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Dec 30..With the coming of another new year and a new page it goes without saying that the compliments of the season are bestowed upon all an d look forward to more scandalous and libellous issues brought to you from the Donkey's ass.... Dec 24....Best wishes during the festive season to all at home and away....service will be resumed as soon as I can stand again....Dec 21...With Christmas being preceeded by a long weekend, drunks (including myself) were out in force on Friday night and three in particular made vain attempts at collecting our complimentary offerings a bit earlier than usual but with little success.   Dec17...The Ticksgiving hamper will find a good home on this wednesday night and the final amount drawn will be announced....Dec 11... For all you quizheads out there an audio quiz will be held in the Pirates on Friday night at 9.  Questions are mainly music related with a film and TV programme or two thrown in.  Table of 4 for €15.24....or 12 punts cash.... Dec 09........As usual an ecstatic night was had by all who ventured forth into Ticksgiving and again proved themselves admirable with gifts and cash for local charities.  A welcome addition this year was the inclusion of patrons of Mr. John Mansworth's establishment who rallied to the cause and came up with bags of presents and cash for the cause.  Agracious thanks to all and not forgetting Barry, John, Jim and Martin who helped rock the night away.  Dec 3... While most of the regulars are Living in the Past, mention must be made of the annual Ticksgiving ceremony which occurs next Sat in the Donk at 8pm ish.  Format is as per usual i.e. entry is by fancy dress & kids present or / and financial penalty... Music by  NIGHTOWLS (who have now, officially, reformed more times than Status Quo).  All support is more than welcome, come along and be abused....  Nov 26....Methinks the panic is over, a funny type virus but nobody seems to have gotten eMails from me even though I got 56 of them back!!!If anybody can set me straight on Kernel32 I'd appreciate it.......Nov 25......VIRUS ALERT ......IF ANYONE RECEIVES AN EMAIL FROM ME (ONE WITH NO ATTACHMENT) WHICH MIGHT SAY Pics.doc.src DO NOT OPEN IT, DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY........Nov 23......... First of all mark Dec 8th into your diary for the simple reason that this night has OFFICIALLY been declared TicksGIVING night.... more news as soon as we can invent it....Nov 17... A big up to O & M, mighty wedding, wish I was there, but I got high!!!!!!Nov 16.......Seeing that 'tis Olga's wedding today it's only right that 'we supply her with 'something blue' for the occasion.  So to honour hers and Motty's day we proudly present our new background colour......Nov 10.... Olga & Motty tie the knot next Fri followed by a round of golf , best wishes..... Nov 6... Donkey page has become dormant recently....webmaster has taken sabbatical but you can't get rid of a bad thing and will return as soon as he dries out.....Rumours of a Ticksgiving begin to be whispered in low places but is there any truth that a new venue is being mooted with the promise of cocktail sausages and sandwiches......Oct 26... Wankers & Geeks take over the Television Room as the province of Munster overcome some English RWFC, Lichie entertains his Deise cousins (they have a Joe Devlin there as well!) and Bobby Sull celebrates reaching maturity while the waft of chicken wings and sausages add atmosphere to thr night.....Oct 19... Friday evening sees Ennis revisited as the guitar is brought out early and party pieces rule the roost.....Oct 07... Word is reaching us of another Donkey outing, this time for the sisters and spouses.  Affectionally titled 'Bury the Knob' tour, this bus is heading for the Mecca of entertainment, nightlife, casinos and sandy beaches known as Ballydehob.......Oct 05.. Gremlins still affecting our beloved guestbook, nuttin' to do with me folks.  I think it must be run by someone from Clare...... Oct 03.... Very impressive new road way leading to Lichie's (& Rowley's!) house...... Oct 1...  