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2004 - The year of the Crouch

Jan 01, 2004 .... Greetings and good tidings to all - 2004 is brought in a rather more
serene setting than usual as we sip the Bols in Fionnuala's new Dotsie designed kitchen, soon open to the public for limited viewing.  One hour and eighteen minutes into the New Year and, already, the 'Quote of 2004' has been uttered by the Deputy - 'I seem to have poured myself a very large whiskey'.......Jan 02, 2004....The madness continues as Le Bowleur decides to have a little soiree at the new abode and a jolly little time was had by all, including a certain barmaid type person who discovered the wonders of a bottle of Michel Lynch.....Jan 11...Don't mention Gloucester!....If in Cork next Saturday night one might do much better than go along to the Lobby to see Urban Drive comprising pilot extraordinnaire Richie McIlwraithe, Caroline McCall, Gary Pearson and Brian Murphy.......Jan 17...What a difference a week makes, the smiles are back on the rugby wankers faces again as Gloucester are demolished at Thomond Park...Jan 18.....The real stories emerge from Thomond (and beyond) - needless to say you won't find them here.........but JC has decided he won't be going to Burgoin, a statement made after consuming copious amounts and being friendly with the 'Man with the Flask'.....The usually meggled Condom turns up clean shaven as he mistakingly picks No. 1 instead of No. 4 on the beard trimmer........Meanwhile a certain Johnny Hudson, whose name we won't mention, admits to having 'The Best of Lionel Ritchie' as his current fave CD in the car, the bar staff (quite rightly) refused him anymore drink after this admission as they formed the opinion that he had consumed too much alcohol and he was a danger to himself and to most others in the vicinity....Lichie emigrates to Dublin having spent a Friday night in the company of two Clare women......Jan 25...A belated happy birthday to the landlord's nearest and dearest.....Broc invents a new pastime - 'Just an hour, the sixty minute quiz'.......Olga finds a smoking bar, or two, in NY.....Kevin's meggle shows a light return as Gonzalo's music makes a change from the usual.....Serious pollution noted in Stoke as Lichie stays for a brief respite.....Jan 29....More birthdays as the Dogster celebrates his today as does the other Mrs Carlos, never knew you were that old Frances.....while Hank Williams celebrates hers next Saturday, the roses are on the way.....Jan 30...... Despite the fact that George W. Bush and our dear friend Tony Blair (I have to spell these names right in case some twat does a web search for the same!!!) ..has not found ANY Weapons of Mass Detruction ('cept their own, of course!) we here in the Donkey were presented with the genuine article tonight.....yes folks, we had, live and in person, two of the most humongous WMD that you could ever come across, and a tee shirt to match......As for Gonzalos, is dat de new ting now, das Radio Roy stuff.....Olga had a good one tonight - can't remember what it was though, my fault not OlgaBolga's, ...etcetera etcetera......Feb 05....I seem to be having a problem with the guestpage, folks.....I suppose they have given me a few years free service so we can't complain....I'm looking for another service provider so as soon as I have one I'll leave ye know....Feb 06...The closet Charlton Athletic fan employs the former millionaire as the new method of clearing the bar at closing time.......Feb 14....Despite the lack of guestpage, regular updates and every other thing ye freeloaders expect from these pages, it has been decided by someone very important that another fundraising night will take place in this hallowed abode on Saturday night, Feb 28th, one day before February the twenty ninth, of this year.  The theme on the night is lollipops so whether it be Kojak or lollipopladies or whatever,.....we want your money - suffice to say it is for a very good cause, this gang even have a website (link soon)....we have a band arranged (haven't we?), the bar is booked so all we're short is your money....If you can't make it on the night, don't worry we will miss you,  just send the money anyway.... Do not leave us down on this one, I rarely beg...I beg now.......Feb 15....As promised the website is at and all monies raised on the night will go to the Oesophageal Cancer Fund....Dig deep, folks........Feb 16...For all those in the know a certain Clarewoman celebrates a birthday soon and has committed herself to a wee party next Saturday and has come up with a very novel and appreciative way of celebrating same.  Nice one girl, nice one......Feb 18..... Anyone browsing on this Wednesday evening might take a look at , click on the 'What's on when' button and then Russell Osbournes link.  Then, if you're on time vote for Urban Drive.  On a different note it looks like we'll have to change the night for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund to the week after, I'll confirm in a day or so...21.35 With about twenty minutes to go before voting closes Urban Drive have 91% of the votes and are looking good to proceed to the next round....21.50 Congrats to Urban Drive 4 out of 4 next?.....Feb 20...There was more confirmation suits tonight than at the Cathedral as the biys were heading to the Pirates ball, and the state of himself with the blazer!!! .Looks like 'twas a mini lichie birthday so all we can say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH.....and seeing that this is the day before the week after Valentines Day we have to wish a very special Birthday to you, as if I'd forget.....OK folks , enough of the bullshit - for the next two weeks this site, unashamedly, becomes nothing less than a gigantic begging bowl...Starting on Feb Feb 21..ooops 'tis that time  already..... there will be a bucket in the bar....your mission, whether you decide to accept it or not, is to put your money into the bucket, whether you want to or not - everytime you pass the said bucket - nothing else counts (not even your best wishes)............Thank you......Oh and Happy Birthday Clarewoman.....Feb 23...Welcome back, wabbit - wasn't the same without ya......Cobh band Urban Drive progress to the next round on Hertbeat FM in Hertfordshire, next round is on Wednesday and as soon as I have details on how to vote I'll put them here as Hertbeat have not yet updated their site since last Wednesday - unlike this page of drivel......Feb 24... Saturday March 6 is the confirmed date for the fundraiser for the Oesophageal Cancer Fund, so start saving now - there seems to be a wee problem with their website at the moment but some detail is available here .......Feb 25... Tonight is the night to vote for Urban Drive at 19.40 for an hour or so.  Vote here.  Thanks folks.....21.30 Looks like we're looking at the winners guys, with 15 minutes or so left Urban Drive have a healthy 85% of the votes ..All over and well done to Richie and crew (sic) who have Seized the Moment again.  This should lead them to a broadcast on Hertbeat FM in good ol' Hertfordshire, preceded by a telephone interview within the next week...the excitement of it all!!!!!.......Feb 28..Barperson smellin' smashin' and she wearing Klineeeeek (EUR1.95 + free facewash in Gibbs)....OK No more shit after this.....

