley Kamtay for a week or so, jaysus only knows what'll happen, says he with bated breadth .....On a totally unrelated subject check out the real nightowls website here .... Jun 05 .....Another milestone is reached as Finnybogs comes face to face with the big five 0, needless to say we have a good celebtarion in her honour .... isn't that right Olga???.  The (mini)bus load prepares to invade Cork next weekend for the Rory Gallagher events and we wait with joypus anticipation for Scall's production, getting its world debut on Tuesday evening at 9.15 ..... Jun 07 ..... Ah yes folks, culture at its finest.  The Hovercraft Production's premiere of NOW IS THE WINTER OF OUR DISCONTENT (and the summer) made its debut tonight at 9.15 (as already advertised...not 9.30 as someone 'claimed' was on the website!!!) to a wonderful reception by the audience.  Definitely not to be missed, but I would advise you to be in place early.  Well done to Scall and crew and we will have a review, by our arts critic, here soon.  I won't say too much to spoil your enjoyment but, as sure a Smondie would get up on a pavement, you will enjoy.  Finishes Saturday gang, do not miss...... Jun 10 ....The Pidge returned to a capacity audience, deservedly, where, again, the Scally troupe provide an excellent 25 minutes of enjoyment to enthral the audience .... I thoroughly enjoyed it the first nigjht, even moreso last night, and I'll be there again tonight - sucker for punishment or wha'...   loadsa politicians in the audience last night for some reason - must be an impending election .... or maybe just a wedding .....  hope the same bus is available when they're vote seeking!!!!  See ye all in the Cruiscín Lán on Saturady night for the Rory Gallagher weekend..... Jun 11 .. Tonight sees the final performance of 'Now is the Winter of our Discontent (and the summer)' which has played to packed audiences all week, make sure to get there early for a great show.  (Please note all Chandler's residents are barred from the guestpage!!!)  Alas, I'll miss it as we'll be at the Cork Rocks for Rory gig.  Don't forget the Cobh Maritime Song Festival this weekend which includes a lunchtime session tomorrow in the Donk, anything like last years and it'll be wonderful.  Full ine up on the Sirius webpage....... Jun 30 ..  Didn't realise 'twas so long since last update .... Very briefly - missed the Maritime Song Festival, or at least, most of it ..... Gallagher night was brilliant, another one on Dec 12 - loads of drunks on the bus, though - but Johnnyu Huds found true love.... Kieran Goss did a mighty gig in Sirius last week .... The G8 headed off for NZ for tha All Blacks tour, wonder if they got tickets or if JC has been sent to Van Diemen's Land or, even worse, sent home .... Huds gave me some pics of the boat trip to Pairc Ui Caoimh last Sunday, must do a special picyure page (item 89 on my 'must do' list) ..... Olga's in Tuscany, or some other sunspot - Motty didn't bring the trailer this year for the plonk, but Olga's trying to persuade him to buy one over there..... Lichie in Manchester last week, rumoured to have brought one of Hudson's shirts for the Hawaiin night .... Enjoy Calella, Johnny, tell Emilio we said hello and don't forget the hock of pork at Los Caves ..... Freddie White is back in Sirius in a fortnight followed by North Cregg two weeks after that, not to be missed ..... Workin' on the quiz, hurler, workin', on the quiz ..... Jul 10 ..... The All |Blacks finished up as they started, they only memorable part being breakfast in the Donks ...... At least the G8 crew enjoyed themselves ...... Olga gets brainfade, must be the Chianti ..... as for Live8, I believe the highlight of the day took place in the back room - complete with Bertie's Pizzas ....... Jul 13 .... Don't forget Freddie White at Sirius tomorrow night, good to see him play a fulll house there again .....  A big hello to Mick Kelly and all the Navy lads in Kosovo who, I am led to believe, are regular readers of this page - God help 'em.  I think it's the 29th Infantry Group based in Camp Clarke, I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong, but cheers to all and best wishes from all of us.  It's  like winter here at the moment lads, we had a drop of snow yesterday and Frances didn't get a tan yet ....... Jul 18 ..... Supported by Katie McGroarty, Freddie did a lovely gig in Sirius last week and turned up for a pint on Friday before playing to a full house at the Marquee in Cork last night.  