For those of you who weren't on the Roaring Donkey Cultural & Historical Society tour hereby follows a brief synopsis of the 32(+)  hours spent on same - Top o' the Hill, Top of the Town's cranky barman, the yellow Yaris, Reverend Cedric Pilkington-Smythe, Fr. Bowler, Castres, Thady O Quill's, two weddings & a funeral, smoked chowder, Ciarán's, Dia(s)mond Bar, Blondie, A Rebel without a shoe, Joe Devlin, 'boring, drink', all the young dudes, Champagne, Room 352, hearty breakfast, 'it doesn't open until twelve?!!!?', Celtic, wine gums, Dead man walking, John the bus driver, 'scuse me lads anyone got a real cigarette', Top of the Town, The Banks, Top o' the Hill........ Sep 28 ....Tension reaches unbearable proportions as the advent of the bus tour is reached......questions raised as a suspicious object arrives via courier which includes a prescription for malaria tablets, ID tags, a learners guide to sheep shagging, medical gloves (!), a box of Solpadine and other helpful advice....Broc 2 makes a musical appearance and brings a smile to Mogs' face, no mean achievement......Sep 27.. Just noticed that the page has passed more than 10,000 hits, ye sad shower of eejits... Sep 26.. Excitement mounts as Lichie's Little Lager Louts prepare to mount an alcoholic assault on the Banner County this weekend, lock up your grandmothers !!..... Sep 25... Gremlins seem to be attacking this page as reports of non availability and problems accessing the guest page are encountered....Count your blessings, folks..Sep 21... The return from holidays of the Dav, Bowler and ROR sees a new cash register on the premises to control the expected rush.  Dispensing receipts at a rate not seen before in the Donkey, this computerised till also manages to state how many €uros you have spent. All this in the hands of a man who still hasn't figured out how to use the remote control for the TV.....Sep 16... Bumped into the Hudson who tells me he went back to Kerry to finish off the trek that the others couldn't...Sep 11...Scary movie time...Sep 10... Smond collects his bonus as Tipp win the All Ireland Bogball championship...Sep 8... The Talking Clock delays his new life in the States as he retires from garage work for a new position as Cork Harbour's Chief Shytepipe Manufacturer...  Sep 7.....Due to various different 'Freedom of' laws passed by our Government, The Dáil (pronounced  De Doyle), please note that the following rumours are, actually, fact (a) Drunks were seen leaving the Pirates last Friday night (I should know, I witnessed it), (b) Drunks were seen inside the clubhouse (allegedly),on the same night (c) The bar was understaffed (allegedly) (d) I know what time you got home at on Saturday morning (e)The ice was melted!! (f) Go on, I dare ya Olga  (g) pictures downloaded from TallPaul's site allegedly containing pictures of Donkey regulars are not really us (BBC please note!!)........Sep 6... Drink sales plummet as the Bowler, Golden and the Davs (accompanied by their respective spouses, I think) take leave of the country to various parts of Port Uí Gal, Cypress(!), Rome and Venice.  Jeez, if I had them amount of Brownie points!!!!!!....Sep 05... If you're talking to Cormac, don't mention the 'Sound of Music', hillclimbing, German cellists, hostels or ( Johnny Hudson)...... Sep 04.... For all of you who haven't got tickets for Eleanor McEvoy......they're gone.........Aug 31..... Jeez  we can't even go in now on a Friday  evening except for the likes of spouses type persons taking over our places.........Aug 27....TallPaul.com has provoked quite a reaction here with his sporting pictures and those unsporting ones as well........ Aug 26 ...My Birthday...Aug 25... Anybody who wants to see TallPaul's and Pat & Kay's antics while here should visit the site here .......Aug 24  Deirdre's birthday is celebrated with a solo performance by Roger Whittaker...Aug 22....America beckons for the Talking Clock as he has been discovered out in the garage.....rumour has it he'll be skinning buffalo..... Aug 20.... Eleanor McEvoy (click!)makes an appearance at Sirius on the first Thursday in Sept...Tickets from the Donk or Sirius.... Aug 20.... Very busy on a Monday evening as some severely sick persons make a teatime visit quoting  'Am I still served here', 'Was I here yesterday?','Were you here, too?'...   