.....Feb 28..Today is lollipopday(as was yesterday),  but we have the OCF bucket until next week when we should be able to add to it's coffers in no small way....Do not forget next Saturday March 6th is a fundraising night for same - your support will be appreciated.......see you there..
....Mar 02.... I promised Mrs Brownes' daughter I wouldn't mention anything 'bout herself, the Lady Captain or Mrs Greene - and I haven't....nearly got away with it.....Mar 03....First of all heartiest congratulations to my daughter Éadaoin and husband Dave on the birth of their second daughter, Holly, a sister for Kayleigh,who arrived this morning and weighs in at a very healthy six pounds seven & a half ounces and a mop of dark hair.....Another reminder for Saturday night which will see the one & only appearance of the Chuppa Chups, live onstage.  There are plenty of lollipops available so start suckin'......Fair dues to Joe Smond tonight who persuaded people to suck lollipops....and good to hear that Dominic has put his name down for the relaxation class...... 

.Mar 07....OK....Where do I start?  The reaction for last night's fundraiser was awesome, there is no other pub anywhere that something like this w/could happen.....Thank you...Ye are scary people!!  Just from us I would like to say thanks to Mick, Annette, Mike, Nicky, and Aideen, to Barry, John, Jim & Martin(Whew!), to Úna for her birthday presents,, to Vince and all in Clarkes in Newtown, to Carole & Olga who were amazing, to Frances who pushed the bucket after the match (yes, that match - you know the one , Paddies Vs World Champions in their own backyard and Paddies win!!!) a match which saw Ger auction his beloved Rose decked pyjamas,John Mulvihill & Bertie O Brien, to everyone there who contributed and, especially, to all those who were not there and still contributed most generously...  We knew ye would do this........Mar 08....Sick an' all as you are 'twas a good weekend, wasn't it?  Donations were still coming in during yesterday afternoon.  We still have people to thank, so don't worry, you might see your name mentioned here yet!!  Ha Ha Hee Hee hay Hay Hay........Mar 12.....I'm heading of to Clonakilty for the weekend, West Cork Rally and all that....thank you all for your best wishes on the birth of my grand daughter - now eight days old you'll be glad to know she's already boppin' to Britney and weeps when you mention Bryan McFadden (actually that's a lie, she's groovin to Joss Stone!)...We can't put a final figure on the amazing last Saturday night as it still trickles in, suffice to say awesome - as soon as we know, you will - well done, again....Mar 16.....Greetings to all on this our national holiday, the feast of Saint Paddy Barry and I'm sure he'll have a feast of it tonight!!....Mar 27.....Fun and frolics as the Lost Chord Choir, minus the two tonners, give it their all on a Friday night....even the talking clock stays to give a bar or two....meanwhile one tonner enjoys himself in Drogheda while Dancing with Dolphins seeks out his boyhood heros, Steve McGarrett & Dano.........Tomorrow is the last day for smoking in bars, but the burning question is what will become of the ashtrays?  Will they be recycled, become collector's items or will Jackie Healy-Rae find a good home for them......Mar 29....Loadsa people complaining abouyt the irregular updasting on the apge....the webmastaer has only two things to sya to you (i) check the spell8ing (*ii) Eye don't give a fiddlers, so shag off and get your amusements elsewhere.....For the serious heads we had a certain amount of pride today in presenting cheques to Fionnualagh & Martin and, deservedly, special pins to the NightOwls.  Needless to say bedroom secrets were mentioned after copious amounts of alcohol were consumed but we won't mention them here, will we Olga?.......Pics of todays presentation will be posted tomorrow as will details of Olga's secrets (we won't actually tell everyone that it takes more than one finger, will we)......Onto more serious stuff, we hope to broadcast a live session from the Donk on next Wednesday night at 10pm for an hour or so...Details of the actual web address will be posted here nearer the day but, suffice to say, all relevant musicians have agreed to this and permission granted for this special occasion.... Full details tomorrow along with pics of todays events including those of the cigarettes last day out!!!......Mar 29(part 2)....Got your text Olga, hell hath no fury etc., etc.,....looks like the internet broadcast has to be changed to Thursday, we're currently doing some tests and all seems to be OK.  Some of the musicians were unavailable for Wednesday so Thursday is the confirmed date at approx 10 o clock.  Stay tuned for details.....Some pics available from the presentation yesterday more soon...Mar 31...Check out Urban Drive in an interview tonight, at 21.00, on on the Russell Osbourne show, link is here and click on Listen Live....More pics of Sunday up now while further details of the live internet broadcast for tomorrow night will be up later.