Friday night saw the more discerning listener head to the Andrew Brocolli concert in Collins Barracks.  Meanwhile Tommy and myself ventured into Cobh for a pleasant evening stroll before heading for the Ballynoe niteclub.  The G8 return home, eventually ...... Jul 20 ....  The new dress code is now in force - please note you will not be allowed on the premises unless wearing a revealing muscle top, pidgesque, like ......... Forgot to mention the bros who had their annual 'bonding & blaaaas' weekend in Dunmore last weekend - too scary foe me .... Jul 30 .....Must give a plug to the mighty North Cregg who did a rockin' gig in Sirius on Thursday night - with four young lads from Fermoy doing the support slot includin a self penned tune entitled 'The Prancing Horse'. .... Due to timekeeping at a rally in a very wet North Cork forest I missed Motty's celebrations last week, including the Christmas songs!!! ...... Aug 20 ...  Don't forget the Pig Roast tonight in aid of the Cobh Maritime Song Festival, should be a crck(le) .......Speaking of festivals, Micka made a ballsup of the closing times again last weekend closing shop at the usual times not wanting to know of the extensions that were on offer in every other establishment on the island - this time taking advise from his spouse "if she says close at twelve, I have to close at twelve" - I suppose it marks an improvement seeing that the last advice regarding the closing times he sought from in house legal expert, the talking clock who, by the way has recently surpassed himself again as Lichie states in the guestbook.  And speaking of the bould Lichie I see he's gone into business now in deepest West Cork - our roving photographer / musician / engineer / scholar took this pic in sunny Goleen recently ....

......A man of many talents, two chips, a burger and a floury blaaaa there please...  I nearly forgot to mention the Willy Wonka Festival of Dance .......... and the last festival I'll mention is the upcoming Cork Folk Festival which includes the amazing Canadian group La Bottine Souriante with our own North Cregg at the City Hall in two weeks or so, not to be missed mes ami ........... Sep 11 ...  And a mighty gig it turned out to be, easily the most energetic band, bar none, that I have ever seen - a bit of Jazzicajional best describes them!!!!!  Meanwhile two of the lads take to the movies - see here (you may want broadband), well worth a look..... Hello to the Davs and the lady captain drinking cheap beer in Alvor.... Best wishes to Karen Meade (ably assisted by the bould Finnybogs) who has her official opening of epi-rays tomorrow.  Best of luck with the venture.  I wonder if the roof is finished yet...... Sep 15 ...The Pirates have a new, grand looking website now - have a look here ........  All the wimmin are geared up for Sunday's marathon in Cork, sports bras galore ..... Sep 16/17 lateish / earlyish dependyinglike ish .. ...Three things I have to mention 'bout tonight ...1) Had an American typefella in tonight looking for history 'bout the famine ships (for a TV type thingy) that sailed from dear ol' Oirleand - in all fairness I think we put him on the right track .... .2) Can't remember ... 3) forget that too! ....  Wait ..... something about a group of lads over for a stag party in Cork and decided to visit the donkey or sumptin' and then decided to watch cricket, yes CRICKET,  in the backroom - until the WahWah descended upon them muttering somethin' 'bout the Munster match .....  I think the Ashes were blown(!) away by then !! ... Bertie's Pizzas - make sure to order a thin 'n' crispy base @021 4815576 ... John Davs - are you back??? bowless?? And speaking of St. Tropez, ain't dat roight, Noel? .... dayersoonleewuntingwursedanadrunkenblaaaaperson ..  ann serrs on a postcard, pleeeze .. Sep 25 ... John Davs and the lady captain were treated to a night of fond memories on Friday to celebrate their anniversary, including a mean .ppt presentation professionally prepared (with pictures purloined by Finnybogs et al) by the Bucks and followed by coffees and scones back at chez Davs ...... Unfortunately missed the Night Owls were playing the revamped Pirates Club the same night and had the place stuffed and hopping as had Loudest Whisper last night .... nice one Hally, keep it up .... The one and only Hayseed Dixie play the Cruiscín Lán on Tuesday evening, not to be missed..... Oct 11 ... And a mighty gig it was too, though I'd say Mrs Carlos was none too happy with the condition we returned her spouse - plenty of zizzin' ... Hadn't realised 'twas so long since last update - humblest apologies.  