Aug 19... New Euro regulations begin to kick in as a shortage of pound coins is recorded on a Sunday night... Aug 15.... Fionnughala looks for children in fancy dress for Friday's Mardi Grass, everyone else will be enjoying Martin's fiftieth with the Night Owls...... as Regatta weekend approaches, keep an eye out on the price increase in Cobh... as we know it is quite illegal for the CCCP (Cobh Cartel of Cowboy Publicans) to uniformly shove a 5p increase on the pint, but it's ok if they just happen to do it as coincidence....expect the rest of Cobh to follow suit soon afterwards....three increases in 8 months (four, if you include the reduction in tax they never allowed for) and another one in January, with the advent of the Euro..... Bring back Lichie......Aug 13 ...Eoin Lloyd and Therese pay a welcome return while Barry tells all about his Jethro Tull tickets.....___________  Jul 31...One or two alarming situations quickly brought under control by Nicola, while Hally attempts to find a way to be more thespianless in public!!........   Jul 29... All is quiet since the Norries departed...Even quieter that Lichie has departed on his annual 'family bonding' camping trip, while Smondie enjoys the bar-b-q in the Tit..and the Dogster visits the Donkey on a Thursday night !!!! Meanwhile, Olga does the shopping before settling down to Big Brother.....Jul 23... Sorry folks, but I wasn't in here last night, so I don't know how it went..........I can only suppose it went kinda quite brilliant....To Pat & Kay, (and TallPaul & Kristie) may I say the visit was kinda quite excellent, and 'twas a pleasure puttin' up with ye for the last two weeks or so, come back soon......Jul 22.... P & K manage to raise the Titanic and bring a bit of decent music back to the waterfront this afternoon.....aided and abetted by Barry O Mahony who, in all fairness, filled in for Ron Shuffler on a quite impressionable bassis(sic).  (Nice one to Barry - who has provided a strong and solid sound to P & K since last Saturday, and from all of us who heard ye, we're the only ones who enjoyed it more than you Bar).....   Jul 21... Two gigs today which went from the ridiculous to the sublime.  Starting with the Tit which hosted the sweet dulcet monotone, and nothing else......while later on at the Donkey P & K were joined by Kevin & Ger Gill and a host of others for another very pleasurable evening of song and dance (great chat up line, Olga!!!!)... and Hank is still looking marvellous......  Jul 16(a).... CPRWFC have a meeting but no sign of Club Director Paul Edmunds being part of the quorum.  Did he know??????.......answers on a postcard, please ....Jul 16.... After having to put up with the locals for three consecutive sessions Pat & Kay decide to take a holiday from Cobh and bugger off for a couple of days.... TallPaul heads home, you and Christine take care now and when you return give Mick a shout, you know his number..Jul 13... I suppose you could say this was a serious session... highlight of the night had to be the 5 or 6 songs from Denis McGrath, so good to hear him in full flight again.......add in Patrick & Kay, TallPaul & Christine, Joe Smond, Jenny Lynch, Willie McSweeney, John Alderman, Charles Smith (welcome home!), J J Frahill, Conor Anthony, Richie O Rourke, Johnny Gilley, Paul Keating and last, but not least, those I've forgotten......  And this was after a stunning gig in Sirius..nice one....nice one..     Jul 11.. Zimmermanz do a 'farewell' gig in the Rob as the Joe Smond Band welcome back Charles...Jul 8..Patrick & Kay Crouch pay a welcome return to Ireland next week.  The North Carolina couple play at Sirius on Friday at 8, and needless to say will relay a song or two at the Donkey during their stay.  Jul 6....  Things return to normal after the golf and the carnival and we all head to Pillars to celebrate Mrs McGoeys birthday.  Micka shows his prowess on the dance floor, eat your heart out, Flatley... Jun 28......Few things can turn a boring rugby conversation into a completely sleep orientated form of hypnosis, except golf that is.  BEWARE not only does it involve hugely unwelcome traffic problems but when you eventually overcome these and hit the sanctuary of a pint of Guinness (or whatever) you'll be greeted by caddies, programme sellers, spectators, traffic controllers, stewards and other type individuals (and this is only the first day).  