Have you seen this tonner????

We're still having some slight hiccups with the broadcast for tomorrow night, but a practice run last night seemd to work OK.  The show starts precisely at 22.00 GMT on tomorrow, Thursday, with some not so regular musicians taking part.  If all goes well, we should see a lot more of it.  Should be online from about 21.00 hrs or so, make sure you tune in then folks and click on the link.  Thanks must go to
Ian @, Roisin @, Johnny at Secret Garden and Gerry @ Cork School of Music for helping on this project. Apr 02...Hope ye all enjoyed the webcast, folks!  Good craic, wasn't it?..Apr 02(ish) 03...Apologies to all for the gotcha.....Paul Kelly & Frankie Lane are in Sirius tonight (Sat), do not miss this.....We must say hello to Mark, the only Chelsea fan to come home to watch them play Spurs.....I must say a huge thank you to all the smokers in the Donkey who have immediately accepted the new legislation with regard to smoking in places of work, and while I'm sure ye consider this an unsociable method, most of us consider it a most welcome venture where we can now drink without having to go to an off licence and drink at home, smokefree.....and we all say a big hello to Donna Minton, we know who you are.....for once, Lichie lasts the pace, the Bars sings Shane and the Lady Captain does the Davs proud.....and congratulations to Sinead, well done..Apr 11....Munster reach another semi final, the uneducated can check for info.....needless to say copious amounts were had by all involved...and Broc wins the big egg while the big question is does the piper wear a thong that Broc will do jail for?..Apr 14..Happy birthday there, horse!!!!....Apr 15....Hey lads, you didn't hear it here, but Tommy will do ANY type of Indian TakeAway for ya ...... experience guaranteed.....Where's Moroney's stool???? ....Apr 16...On a more serious note, guys, the page is reaching 25,000 hits.....will ye ever please s**g off and leave me alone....people do actually take note of these hits and say things like I was hit no. 24,992 actually.......HELP!!! .... Oh John Dav, where art thou ????..Apr 18...We all lost a very close friend today.  Forever fond memories of the Dogster....Apr 21...The Naval Service and the many friends of Doggie gave him a stunning send off today.  We witnessed a superb display of comradery and huge respect for a good man.  Did you ever know that you're my hero?  You're everything I wish I could be, I can fly higher than an eagle for you are the wind beneath my wings......... 
.Apr 26...Thank Crunchie it's Friday becomes Thank Friday it's the Crunch!!!!  Happy Birthday Lichie......Apr 28...This weekend is a not alone a holiday weekend, not alone MayDay, not alone a welcoming to new nations to the EU as part of the great globalisation plan, not alone that The 4 of Us are playing a sell out gig at Sirius, not alone Urban Drive are playing the Rob Roy, not alone my grand-daughter's christening but this weekend also sees
Dog Day Afternoon at about teatime on Sunday.  I think the title is self explanatory - suffice to say he didn't go without buying you a pint!!...Apr 30 earlyish...Getting away from the usual..... John Carthy & Arty McGlynn's gig in Sirius is changed to Tuesday 11th, I'm not back 'til the 12th....the Maritime Folk Festival looks better & better.....I dropped a glass tonight buys that exploded into a trillion pieces then got a cab home with Cahilly!!!..May 03....Dog Day afternoon, phew!  Am suffering my first hangover in fifteen years, Bacardi and pineapple and Jameson, with a slice of apple!!!! Don't even go there....Nobody advised me about the perils of attending a bash at Motty & Olgas.....and the Bazz slept on......May 03...later......First of all I promised I'd say nothing about the tool, so I won't....except to say What a Tool, idn't that right Judy?.....Please no more requests for 'Hey Mr Trampoline Man' .....I prefer the one that says I always knew he was a good jump....'Do a Lichie' takes on a new meaning!....and Dana had a brass section in Dungarvan......last, but not least, I am definitely not going to say anything about the Marks and Sparks crowd's Eau de Toilet......May 04.....'Leave me alone, I'm a Family man' was penned by Mike Oldfield and sung by Maggie Reilly, it was also recorded by Hall & Oates, that should put you at ease now, Shane.....see ye next week folks...........May 22...or the week after.... some problems with Google, they're giving out the wrong website address, http:// instead of www. - not my fault folks....if I could only get your man to register, idn't dat rite Doroty, girl.......Anyway, went to Cobh last night for some pints - the Tit, what a shithole - this place should have queues........then went to see Brush Shiels, what a pity the likes of him are in a place like that!!!!! Tanksbetojaysus got back to higher ground and Tobias scored, I'd say.............May 2sumptinh.....loadsabitsanpieces missin',....nuttin to do wit' me.........May 27..... Did you see the newsletter?.....May 28..The page, or parts of, seems to have disappeared for a while.........Don't go away (like Lichie to Tenner eefie).... Olga's making her communion today......spends some time trying to dry herself out....Jun 03...A gig and a half tonight at Sirius from the mighty North Cregg, rock'n'roll boys, rock'n'roll......Jun 04...I wonder if Lichie misses us while he is in Tenerife, or John Dav while in Edenderry (take the Beating), meantime all is set for the 1st annual pilgrimage to Croatia as the supreme Gilley celebrates his birthday today, the day after the former supreme's 