I believe Lichie has picked up a real virus to compliment the one(s) on his PC, get well soon, biy - 'tis nearly Friday .... Myself and my friends would like to compliment the Davs for his fine food recommendation, excellent choice my good man .... Don Baker hits the Pirates soon, should be a good one as should Mark Geary who plays Sirius .... And the damn Yank is looking for Alan the car partsman so he may offload his collection of National Geographics .... Tommy has gone into battle with the Turks .... BTW if anyone out there in foreign shores is looking for a copy of the 'Donkey's Years' CD drop me a line as we are in a position to offer it online and should also be able to do Paul Hannon's and Hughie Dillon's CD and maybe one or two other local ones also .... More details soon or give me a shout on the email address at the top of this page if you're interested.  Ciao .... Oct 24 ... Jeez biys the year is nearly gone and another weekend gone where nearly all recollection has been diminished by the porter in Union Hall - yes folks, another gentleman's outing, this time to West Cork and to Casey's Bar via Shanley's in Clonakilty .... Plenty of drunks around again though some of the best quotes of the weekend had to be 'where's your white teeth and your black curly hair';  'which one of the chemical brothers are you?';  'come on Johnny'; 'ezzzzz izzzz ah yah'; 'can ye play anything we know?';  'The Pidge will get Asian Flu'; and other incomprehensible jibberish - have you got the picture now James? ....... Nov 16 .. Coming soon to a Pirates club near you is another of the world famous Video Quiz.  So get a table together and we'' see you on Thursday next, the 24th, at 9 o clock or so.  And don't forget that Hot Guitars are there on Saturday night coming.  On Dec 10th the Rory Gallagher Christmas bash is in the Cruiscin in Cork.  We have a small bus going if anyone is interested, but leave me know asap as it's nearly full.  About 30 yoyos including tickets ...... Nov 26 ... A dozen or so tables in the Paddocks for the quiz, thought 'twould be more ...... Hope The Crouchs, Ron et al enjoyed their stint last week with Mr Ricky Skaggs ... Lollipop site is back up and running .... Official date for the Christmas Ticksgiving is Dec 16, entry fee, as usual, is a gift wrapped pressie for young boy or girl - donations earnestly requested .... Lichie now writes his drivel on the guestbook on a Friday morning, must have thought yesterday was Saturday after the drink he had Thursday night (all three pints of it !!!).  If JC is looking for the shannon row CD tell him he gave it to me ... Where's the house warming tonite, Smondy ???...... Dec 06 .... Good craic in the Paddocks ast Friday night with Joe O Callaghan & band, so what if I had the wrong date initially...... and more good music on the way over the festive period, or as Buck's would say the Guinness Olympics .... Now that Mrs Carlos has figured out how to turn a computer on she had made her way to this page and is now giving out that it's not updatred often enough !!!!  She still hasn't signed the guestbook, though.  Christmas started two weeks ago when the Barrs struck up with 'Fairytale of New York', the first of many ...... Don't forget Ticksgoving on Friday week, the 16th, entry fee is the usual and the Night Owls again reform, minus 1, .... The Rory Gallagher Christmas bas takes place this Saturday night and we have a full bus heading to The Cruiscín .....Last but not least, keep your ears peeled for Musha-Musha on the Ray d'Arcy show on Today FM this Thursday morning 9 'til 12, complete with Bacon Blaaaaaaaas ..... Meanwhile the kids bring Olga to see Mickey & Minnie ...... Dec 14 .....  Smiles a plenty last Saturday night at the Rory Gallagher Christmas Bash. Mighty night was had by all and plenty of reminiscing including Lady Bowler recalling, during her courting days, receiving front row seats for an Opera House gig featuring the man himself - alas her boyfriend of the time was unawareof the man's prowess on the Strat and was a bit more into Big Tom.   Highlights of the night included Sinner Boy's set and young Billy McMurtry proposing to Susan, congrats to both and the best of wishes.  As the merry season is upon us a reminder that the annual TICKSGIVING will take place on this Friday night with music supplied by the newly reformed Night Owls. Please bring a wrapped gift for boy or girl on the night.  