Oh and there's a US Coast Guard ship in as well, and a festival  ........Jun 26..The recent AGM of the CPRWFC saw the election of our own Joe Smond as comittee member, so if anyone is looking for a stand tickect for some rugby wankers match you know who to contact.... Jun 22....Looking fit, tanned and refreshed, the holiday couple return to whales, St. Theresa from Lixnaw and one way systems and the regulars......Day Last...Peach Schnapps and a Bacardi Breezer for breakfast, Jayz things are bad!  Thanks be to phuc I'm goin' home today.  Don't have to put up with Slimeball Miguel's sneaky grin anymore, Portugese prat... Day 13.... Dehydration definitely setting in...these Pina Coladas and Tequila Sunsets are nuttin' like the real thing, a pint o'plain is your only man....I've seen places like this come and go, Christy's, Fast Eddie's, Nellie Millwood's,  the CYM, I've outlasted 'em all  ..Day 12... 'twill be good to get back home again, the pub, good Guinness, the lads, the crack on Friday evening, rugby wankers, a man can only eat so much octopus....Day 11....thanks be to Jaysus this is nearly over.  'tis too hot, no Guinness, dat bollix Miguel eyein' up herself, no bacon & cabbage, no petty cash  Day 10...... Had sleepless night as there is only 15 or so pints left in the barrel and no sign of a fresh one.  To make matters worse Miguel is eyeing up A Net and making fancy cocktails for her, last night he gave her what she described as the nicest Irish Coffee she ever tasted.....    Day 7...Have acclimatised to the weather now and can stay in the sun for half an hour.  Miguel is onto the second barrell, have had to order another one.   Day 5...Went out in the sun for five minutes today, too hot though....had to go into the bar to cool down.  Herself went to the local market to buy some chains.    .... Had sleepless night as there is only 15 or so pints left in the barrel and no sign of a fresh one.  To make matters worse Miguel is eyeing up A Net and making fancy cocktails for her, last night he gave her what she described as the nicest Irish Coffee she ever tasted.....    Day 7...Have acclimatised to the weather now and can stay in the sun for half an hour.  Miguel is onto the second barrell, have had to order another one.   Day 5...Went out in the sun for five minutes today, too hot though....had to go into the bar to cool down.  Herself went to the local market to buy some chains.    .... Had sleepless night as there is only 15 or so pints left in the barrel and no sign of a fresh one.  To make matters worse Miguel is eyeing up A Net and making fancy cocktails for her, last night he gave her what she described as the nicest Irish Coffee she ever tasted.....    Day 7...Have acclimatised to the weather now and can stay in the sun for half an hour.  Miguel is onto the second barrell, have had to order another one.   Day 5...Went out in the sun for five minutes today, too hot though....had to go into the bar to cool down.  Herself went to the local market to buy some chains.    Day 4 ....A Net walks into the bar, sees four pints of Guinness on the counter, asks Miguel 'who owns them?', 'de man' says Miguel.  'But there's no one else here except my husband' says A Net.  ''Is OK,' says Miguel 'He's de man'....... Day 3 Day 3 Day 3 ....Miguel the barman says 'hey Micka, issa no gas wit te Guinness, it very flat,..I says 'no prob, I'll drink it, three at a time, but if herself comes along tell her the other pints are for the man'.....Day 2 ....On checking in to our four star hotel, spoke with Miguel the barman to see if the two barrels of Guinness I'd sent over have arrived.  All is nearly in place....Day 1 ....Dear Diary...... Have,at long last, joined the MILE HIGH CLUB.... I've had my first pint of Guinness at 150,000 ft.  Had better!!!!!    Jun 8 ... Micka & Annette, being away, have presented some problems in keeping this web page updated.  However we have been promised, by the happy holiday couple, daily updates of their escapades(!)