57th...and the pint goes up, again - this time by 15c making it 3.25.Euro a pint here...still cheap, but you can buy it cheaper in Portugal!!!.Jun 06...02.11am..6...Holiday mode as the landlord and his dearly beloved prepare for Croatia.....hard hats and safety boots rule as the three amigos prepare for the big erection this morning subject to the ok being given by the site foreman, the site psychologist and the insulting engineer.....not to mention the SOfS....and I won't mention Olga, christenings, or anniversaries - ain't that right Carole....June 10...News just in from Croatia.....the well known daily newspaper, the Jutarnji List, reports that the local Franciscan monks have been ordered to sell their Audis, BMWs and Mercedes and get some Kas and Suzukis to show some solidarity with other parishioners...they must've known our beloved barstaff were spending a few days there!!  and we still wait for the erection..... Oh and don't forget the Cobh Maritime Song Festival has kicked off and some nice gigs each night at Sirius and other venues including here on Sunday lunchtime...full details at ......your support is welcome...June 14...... And what a good festival it was too with 70% of the audiences each night from outside Cobh.....some highlights included Johnny Moynihan, the Press Gang, Mick Moloney with Michelle Mulcahy and Dena Lynn, John Connolly, Dan Milner & Bob Conroy, the kids from Scoil Naomh Iosaef at the quayside on Saturday.....a well done to all concerned...Jun 18/19..Lichie & meself decide to finish the Friday night tour with  a quiet jar in Kelly's only to be accosted by two young wans intent on trying to get some bit o' conversation out of us...we weren't long educatin' them, the poor things....Apologies to Casandra an' whassername from Sligo & Donegal.Jun 19 veryearly....Alas work is slowed down at the erection centre as Motty has gone to France to boost the sales of wine but Broc carries the flag......Crazy is enquiring about recent honeymooners receiving free drink...must have been some other pub!!!..Jun 20 later.... Got thro' an exciting (for a change) Grand Prix followed by a Catalan Vs Algarve soccer match, both watchable seeing the wankers had used their spending money yesterday!!!!!! Wo Wo Geno and the Spanish legal secretary!!!!!Roll on tonight when Ken & Ger the Tan clutch straws for the SvenGoranEricconised english Vs the holiday resortians Croats......Jun 25 .....TriedKelly's again tonight.....didn't work, though.........C'mere some Serious gigs at Sirius coming up.....please check the website.....we'll say nowt about engerland, francais,italia, krauts etc.......sneaky bets on the Czecs and the Dutch crowd....Anyway the pub trade is gone to f***k lads, the publicans are blaming it on the smokers ban but they tend to forget that they're ripping us off on the price of a drop, on the price of a mixer, on the price of a dash, on the price of a red bull, a vodka kick, bacardi breezer, a bottle of water  not forgetting the guinness and the murphy's (which should be 15c cheaper) and some of 'em still cheat ( see for juicy gossip) ,so much for tonight's conversation,.......Jun 29..'Let the world be better for you; And at last when you die, let this be your cry: Carry on, my soul! Carry on!' Robert W. Service.....Jul 02.... The Friday tour brings us to many strange places on top o' d' hill and beyond and introduces us to many forgotten much so that we never make it back to the Donkey....apologies Mikey.....meanwhile 'twould only happen in Oireland, and 'specially CobH, a stunning full moon reflecting on a calm watered natural harbour, sipping a drink surrounded by a bunch of yahoos joining in on the chorus of a Wolfe Tones to clear your pub in two easy songs...well done breastanic, again!!!!! Waffle on, Vince, waffle on.....Idn't dat roight, Josephine!!......Jul 12......Managed to get Lichie back up to Top o' the Hill last Friday, just...Donkey's Years still continues to raise interest as the American market gets interested....Speakin' of America, don't forget to book your tickets for North Carolina's finest, Pat & Kay Crouch, who will be playing this Thursday night at Sirius - currently in Donegal (we think) and should be joined by TallPaul & Kristie, Milan & Melanie...see you there.........The early morning peace was shattered this morning as one of the glass panes on the fornt door of our beloved watering hole was shattered by a piece of overhead wire snapped by a passing truck delivering for a local builder, needless to say a new pain(sic) was quickly installed before the rumours could start.......Jul 14....Well Paddy & Kay & TallPaul & Kristie & Milan & Melanie brought an international (and some say musical!) flavour to the Wednesday session and joined in enthusiastically....Tonight's (Thurs) gig in Sirius is going to be might enjoyable....Linkswise try and .... Needless to say Mr Ron Shuffler & Mr Tom Kuhn should be here too..........And, finally, if you're lookin' for tickets for Erin McKeown for Saturday, forget it - sold out almost......Nearly forgot to mention the BBB, seen washing glasses tonight!!!!Who said BBB means the biggest boobs in the bar????......Jul sumptinth  after the 14th.....Well, first of all, folks, the gig at Sirius was a special occasion for those who were there - laidback, harmonious, sweet, enjoyable, tasty, witty and I think we can say we got a bit more than we bargained for... a bonus was the superlative playing & singing of Milan Miller, new to us but have a look at the link here, and have a listen to 'Savin up for a Cadillac'..  