After great considerstion and numerous meetings we have decided that the theme should be Christmas(ish).  All support greatly welcome ...... Dec 19 ..... Great craic again last Friday when the annual Ticksgiving got into full swing.  Again, well done to all for raising about 500 yoyos and about a dozen bags of gifts that will make a lot of difference to a lot of kids next Sunday.  As always a big gommel of thanks to the Night Owls for lashing into it with their usual gusto - Barry having missed the night, but MiniMe filled in and played a blinder - well done to Martin, John (serious 12-string there), Jim & Shane for the proverbial blinder, again.  20.05 ...There should be a load of pictures from the evening here, but as I have just opened a nice bottle of Californian red this may or may not happen !!!! Most of the pics are quite big so broadband (or DSL as they say in NC) is advised. As my home PC is of the type running on steam power, I could be here for a while ...20.35 ...I also noticed with the pics that I haven't removed the 'red eye' effect either, maybe over the Christmas hols .... the red is nice, very easy on the palate!! ....  ..21.29  .... Meant to remind ye about Maeve Higgins on 'Naked Camers' on the telly tonight, too late now though - you can catch her on Musha Musha's friend's radio buddy, Ray Darcy on toadyfm, tomorrow morning about 9.30 or so .... jayze, nearly finished the bottle - very nice too it is (was!) ... a Carlo Rossi California Red, available from your local supermarket ........21.44  ... That bottle was grand, lads.  We'll have to open another 'cos I not finished loading the pics yet.  This one is an Australian South Bay Red with 'intense flavours of ripe forest fruits and black cherries which give way to a round and soft finish' - don't know if that's a good or a bad thing. 14.5% looks good, though ........23.03  ....  Hopefully the first batch of stuff has uploaded now ... I've taken to drinking two pints of water to try and quench the thirst and I'm listening to Nellie McKay's Get away from me, Johnny Cash's American IV and paul McCartney's Ram .......23.15  .... Looks like the first balst of pics are up, otherwise the last hour or so online ar gon topot ...... now for the rest .........23.35  .... James Hayes has another programme coming up on BBC in early '06 which oincludes a digitally recorded piece from our own harbour (sounds ace doesn't it !!!!) .... Nice story here (don't tell anyone!) - Jim Wilson is in the process of telling JH to forward full details and as soon as received we'll give ye thelink .... Lookin' back over the last blast of twex and spotted a load of typo errrors and decided it's easier to apologise now for those same errors than goback and correct them - must be the water ........23.40  ..Just checked the first batch of uploads and they work .... both links work !!!! .....23.45  ... have now progressedonto Catriona Macdonald's 'Bold', Horslips 'Roll Back' and PeeHead's 'Caldwell Roots & Branchres'....... Dec 20 .00.01 ...... Just thought of something, but 'tis gone ....00.13 ... .. have just found, in the fridge, a carton of olives soaked in lemon juice, mint and thyme - this could be a long night .....00.22 .. methinks might be a wee bit late for work tomorrow/today .....00.30 .... there's garlic with the olives aswell .... the bottleof whatever it was is gone and I'm debating whether to open a nice Michel Lynch ... watch this space ......00.41 ...... guess what???.......00.54 ... trying to upload another partof the pics oage now while listening to the acoustic version of 'Trouble with a capital T' ...jeeeez .....01.49 ... going from bad to worsel ike, uploading taking ages Catriona Macdonald soundng brill, though ..... if all this uplosad biys I'm regurgitaing this computer and buying a recycled new one !!!!! thias is too much like hard work, or whatever taht was ......02.26......... After co[ious anoumts of jat I ahve deciced to go for a nap .....  i tried to update as much as I could but the MickyLynch won ... you'll hav to wait, won'y ...02.59.....havechanged the CDs again toLinda Ronsdatdt an 2 others was judt thinking again abouyt BillyMcMurtry's gig last Sat week  - ace, biy, ace .... other two cds are 'Wells of the World' (specially for Bucks) and Aqualung, specially for me ...03 20.  ....... please ignorw any previous mumblings bt we're now onto Linda Ronstast's verswion of 'When will I beloved' oooops now it's 'sittingon an park nbench, eyring littlr girls wiyth bad intent' .,.....Aqualung, biys, Aqualng ......03 40. madnessindespring  ...03.45 ....croseyrdmary ..04.02.   Do you still remember December's foggy freeze -- when the ice that clings on to your beard is screaming agony. And you snatch your rattling last breaths with deep-sea-diver sounds, and the flowers bloom like madness in the spring....04.05 ... Wond'ring aloud -- will the years treat us well. As she floats in the kitchen, I'm tasting the smell of toast as the butter runs. Then she comes, spilling crumbs on the bed and I shake my head. And it's only the giving that makes you what you are.......  Oooooops..... 04.16 .....Just realised I've spent over 6 hours online, goodnight ..... Dec 21 ... OK biys an girls looks like the 6 hours were slightly incorrect ...... 'nuff said. ....... Dec 22/3 .....  You'd be wonderin' sometimes, when the door opens, who'd be there .... sometimes you'd be surprised ..... then you'd be very surprised when they come back a second time before 00.30 ...... Dec 24 ... I'd better mind my language as Mrs C regularly visits now .... Well James what did you make of Tuesday night?  If you have trouble wondering what I'm talking about when I have no drink taken then that night must have reached a new low of gobbeldeegook .... and speaking of James here is the info on Hazy James' upcoming documentary featuring the water of Cork Harbour, filmed from the Holy Ground. The film is called The Battle of The River Plate and goes out in the Timewatch series on BBC 2 at 9pm Friday January 27th. The shot from the Holy Ground is included with Graf Spee sailing through. The director's taste in music ensures that the soundtrack includes plenty of Irish sounds including a brill signature tune from KILA The Holy Grail film just about finished looks like it will go out Feb on BBC 1. Watch this space ..... A nice few tunes in the back last night including a serenading Davs, Motty's Drinking Song, the cranky plumber, the cranky plumber's offspring, a 17 year old new song and a few bars from Con Juicive himself, well done Con ........... TICKSGIVING pulled in nearly 500 yoyos and about a dozen bags of goodies that will put a lot of smiles on a lot of kids face tomorrow morning - well done, again, for making that little bit of difference  ......  and with that may your Christmas be better than you hope for, don't over indulge foodwise or drinkwise and may it be a happy and joyous one.  Take care ......  see yenext year.












Oesophageal Cancer Fund - Lollipop Sales
 Finnybogs would like to thank all the people of Cobh and Great Island for their great genorisity on the recent sale of lollipops campaign for the OCF. It exceeded all expectations and the total made was Eur.4,198.39.
The main reason for the sale of lollipops is to heighten people's awareness of this lethal cancer. The main complaint is difficulty swallowing - if food sticks on the way down while swallowing on two separate days it should be investigated urgently. If difficulty swallowing is accompanied by weight loss, it should be investigated immediately. Unfortunately, not many people have heard of this cancer or know about difficulty swallowing and persist with medication and hope for the best. The funds will go towards ongoing research and treatment for people with oesophageal cancer.
I would like to thank all the sellers who made this happen.I would also like to thank Miskella's, for allowing us to sell from their supermarket, The River Room, Bank of Ireland, Video Port, The Roaring Donkey and Pirates Rugby Club for taking boxes onto their premises.

Don't forget to text 'Lollipop' to 53727 (30 cent only)for your Lollipop Day phone screensaver.         
Oesophageal cancer is a lethal cancer growing in incidence, particularly in
Ireland. Although traditionally afflicting older males, it is increasingly common in younger people and women. The Oesophageal Cancer Fund (OCF) is committed to raising awareness of the symptoms of this type of cancer and to provide funds for ongoing research into the cause of this disease in Ireland. The OCF also raises funds to support both the patients and families who become affected by this disease.
Further information can be found on their website:
If you would like to make a donation or contribute in any way, please contact the Cobh Co-Ordinator Fionnghuala Smith on 4813 332 or 086 8565906.














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