............Jun 8....Fully dressed, half dressed & undressed PIRATES take the floors for their annual dinner dance at the Comm, no  wonder Micka f****d off, 'twas cheaper to go to Port oo gal .... Jun 7... Annette has taken Micka away for two weeks to sunny Portugal.  His last words before boarding the plane were 'I can't wait to get back'................. Jun 1...The long weekend starts with the usual Friday night tour which manages to stay one step ahead of yours truly who assists the Clare Woman and Olga Bolga (intent on drinking vodka & water!!) on their maiden tour........May 29...The Pirates take on their second final in five days with a match against Bandon tonight, go neirí libh.......May 27... At last, the grotty details of the recent case at Ticknock District Court are revealed (see  Pics  here)..... May 25... Pirates go down against Clon and a sombre crowd reflect on what might have been..May 23... Full house signs go up on the door as tourist type people throng the bar for the Wednesday night session.  The assembled masses, from the Malcolm Miller training vessel (I think), are enthralled by the friendlieness of the barman, the words and tunes from the musicians and Smond!, Annette's jokes, the Irish coffees and the bullshit from the locals....   May 18...Fridays get a wee bit out of  sync as music takes over from the usual assembled masses...Smond, the Dav and others (we can't print their names as their recording contract won't allow it) deliver a stunner so enthralling that Sir Norman Bowler QC buys chips for all (literally)......May 17... Gordie returns from the warzone..........May 13.. The judge's decision on last Friday's case is not allowed to be printed until further notice.  Suffice to say capitalism continues to rule with assistance from the KuteKorKhoors.  The grotty details soon (with pics)....  May 9... Who am I to spread idle gossip and rumour but the story goes of a special sitting of the Supreme Court of Ticknock this Friday at 6pm where ALL grieviences are due to be aired in front of a the required legal persons...May 3... The Donkey sends heartiest congratulations to Mr & Mrs Norman Bowler QC, who have become grandparents to a six pound one ounce of the male species donated by their eldest daughter.  The Miller's on me. Apr 30... Let it be known that there is no truth, whatsoever, that a kangaroo court is to be held in the bar in the near future (Would I lie to you?) as downtown publican type persons try to stake their claim in Scourges Corner (on a Monday !!!!Wankers!)... Apr 27...Apologies for not keeping you informed of the happenings at the hostelry, but here are a few snippets to keep you going.....Pat & Kay Crouch are in for a visit in July and should be playing Sirius on the 13th, so all ye fiddlers and banjophonists be ready..... Some Limerick type people manage to ruffle the feathers of a few Pirates and a Clare woman in Lille, rumour has it they managed to keep Cahilly quiet for ten minutes...   Please note that the threatened Guinness strike has not materialised, and the pint is now IR£2.25 and climbing (receipt or no receipt)....... Apr 26... Happy bilthday, Lichie...Apr 15...Well worth a visit folks, go to http://www.neilprendeville.com/........... Apr 14.....Sauages & sandwiches for the masses as Condom celebrates his birthday..... Ha-Ha- Happy bithday Kev.....Apr 12... Don't forget that Tom Cat's Stew are in the Donkey tonight, not too sure if it's a band or whether Micka is serving food.......... .With the advent of the Guinness strike, please note that the bar will remain closed all day tomorrow in support of our striking brothers...Note, this day of no work has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the pint is 5p dearer than in other Cobh establishments (maybe it's on account of the food!!!!)... Apr 09... As I've gone into quarantine for an unspecified period, the page has become more boring than uaual, however......Apr 02....Good to see Crazy Mick and Captain McIlwraithe back in Cobh again as Barry swears he'll never travel on Wyanair........Mar 29....we note that Elmer is rousing up the rabblers in the Pirates guestbook....does anybody read that, or do they just come to life(!) for a period of three hours or so every weekend during the season?....Mar 28...Seeing that it's nearly Friday, CJD (ie Charitable John Dav) will be giving away 10 pound notes to all those of very short memories.... Mar 25...Olga celebrates Mother's Day by turning it into a weekend as Motty prepares for the driving test by getting a speeding ticket........Mar 23... With the restaurant side of the business now serving pizza and chips on Friday lunchtime, and two servings on Monday nights, are we now to see Mrs Carlos in an apron (!) and Micka with a chef's hat?  