This was then followed by a song or two back in the Donkey.......We missed the session on Friday night cos our good oul' buddy, the mighty Vince celebrated the big 4O in the Ramblers and we just had to turn up so we could hear his Bowie and Stones duets with Barry.....Thanks for a great night Vincie and, en masse, we apologise for the scourging....but you deserved it!!!!. ....Lichie is heading for Simon & Garfarkel tomorrow while SonofLichie is JamesTayloring in Kilkenny on Sunday......Speaking of Sundays - those of you with good internet access could check in on when this Sunday between 5 & 7, our time, they're goin' to play a track or two from 'Donkeys Years' on Celtic that should be interesting,............I promised I wouldn't mention Finnybogs, so I won't....Jun 19...We bid a fond farewell to TallPaul & Kristie,Milan & Melanie and hoped you enjoyed your stay as much as we enjoyed listening to ye....The guestpage is proving to be a nightmare and even I can't access it now, if anyone knows of a download for same you might leave me know (no texts between midnight and 8 am if you don't mind!!!!).
 Jul 20.....Another fond farewell to Pat & Kay who joined in a might session of songs and tunes last night.  Safe home and see ye in two or three years.  Good to see young Jamie Frahill back in Cob H....And another new guestbook lads & lassies, hope this works......Jul 21....The Donkey restaurant was in full swing last weekend and when Smond enquired, again, about the chances of getting a bit of roast lamb nobody was more surprised than himself when the said roast was presented to him along with serviette,salt, pepper, cutlery and a wee glass of red wine - for once, speechlessness descended upon the Smond......Jul 22....Along with the advent of a new guestbook, the webmaster has decide to run a monthly quiz to keep ye amused even moreso.  This quiz will be a test on your mental capabilities, your shrewd judgements and your knowledge gained over the years and should not, in any way, be treated as a mere joke.  Seeing that we're nearly into August, you can expect the first quiz over the coming days.  We also have the opportunity of running a regular poll, so if you have any suggestions please forward them to the email address below......Jul 23.... Bonding weekend as Lichies heads to Dunmore East for a weekend of bonding with the bros.... I know it's still July but make sure to try your luck with the quiz which runs until the end of August....and a belated Happy Birthday to Marcus in Britland....Jul 28....Message received Paddy, good to see ye got home safely...Anyone with a broadband connection might want to take a look at Tall Paul's site and into the music & video downloads section where , at the bottom, you'll find a ten minute clip at a session with Pat & Kay and Tall Paul and Milan and others.....Mick Bucks heads east after 22 years in the west, but isa complaining of a terrible ringing in his ears at his current, rented abode......Dont't be afraid of the quiz, lads, it doesn't bite!!!!....Jul 31...Some pics of TallPaul's visit to Cobh online now, check on the link below Olga!!!! (click on the photos link and then on the travel link).  On the downloads page there is also a clip from Sirius, broadband or some other hi speed inrenet access advised....Aug 02...Urban Drive got going in the Tit last night with some very nice self written pieces, sound wasn't brill but tasty music nonetheless.  After a quart there, served by TMIBITW, I ventured to Ticknock about quarter to midnight only to be advised normal Sunday times, despite a Bank Holiday eve, were in place there...tch, tch, silly me.......Aug 04.....All ye fitness people take note -  runners/walkers needed at the Ladies Mini Marathon on Sep 12 to raise funds for CABAS ....Olga has all the details if you need them and she's bought a new sports bra for the event.... Speaking of sports bras, Nev is running a foam party the weekend after next........Aug 05......Urban Drive have a downloadable live version of 'Seize the Moment' available here, so please click and have a listen and help them improooove their chart rating.......Irish Whiskies at the Donkey???  Never, I hear you say.  Plans are advanced for a night of the tourist tipple, to be served by the langer, in aid of Marymount Hospice.  Watch this space.......Aug 15......Regatta weekend and, guess what? - it's raining!.......Between Barry's Morris Minor antics and sportswear, the guestbook is, slowly, returning to it's former madness while the quiz is proving too daunting for many....Aug 23..I think I'm back up motoring again, obviously if you're reading this then I must be.  There may be problems with links and some pictures and it will take a few days to sort, so fingers crossed.......Damn thing wiped everything of my computer so I had to reload all my programmes and download the site back on to my PC...Oh for an Apple....Anyway Lichie was in some state on Friday night and I had to bring him home, again, he having spent too much time in the company of Mr Hennesey - so much so at 3.35 on Saturday afternoon he was still under the blankets.....The Squire Pipe had joined us for a while but had got waylaid in the Tit, who surpassed themselves, again, with the 'music' that evening.  Where do they find these morons?  Aug 24....Olga now tells me that the Ladies Mini Marathon is on the 19th Sept and not as previously advised.  So all of you in training now have an extra week to reach peak fitness......Two days previously, on the Friday, history will be made in the Donkey when our esteemed landlord (came across a website recently that called him curmudgeonly!) will bestow upon some lucky person the first (allegedly) Irish Coffee to be served on the premises.  Needless to say it will be for a good cause and all monies on the night will go toward the Irish Hospice Foundation.  The Clarewoman has further details and I'll be reminding ye anyway in the coming weeks.  On the same night it has been decided that a little plaque be unveiled to the memory of the Dogster, so we will hope ye make a special effort during the evening.......Happy Birthday Deirdre.....Aug 26...Very glad to meet the girl who should have been in Rome tonight who was telling me she just escaped with her life having been threatened with a frozen mackerel in my old stompin' ground (go on, try and figure that one out!!)......I have to mention a congratulations to the Cobh Wanderers reformed Munster Senior League team who won the Midleton Tournament last night by beating the host team 2 - 0, let's hope that's the start of a succesful year for the Wanderers, they start the Keane Cup campaign home to Youghal on Saturday in the VEC grounds.....Aug 27...The first reminder for Sep 17 folks.... no need to dress up, just come along and give us a bit of support for the occasion, if you can't make it don't worry cos ther's an AIB account in Patrick Street that you can lodge your money into without turning up on the night at all, so there's no excuse.....I'll give ye the a/c no. as soon as I remember it....Oh and Mick Buckley, if you have rejoined the land of the Donkey websters, welcome back and don't for get to try the August quiz before it's gone......On a more serious note, and this is directed to the IT specialists out there, you may know all my system was wiped over last weekend - my problem is I had to download the website back to my computer as everything was wiped.  OK, not a big problem there, but.....if I load ALL the site back up, will the server not seek the original text, original pics, etc from the original files on my PC, which are now gone into the great oblivion, find nothing and ruin all the pages (hurrah says Micka!)???? BTW I'm using Front Page 2000. Helpful comments to thedonkey at  all other comments to which is an email address I don't check anymore 'cos it gets 150+ Spam a day....Aug 27 (05.24a.m.)....Just as well I checked the Guestbook before I went to bed... Ireland's Coffee Morning for the Hospice Foundation happens on Sept 16th. A slight(!) variation on this event happens on Friday 17th as The Donkey hosts an Irish Coffee Evening!!!!!!  All proceeds from this fundraiser will be donated to Marymount Hospice.  Please support this worthy cause.  See   and the coffee morning link at (if you don't want to face a pic of a smarmy faced Mary Harney with a creamy cake in front of her jowls skip this link and just contribute!!) .....On a more serious note (again), my son has just tripped in the door having celebrated his 21st (and my 48th) wearing a deflated rubber doll tied around his waist, a flashing red light around his neck, handcuffs on his wrists, smelling like a hoor and a bag o' spicy chips from Mimmo's.... Am I a bad parent??? I mean even when I'm blotto, I wouldn't go near Mimmo's...28.Aug....All it takes is just one person to see what you've written and there's no going back....Anyway, Tommy Murray is back home (unlike Olga_nzarote) and is available for an impromptu session on Sunday afternoon around 48th was grand, ta very much.....Last but not least a price of Euro50 has been laid (by some lucky punter!) to purchase the first Irish Coffee to be served by our esteemed barperson...further offers can be sent to thedonkey @ or by the guestbook (genuine please lads).........please contribute.......Aug 31...A big hello to Liam Smith who has taken 4 years to find the Donkey page and is now spreading the word all over Vietnam....Gremlins are still playin' with my PC so bear with me and I'll eventually get there....September quiz will be online in a day or two, oh the excitement, Lichie getting the highest score in August with a meagre 7/11......Sep 01....A latecomer to the quiz sees Lichie been blown out of the reckoning and the 'hurler on the ditch' making brave attempts to reach 100% but just failing to get there.  I'm nearly fininhed the Sep Quiz and should have it up by the weekend.....Sep 06...Nearly finished the quiz - patience, friends, patience......Had a query from Katie, a friend of Peehead O Crouch, who wonders why do we drink the black stuff, is it for the taste or just to get pissed.  Well I'll try to answer it by saying that pulling a pint of Guinness is not just an overlearned procedure by the bar person - it is a result of experience, training and a dedicated love of the act of pouring a good pint.  It is admiring the bartender as they tilt the glass at an angle of 48 degrees and move forward the tap to allow the black, cloudy nectar to swirl around the sides of the glass until exactly 72% full.  It is the anticipation of what's to come as you watch the cloudy mix morph into a coal black colour with its creamy head.  It is watching, with great admiration, the bartender topping up the pint with a deftly executed backpush on the tap as they bring the liquid to the top of the glass, ensuring the creamy head is not too overpowering or too waferlike.  It is the anticipation of the first sup whilst you wait for it to reach its final settlement as the barperson hands it to you with the artistic licence only they possess.  And then the taste, ah yes the taste - cold, mawkish and overpriced.....I only drink it to get pissed!!!!  I trust that answers your question, Katie.  