To make matters worse, the ususal Friday clientele had to wait in the backroom while the visiting wankers got up to 'high jinks' in the bar. Come back rugby wankers, all is forgiven....Broc relates the story of the day he kept Justin Hayward in fags.... Mar 19...Some pics from North Carolina, courtesy of Paddy O Crouch, can be seen here..For jeez sake Kay Bob, leave that bodhrán after you!!!..Mar 12.....Next Friday at Sirius sees Mick Hanly, folks...Tickets at the Donkey....Mar 11....The Donkey says congratulations and well done to young Johnny Dennis for making the Irish Rugby Youths team, and goes off to Italy for next weekends match.  Well done....Mar 10...The current economic climate continues and some of the Donkey patrons continue to access new areas of business.  We would like to highlight one of these ventures today and by clicking here, you can access Lichies new business  Mar 7...The guestbook wuns wild....Mar 6.... Cuisine night now serves two sittings, cold platter first followed by hot food later on......Mar 5... Young Johnny Hudson gives birth to a bouncing baby boy or girl, heartiest congrats to all three....Mar 2.... A big thanks to all who entered the 2001 GP this year, 'twill pass a few months for us (and a big raspberry to those who didn't enter, 'specially some of last year's prizewinners!!!!)    Mar 1  Nice one Fudd.....You've me smacked.....Feb 26..Not me, smond!!..Feb 25... News from North Carolina reveals that Paddy O Crouch has broken the last of his Guinness glasses and therefore has to return to these shores to replenish his stock.  Needless to say he will be accompanied by KayBob and, probably, fellow musician Mr. Paul Bobal (www.tallpaul.com).... Keep July open, folks.  Feb 24...The Pirates becomes more entertaining than their website as the ZimmermanZ and Kalamazoo give a good night and the Doyle sisters show their prowess at set dancing...Feb 22.... Will the real Elmer Fudd please stand up.... Feb 21..... Don't forget Friday at the Pirates, folks.  This is not to be missed, or mixed up with the Rose Hill Landslide Disaster Fund.....Feb 19..... Micka watches dolphins, Frank thinks about smoking them, Doggy tells jokes about 'em, Gilley wants to sing about 'em, Cormac wants to put relish on 'em and broc just wants to get some.....and Elmer Fudd spreads his wings....  Feb 17 Guess what Cahilly does about 8 o clock (hint....beermats, stool, Feis Maitiú) Feb 16 (Olga, lock that sliding door)........Next Friday night sees a very rare opportunity to see the ZimmerzanZ live on stage (venue the PIRATES) , in aid of the INDIAN EARTHQUAKE FUND, and we'd like to think that the celtic tiger will not stop ye supporting said cause...............Esat return (I think, hope!!!)...... Welcome back, all (  I hope!!)..long story, I won't bore ye........not my fault....Feb 16  O K folks..we're still not back...... nuttin' to do with me, my bills are paid............(well, some of 'em anyway)Feb 15... OOOPS we're not back yet........Feb 14......We should be back on line now, according to Esatclaer (my server) (!)......  Esatclear kinda screwed their customers for the last week....Feb 13....... Dearest price paid for a cup of coffee this week goes to  Johnny Huds, who stopped at Isaac's in MacCurtain Street, came out to find the bold men with the pick up had impounded his Volvo, paid a fiver for a cab to the car lot and £130 to get it back....... Feb 9..Elmer Fudd begins the chaos......... Johnny Huds says 'c'mon and we'll outlast the rest of em' and promptly doesn't....Friday tour does everything bar sing kaaraoke........... Feb 6 The Talking Clock says (allegedly) 'Giv us two there, Mick'.  Micka says in 21 years, 'twas the first time he called a round.  Must be the new job... Feb 5  Two little concerts at Sirius this week, support needed.  