Hope you enjoyed the wedding......Sep 07....The erection is nearly there now, folks.  Still at the third fix, just a wee bit more.....Hopefully it'll be completed before Finnybogs returns.....Speaking of which, the bid is now at €70 for the first Irish Coffee on Friday night week next..... Sep 10... Gone to €90 folks....I stress this is just for the first Irish Coffee from the barman - no smiles, small talk, charm, politeness (as if!) or other such inclinations are guaranteed.......Afore we go, leave us wish the very bestest wishes to Sinéad Mogs who is taking a massive dive today, long may it last and heartiest best wishes to you & Laurence .... Is John Crone still alive?? .. I still think Paul Tiernan gave me the best, solo, acoustic gig I ever had in Sirius (albeit in front of 19 people), he's there this weekend as well - your call ..... Sep 10....September Quiz is kinda up there, shy a question or two but we might get them at the Pirates tonight!!Don't forget next Friday night folks.  We have 100Yoyos, so far, for Micka's first Irish Coffee..Sep 12... Ah yes, the daycent man, pint and a glass with a drop of blackcurrant....Sep 13.... I see Fin is on the way back, be prepared for an ear bashing...Sep 14... She's back, arms a flaying in cartoonesque poses of Rick Shaw and Cant O Nees.....And whaddabout a BIG happy birthday to the good ol' Bertie who tells us he's the big five O, but I have me doubts..... Irish Coffees a plenty on Friday evening folks at give away prices, 'cept for the first one where the bid still stands at Euro100, can we do better,please???  Unconfirmed guestbook reports have him serving this delicacy in a tuxedo.......Speaking of guestbooks, I have deliberately made no mention of the Hanoi-eese spellchecker!!!!....Sep 16...I see the hurler is back to try and break the quiz, while Paddy O Crouch makes a very feeble'll have to come back PeeHead....Tomorrow folks we are going to do our damdest to make as much as we can for Marymount Hospice so do come along and enjoy the evening....All earlycomers will have the pleasure of an Irish Coffee or two served by some comely damsels we have a bid of 100 yoyos for the pleasure of Micka's one....All those running for CABAS in the mini marathon on Sunday should come for a relaxing evening before the big day!! ...Sep 18....Sweet mother of loving diving words needed...just click on the pic...

 Sep 21......Now that the numbness has gone from the body and I'm nearly back on solids I might as well update the page again.....well last Friday was another maevellous fundraising night and as soon as I have the final figure I'll leave ye know.  Suffice to say ye dug deeply again, I've said it before and I'll say it again your generousity never ceases to amaze me...I've thrown another few pics onto the page if you click on the link above you should be able to access them....another few to go with the musicians, but tomorrow or the day after for that...Sep 25 early ......I see the hurler is goin' mad on the quiz .... Burl Ives makes a feeble attempt....It takes me ages to come up with this quiz shit, lads, so do us a favour and pretend you're interested or else I'll tell everyone your most intimitate secrets...Last week wouldn't have happened 'cept for the bould Úna & Tom, please take a bow and a photograph.....On the Night it looks like two grand with another wee bit boosting the figure to two & a Hhlf, nice one people.....Sep 28...Didn't Barry look gorgeous on the Echo last night, nearly as gorgeous as the colourful CABAS girls!!......catch ye next week folks...Oct 08... Just in case you're staying in tonight you might do no better than have a look at BBC2 at 9 o clock for Timewatch - Find out what really happened during a daring World War Two submarine mission to cripple the German battleship Tirpitz. Can new discoveries help solve a 60-year-old mystery? - Why, you may ask? The programme happens to be produced & directed by young James Hayes and deserves a look in.  All ye Friday night plonkers set your videos before ye go out. ... Oct 21... Didn't get round to updating yet, folks..... mhopefully over the weekend and a brand new quiz, just for the hurler.... not forgetting Lichie's tour to d'east.... Don't forget treasure hunt in Pirates this Monday abot 2ish. .. Oct 26 ..Been away so long ... Freddie White in Sirius last Friday week - brilliant - loadsa new songs from the new album with a couple of old ones thrown in ..... a few dates left in the country including the lobby next Thursday, Check the lobby dot com or freddiewhite dot com for details ...better still, check the cobh links below .... the talking clock goes into dry dock this week as another bout of getbetterotherapy is bestowed upon him .... Had 20 cars at the Pirates Treasure Hunt yesterday, proved very enjoyable - 'specially for me! .... Meanwhile, last night we (as in meself, Barry, Kendebrit, deprincessofdarkness&light and dedriver ) were priveliged to be at a Rodney Crowell gig in An Crúiscín Lán (un krushkeen lawn) .... Rodney who, I hear you ask, suffice to say this fella has had his songs recorded by the likes of Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark, Johnny Cash, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Willie Nelson, Crystal Gayle, Randy Travis, Bob Seger, Kieran Goss, Ricky Skaggs, Waylon Jennings, Earl Scruggs and a langerload more - he did a two & a half hour show and had a brilliant guitarist,Will Kimbrough, with him .... 'twas a tasty one, Peehead & Kaybob, 'twas a tasty one .... Has Olga recovered from the sisters wedding?  and how was your weekend ????? So there ..... Nov 06 .... Jeeez lads, so much has happened since last we met .... First of all, the Pipe took over the bar last week while Nikky was gettin' the hat & cape (congrats Nikky, ne'er was a bestowment more well deserved, even though you're crap at treasure hunts !!) ... Gettin' back to the Pipe, you can now address him as Pidge, Pidgeen or the small Pidgeon ..... I see that a certain member of the Ticknoc I'vebeenplayingafenderprecisionsinceiwastwelve group has deleted his much loved ponytail in favour of a trimmed back & sides with a shaped top section in place, he might be mistaken for someonr from Boyzone, Westlife or Busted!!  .... and speaking of fashion, we must mention Lichie's skin tight, hip hugging designer  jeans that were glued to his thighs tonight ... We also have to mention the wedding (today ) in Amsterdam of Broc & Motty and the best man (cum bridesgroom)  Terence who thinks he's going on a cultural tour (mind the cookies!!!) ... Spot on PeeHead, spot on!! .... Needless to say the soiree of the year has to be later on this evening when Sir Norman & Lady Bowler will be at home at their winter residence and have intentions of entertaining most of Cobh; I do believe that the canvas covering is already in place!! .... The new quiz will be there soon - relax, you hurler you, relax ... Nearly forgot to mention the 'Fleadh to the Blaah' is now well and truly sold out, so next weekend all regulars will be lost in space, or somewhere in the same region ..... On a more personal note, got to see 17 year old Joss Stone in concert last Monday, serious music people, serious music - you'll probably hear her with Jagger over the coming weeks .... The 'Doggie Keaney Perpetual Trophy' was presented tonight to the winner of the inaugural Naval fly fishing competition - a stunning crystal hand-crafted piece by Liam Dunphy of Waterford Glass and presented by the molar enhanced Jimmy Losty ....Thanks Lichie, make that Paul Dunphy ... Grandparenthood is in the air at the moment, congrats to Grampa Cory with the wedded Broc soon to join the group ... you know what they say, the worst thing about being a grandparent is that you have to sleep with another one!!! ..  Nov 09 ..... Ah yes, just about recovering from a mighty night's hospitality from Sir Norm and Lady Bowler - a very good night was had by all including the Rt Hon. JohnDavs  who managed to forget the words of one of his party pieces, must be the age!!!  Looking forward already to the next one ... All is in place for next Saturdays outing to the sunny south east, Port Lairge is on high alert as the lads from the Donkey hit the road .... Nov 10 ... On a totally different subject Horslips have recorded a new CD more than thirty years after the first one and is released at the end of the month.  have heard a track from it and it sounds excellent.  See for details ... Nov 25 ....Grandparenthood hits Top o' the Hill again, say hello to to Grampaw Broc an' Granmaw Frances, and congrats to Jen on the birth of a baby gal ..... Am just about recovered from the 'Fleadh to the Blaah' and should be back on solids in a day or so .. For those of you who missed the trip here is a synopsois (or at least the bits I remember!) ... Breakfast at Cory's, the Donkey, Donagh reading the paper, stopping at the Thatch to pick up Burkie (courtesy of Francis), drop the bags, the Crunch,  watching the Ireland game in some pub, mistaking the clock for the score,the bros, nice steak, Donagh reading the paper, Pierre la Franc,craic in the foyer while missing an excruciating one man band type thingy, Ken and the snoring room-mate, back to another pub, Lichies bros eating food at the side of the road, the Munster, back to the foyer, early morning walk, breakfast, the Suir (are you certain?), another pub, chips, Donagh reading the paper, the bus, the fire alarm, another pub, Muireann & Aoife, Johnny's guitar, the Donkey ... Did I forget somethin'? ..... Nov 27... Nearly Ticksgiving already.... Get your glamrags ready as Friday December 10th has been officially declared Lichie's Little Christmas, this years theme is - Clue No 1 is A ????? Dec 01 ... A very warm welcome to my newlyborn grandson, Oisín Liam, born to Órla & Ronan, weighing in at a healthy 8 pounds & three ounces....Dec 05 ...Clue No. 2 for next Friday is BB ... Dec 07 ... Seeing that Bucks has put up posters in the bar advertising the Abba theme, it's not worth my while giving ye any hints ... is it??  As usual, entry is by wrapped Christmas gift for boy/girl ... See ye there ...Dec 13 .... Another great night, well done.  The music, as always was mighty and this time we had the added bonus of the ABBA set from Louise & to make the night all the more pleasurable.  The Nightowls in the shape of Barry, Jim, Martin & John again excelled to ensure all enjoyed the night.  Will know the final figure soon and there was 4/5 bags of toys also. .... Dec 28 ...Still mucho problemas with uploading the page, but however, it's something ..... Chriatmas has been and passed since last we spoke .... good to see Mike and Mark home for the hols .... I hope to have a couple of pics up from the last Ticksgiving, but don't hold your breadth .... I see young Charles Smith is ue back on these shores after finally getting fed up of Swiss cheese, chocolates and knives ...See ye in the New Year and hope ye had a might Christmas and besat wishes to all for 2005 .... Ho Ho Ho and all that .... A special hello to Finnybogs and Hank the maggot who were missed over the hols ...

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