Tuesday night sees an incredible concert with Fretwork, a consort of viols, with soprano Julia Gooding.  Thursday sees the return of Scullion man Sonny Condell(singer of the 'Spy's Lullaby') Feb 3  I don't care.....I'm in Clare..........Feb 2 Even worse again news, we were all downtown gettin' spicy chicken wings, music and lemon soup(!) and never made it to Tiknok..........Feb 1 It gets worse folks, mind you, not as bad as a Joe Duffy lookalike going into Mansford's  and being welcomed by the innkeeper!!! Jan 27 New Yorkers be on the lookout for Hank & Olga, doing a Thelma & Louise this weekend. The party's in Motty's folks..... Jan 26  The usual Friday feeling now starts in downtown Cobh where one can get fed tasty chicken wings before invading the hostelry in Ticknock. Jan 23 Alas,  modesty forbids us for giving full details,  but a couple of cheques($$$) were handed over tonight re the money raised at Ticksgiving (remember that fun thing before Christmas that U contributed to?) Needless to say a good night... etc. etc.... I owe ya a pint Paul, you escaped us fairly fast....(obviously you're gettin' used to the place)  And as soon as the Bucks develops the photographs we should have clear evidence of a banker giving away money with a smille on his face!!!   ...Jan 22  BF   The talking clock is actually a pheasent plucker, just don't ask him about his mother's ashes.... Jan 21  Blessings and best wishes to the esteemed J1's of the Pirates W.R.F.C. who go into battle today with Clonakilty...... Jan 19.. PLEASE NOTE. next Tues/Weds night.  Distinguished guest(Hi Paul!) expected (foreign accent, fluent rugby/cricket(!) speak) in the company of Lichie(the man has to import his friends now!!).  Please treat him with due respect!!!!! Jan 18/19  DONKEY WARNING  BEWARE;  PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY WANKERS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BAR THIS WEEKEND AS THERE IS SOME KINDA MATCH ON TELLY ON SATURDAY AND SOME KINDA FINAL AGAINST CLONAKILTY  ON SUNDAY......guffaw....guffaw....guffaw...wankers!  Jan 18. .Glad to see the hair is growing back Huds, let's hope the newborn has more than Dad... ...........Jan 17  OOPS.. Tickets all gone...Jan 16  For those of you interested, the tickets for the Martin Hayes concert at Sirius next Sunday are going relatively fast.  Micka has some....Jan 13 Exodus from Donkey as Newport is invaded for the Munster match....
Jan 12
Donkey Doormen.jpg (88777 bytes) Donkey security lineup announced.........spot the wanker........Jan 11 Johnny Hudson gets a No. 1, Marcella's birthday, 63 again! A lot of regulars hitting the big 5-oh! this year.  Jan 10 Hello to all wankers!!!! Oh ye Guestbook desecraters, ye!! Jan 8 (p.m.)Mondays, same as it ever was.... the talking clock doesn't even know what day it is, roiiiight,  Annette feeds the masses with her delicately prepared cheeseboard and the three fivers challenge all (& Karl)... next thing karaoke (please!!!!) Pipe, nice shirt, .... Jan 8 (a.m.) Hey Olga, what does libel & defemation mean??  Very unfair seeing that I didn't mention you Hank, Minnie et al at 00.30, little women and all that... Jan 5 I still owe you IEP20, Micka....Smond surpasses himself and displays the mobile of all mobile phones, is that a cockrobin??  Jan 4  Informal wankers meeting decide that the trip to Wales for some wankers match is darn good value ( and so it is at just over IEP100 including match ticket, B & B, bus return to & from Donkey, and entertainment from the Wolf ) where else would you get it? and where else would you want it ??....Jan 1  Doggie & Finuala - Ye surpass yerselves, again. Have bruised elbows, must've been a good one.   Thank you and a happy 2001.... Jan 1(a) A new century dawns and it's only right that a new Donkey page should herald it's arrival.  As a celebration of 2001, the webmaster promises not to tell tales (eg Mrs. Carlos and the red dress), to invent downright lies (eg Mrs. Carlos and the red dress), to say bad things about anybody (eg Mrs. Carlos and the red dress), to say nice things about the rugby wankers and to give credit where credit is due (nice dress Mrs. Carlos).

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